Looking for a Speaker or a Master of Ceremonies?

I’ve been speaking now for over 15 years on various stages (list below). Whether it’s to a group of 5 or 1000, I love to share my wisdom, successes and tribulations with others. 

I’ve also been a master of ceremonies for 2-3 day workshops and retreats. I love leading other speakers and helping hosts shine for their program! And as President of my local Women’s group, I’ve emceed hundreds of meetings over the years.  

I love to talk about money. I eat, live and breathe money, and have for the past 25+ years as a financial advisor and coach. It’s my mission to help people live the life they’ve always dreamed of – and deserve – because when it comes to a life rich in abundance and happiness, there’s no time to waste.

If there’s one thing I know for certain, is that money is an inside-out job. My work with clients combines the practical money management and wealth-building tools with the inner game of mindset, beliefs and habits. When both are firing together, I call that tapping into your Money Grit!

Intrigued? I would love to have a conversation with you and talk about and my style, and how to book me for an interview, podcast, speaking engagement or a ‘tailored-for-you’ training event.
You can click this link and I’ll set up  time to chat about what you need and are looking for.

Straight-up truth. Money smarts. Spot-on Intuition.

I’ve been described as a connector, leader and a ‘make it happen’ kind of gal. And I love to challenge what people think they know about money when they’re living in lack and fear. What fires me up is inspiring them to stop letting money be the excuse and start using it as a catalyst – to everything and anything their heart desires.

I love to inspire and empower women. I am very grateful that some of my friends have asked me to guest speak on their summits. 22 years ago when I started my self-development journey to self-love and my dreams…it was a game changer!

Too many are feeling stuck, uninspired and feel that their dreams are unreachable, or it’s too late… ((insert your story here 😏))

Whenever I get a chance to help others…count me in!

Also as a solo-preneur now for 17+ years, I bring business experience, knowledge and skills of my own success (and the bumps along the way!)

When I speak, you get the real me; honest, heartfelt and fun! (without the sugar-coating because that doesn’t’ serve anyone). I use stories from my own personal experience and those of my clients, with a dash (or more) of humor to make money and life simple. And there’s always the practical & proven, how-to element to make it happen.


Sample Topics:

Success From the Inside Out

The majority of people think of money as the number one indicator of success. But when you think about it money doesn’t buy the things we put the most value on in life. Money doesn’t buy true love, create confidence, buy health; physical, mental or emotional. It doesn’t ensure peace of mind or develop character.

These are all assets of our inner world. So why do we spend most of our time worrying about the outer world? We have to work on our inner game first. If money was the answer, why are there people who have a lot of money that are still miserable?

Success lies within. The key to happiness is having dreams and the key to success is making dreams come true.

Fast Track ‘Unapologetic Success’ in Your Business!

No amount of skills or accomplishments will bring you success if you’re constantly apologizing, self-doubting, and self-sabotaging.
You’ll continue to lack income, lack clients, and work yourself into the ground for little return.

If you’re in survival mode; feeling like an imposter, making excuses, matching your dreams to your current reality, or worse, ready to give up, you’ve had enough…
I’m going to put you firmly in the seat of what you need to do (unapologetically!).
I take a realistic, no excuses approach that will empower you to step up to what your future dreams hold for you.
You can have excuses or results…but you can’t have both.

In this talk, I am going to give you 3 Actionable Steps to be your best self and thrive in all areas of your life!
1. Understand and uncover the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from playing full out.
2. Be empowered with a solid vision and focus that is meaningful to you.
3. Recognize and acknowledge the support you need to step up courageously into your future dreams.

It’s time to unlock your awesomeness, gain clarity, boost your confidence and most of all, have fun in your business ❤

Connect Your Financial Dots…Live Your Dreams!

Life is short. Stop settling by using money as an excuse to not develop yourself, your business, or your dreams.

Instead, be inspired and fired up to take action.

Shari Molchan challenges and inspires excellence in yourself to;

*         clarify what motivates you

*         align your realities with the opportunities around you

*         simplify your finances

*         develop your confidence in life and in business

Money & Couples -Relationship Rescue 101

– how to make money your partner and start earning more, keeping more, and enjoying it more.

Get Your Money Grit On

– how to engage your courage and make small money shifts to get money working for you – once and for all.

Money Health & Happiness

– the hidden link between your wallet and your well-being – and how to create harmony & peace.

Top 3 Money Makeovers For Women That Will Change Your Life

– revealing the 3 big mistakes that put a woman’s financial future at risk – and how to avoid them – forever!

Prince Charming Isn’t Coming…Time to be Your Own White Knight

– how to stop waiting to be saved and claim your place as an independent, savvy woman with money.

Put Your Name On It

– We need to break the rules, be ourselves and kick some butt to get to what we want. And you don’t have to be ugly, or mean, or vicious. But you do need to stand up for yourself and believe in the cause of “YOU”…and put your name on it.

I’ll share with you 5 important lessons that changed my life forever. In this day and age, there is no reason for women to play small with no regrets…Just a life worth living.

Some of My Past Speaking Engagements:

eWomen Network (Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge & Victoria)
International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
Campbell River Business and Professional Women’s Network
Comox Valley Women’s Network
Ladysmith Women’s Business Network
City of Nanaimo
Nanaimo Women’s Business Network
Oceanside Women’s Business Network
West Coast Women’s Show, Nanaimo, BC
Coast Realty Group
A Frock-alicious Life is Calling, Tigh Na Mara, Parksville, BC
PowHerHouse – PowHERTalks, Sechelt BC
Best Kept Secret to Success (in life, love & business), Vancouver, BC
Westshore Women’s Business Network, Victoria,  BC
Women in Action Conference, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC
Nanaimo SOHO Conference (Small Office/Home Office Summit)
Woman of Insight, Vancouver BC
Best Kept Secret to Success (Parksville)
MoMondays (Nanaimo)

And I have been a guest on many podcasts, webinars and summits (click here for on-air recordings)