Let’s unlock that best version of you and create a life you love!
I don’t want you to shrink your dreams to match your reality.

Look, sugar-coating is meant for cereal, so let’s get real, right now. Shitty mediocre results are not an option here. You probably already know this little tidbit – but most people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure or success. 

I’m committed to helping you shift and unlock a whole new potential and a whole new reality! You change because you’re inspired to change, and your commitment to self-mastery is giving you the best shot of becoming the best version of yourself.

Change can be hard because sometimes it’s easier to be where you are. But, when you change and recondition your thoughts, habits, and take new action, you’ll get momentum on your side towards your goals and dreams.  I help you catapult past your limiting beliefs, limited thinking and self-sabotage.

You're on a journey of becoming your dream

Here’s what I know to be true with myself and with working with hundreds of others – it’s who you think you’re not – that’s holding you back. If you’re surviving… you’re actually addicted to the life you don’t even want or like! I want you to lose your mind – and create a new one! You’re not what you’ve been told… you’re more than you can imagine or have been led to believe. When you place your attention on infinite possibilities, you’ll move closer to your dreams.

When you fall in love with your potential future, you release ‘oxytocin’ a powerful hormone that has a positive impact on your mood and emotions. You become a magnet to what you desire and you don’t play by the rules, you put yourself out there and go for the life you want – UNAPOLOGETICALLY! ❤ 

Let's unlock that best version of you and create a life you love!

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I live in a magical world of possibilities. I’m not ‘pollyanna’ about it, but I stand up for my dreams – unapologetically! Intuition is my gift and I transform people’s lives. I am a catalyst for change to inspire excellence in others and myself! ❤

Money Coaching for Couples

Are you doing it with your partner? Talking money of course! Financial pressure is the #1 stressor for 80% of couples. A different future is possible when you and your spouse are on the same “money” page. Is it time to get financially naked with your partner?

Listen to Rebecca’s inspiring story… 
Time to quit saying you’re surviving, because if you’re standing in QUICK SAND – you don’t have to justify the quick sand… you just need to GET THE HELL OUT!  
And just a reminder… that even doing it half-assed is a whole butt cheek better than not doing it all!
Life is short, don’t settle. Live out loud and have unapologetic fun doing it! 
(So far so amazingly awesome for me!)
Stop sacrificing what matters most or putting off what you deserve my friend… let’s talk. I look forward to meeting you 😘
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