Couples Money Coaching

Are you doing it with your partner?
Talking money of course!

Did you know that financial pressure is the #1 stressor for 80% of couples?

Are you tired of the same old fight with your partner about money? Can you imagine the different future that’s possible when you and your spouse are on the same “money” page? Then it’s time to get financially naked with your partner!

Do you let your partner handle all the finances? 

Do you start wondering about your household money facts and encounter resistance? Your partner says that there’s nothing to worry about it; “I have it under control!” 

It’s time to do it with your partner! And size doesn’t matter – it’s financial compatibility that counts. I will share the upside of talking money with your partner. Knowledge is power and I will show you how to start the money talk that will bring you closer by creating an open mutual vision for your financial future.

My program helps you have better understanding and compassion for why your partner behaves with money as they do. As you go through my 4 Step System, the process will shift the same old fights into new action and commitment.

This is a strategic step-by-step process that changes long-standing money patterns quickly because it gets to the often the  hidden root of the challenge. Once you’ve identified the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from your full financial potential you are able to rewrite your Money Story. 

What Will Money Coaching Do for You?  

Through my 4 Step System you will put on your detective hat and peel away the layers of your financial past in a safe, fun way. The ah-has will astound you as you literally see and feel old patterns start to shift and financial stress turns the corner into financial health.  

The 4 Step System shows you how repetitive, ineffective money patterns like avoiding dealing with money problems or overspending, or the debt got started.

You’ll connect the dots between early childhood experiences with money and how habits like overspending or under earning developed and what to do about them. You’ll also gain an appreciation for the financial strengths you already have.    

Here’s What Couples Money Coaching Offers:

1) Understand your couple money history and the scripts and money patterns that often operate below your conscious radar.

2) Solve the mystery and connect the dots of how your and your spouses’ family’s beliefs, habits and actions with money, and the present day behaviors and challenges got started.

3) Identify your and your partner’s Money Type to assess the strengths and challenges of the ways you currently manage or mismanage money.

4) Complete a Life Inventory that focuses on the skills, talents and abilities you and your spouse have developed and illuminate any underutilized skills or talents. As your money awareness shifts, money can flow more easily and proactively and your ability to manage your money greatly improves. 

You may literally end up re-designing your relationship with money… in a good way!