The Statistics Are Hurting My Heart

Okay, after the third magazine, I can’t stay silent about this.

I’ve been a financial advisor for over 21 years…although I still maintain some special clients, the majority of my business is now coaching.

Why did I start coaching 10 years ago?

Because of the articles that are flooding my inbox in the last couple of weeks from the digital Financial Magazines that I subscribe to.

Here’s the headlines that I want to share with you and an excerpt of each article that’s got me riled up…


“Paying down debt is the biggest concern of Canadians”

Debt repayment is the […]

Is Your Mindset Keeping You Poor?

 Want to know what the biggest barriers are to having success with money, our finances, goals and dreams?


It’s the BS stories that we tell ourselves of why we can’t.


Those stories stop us from really getting honest with ourselves and we have conditioned ourselves to believe in all kinds of things such as;
“Its’s too late, I don’t know how, I’m too old/young/male/female, All the things in my past are keeping me from doing what I need to do today…”


Are you hanging on to old stories and playing the blame game? If you typecast […]

Do You Need To Make New Promises?

As we approach near the end of 2018, I was going over my goals and my commitments that I made for myself.


Recently I have changed calling my goals to; ‘my promises’.




Because when we make a promise, I feel there is a bigger emotional tie to the goal than just writing out what we want.


As an example, I joined Sarah Gilks – Healthy Role Models Autumn Journey at the beginning of September.

I knew that I wanted to lose the summer weight…( My annual Mexico trip is booked.. we leave Dec 1!)

But more than that I really wanted to be healthier and fit.


Sure, I have […]

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Rules to Live By:

Live The Life You Imagined


You have the capability to create and live your life as you desire!

You have unlimited potential to accomplish this.

In fact, you couldn’t even use your entire potential if you lived one hundred lifetimes! Seriously!

Take an inventory right now on your accomplishments.

Go ahead and get out a piece of paper and start writing down what you are proud of that you have done!

Now look at this list… it’s merely a hint of what’s truly possible for you.

And the more you tap into your natural talents and abilities… the more you […]

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What You Say is What You Get

Have you ever been around someone who is always complaining or talking negative all the time?
It drains your energy!
I once heard someone call people like that – ‘energy vampires’.
They just suck it out of you with their words…
Now, I’ll admit that every now and then, I get caught up in the ‘poor me’ victim mentality and don’t watch my words.
Luckily, I get called out from my friends… 😉
If you keep telling yourself that you are tired or feel sick or have a dis‘ease’ – you actually can change your body to feel that way.
The power of words is crazy!

Look, your subconscious interprets what it hears …very […]

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Are you having an “Out Of Money” Experience?

 Are you having an ‘out of money’ experience?

If so, chances are that it’s due to your habits, attitude and a real ‘tug of war’ inside you.

We all have desires, dreams and beliefs that pull us towards achieving the goals we have in life right? But sometimes we start to make progress on our goals and then suddenly something happens to sabotage it; either our thoughts, willpower, beliefs and even unknown forces that stop us cold in our tracks. What is going on, we know we want the outcome, so what is happening?


Our […]

Courage, Grit, a Vision and Purpose…

Last night at NWBN our guest speaker Stephanie Staples gave an awesome motivational speech and entertained us with “Luke the Uke” and a couple of her own songs!

We did an exercise where the room was split between those who believed their lives were rockin pretty good and felt they had a great life/work balance – and those that didn’t.

It got me thinking about you.

What does it take to be a successful woman?

Over the years and working with hundreds of women.. and including my own journey of success in my personal and business life… is that successful women have certain characteristics.

I made a little video […]

You Don’t Have to Believe it’s Possible ;)

Here’s a short little video I was inspired to do this morning…
You don’t have to believe something is possible – much less have a full blown plan in place.
You have to decide what you want and be willing to do whatever comes next!
(And take action right away!)
‘See you’ soon!

Lots of love, ​​​​​​​

10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Money Habits

Today I want to share with you a few simple tips to help you improve your habits with money.
Money doesn’t have to be a mystery or stress in your life!
​​​​​​​It’s ready available to all of us. 
In this video I am giving you 10 ways to improve your money habits, 
oh and you can start right now.
No more excuses, no more stories… just do it! 😉
‘See you’ soon!

Lots of love, ​​​​​​​