Speaker Bio:

Shari Molchan knows that most people are craving more from their lives. They want freedom, peace of mind and to get back in touch with feeling alive and excited about life, work and play.

She really wants this for her clients as much as she wants it for herself. She brings it; straight up truth, money smarts, spot-on intuition, and kick-butt coaching to get her clients’ money (and life) working for them. Why does she care and why should that matter to you?

Shari is an entrepreneur who started her own successful 6 figure business in 2005. She is a Personal & Business Money Coach and a Financial Advisor (20 yrs+) who left the corporate world to build a business that matched her values, ethics and beliefs. Was it scary and hard…YES!  But what got her through it all was an unfailing ability to see the possibilities and take the steps and get help when she needed it. The rules of money have changed over the years, but most are still trying to play with outdated ideas and strategies for success. Shari has learned that financial woes are a direct result of a dysfunctional relationship with money. She’s all about results – not mediocre results – kick-ass results. And to always, always have some serious fun while doing it.

“I want to inspire people…I want someone to look at me and say…because of you I didn’t give up.”

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