Do you know what you want but you’re not sure exactly how to make it happen? 

I’m here to help you get results faster, better and easier!

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Life Design Coach

Hi, I'm Shari Molchan

What I know for sure…If you’re like me (and my clients), you want the freedom to live your dreams.

Whether it’s travel, your dream house, dream career or business, or golfing all over the world…. (okay that’s one of mine!)

If you’re just feeling stuck or tired of “figuring it all out yourself” or taking course after course and watching every webinar and not getting any farther… well let’s change that. 

I don't believe we need to settle.

I grew up in a world that told me that I should be lucky just to have a job and food on my plate, but I knew in my heart I was meant for more.

If you are staying stuck in a day job (you hate) or feel underpaid, overworked as an entrepreneur, please stop selling yourself short and robbing the world of your brilliance.

If reading this gives you that little niggling feeling in your body… then I don’t believe it is an accident you’ve come to this page. Because building a life and business on my terms and listening to my heart (and believing that I am worthy of having all my dreams), saved my life and now I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

Support and guidance, looks different for everyone. As your cheerleader and biggest fan, I help you navigate the journey and get you to the results you want. And seriously… it’s really fun and waaaay simpler than you’d think!

Core Values

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I don’t believe in settling, but I do believe in the following list to my core and use them to guide my own life & business as well as helping my clients.

Connection | Fun | Leadership | Freedom | Integrity  

Core Values

I don’t believe in settling, but I do believe in the following list to my core and use them to guide my own life & business as well as helping my clients.

Connection |  Fun | Leadership | Recognition | Passion

So grateful for my clients....

Hear from Rebecca Hill

So what exactly does coaching with me look like?

Everyone is unique but here are some ways to what ‘Living Your Life Out Loud by Design' looks like…

And most of all… please don’t think you have to wait. You don’t. I promise you can have passion, profit and happiness starting right now! ❤

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Me and my husband Wayne standing on the iconic bridge on the 18th hole at St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland (A Bucket List Checked Off!)
Golfing at St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland

It starts with a dream, and if you can imagine already exists!

And when I’m not coaching and helping my amazing clients…

You can find me at the golf course, working on lowering my golf handicap,  travelling around the world with my husband or  hanging out with my 6 grandchildren!

PS I put my money where my mouth is...

Let’s be real. You want a coach who not only leads by example…but has successfully turned her life around and now lives her ‘life out loud’ unapologetically! An entrepreneur (17 years), Financial Advisor (25 years), Workshop/Seminar Facilitator, Speaker, and countless leadership roles in her industry and her community.

Over 23 years experience of Personal Development, Course Creation, Business and Personal Coaching, and hundreds of Books, applied to my own brand and personal and professional growth.

I’m on a passionate mission to empower women to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY themselves! ❤

It fires me up when women give a voice to their truth and fully express themselves… in their closest relationships, in their business, workplace and community.
I get immense joy in witnessing women open up and become the kick-ass leader in their lives!
My secret sauce is my ability to dig deep and uncover your forgotten dreams (or the ones you have given up on 😘).
I have an intuitive gift as a coach to hold that space for you and your desires until you catch up.
You matter and everyone of us, (which includes you!), has a special gift the world needs.


If you're feeling stuck and not sure what you want, no problem!

Depending on where you’re at, the goals you’re wanting to achieve and the budget you can dedicate to bringing your dreams to life, right now – I have 3 ways we can work together.

❤ Here’s a quick snapshot of them!

(PS – If you’re not sure what you need, please – drop me a note HERE and we can talk 😘)

1 : 1 Personal Coaching

You’re wired to be extraordinary!  You’re living your life out loud, by design vs default. Your passion overpowers your fear. You’re focused and unstoppable! 

Unapologetic Living Workshop

If time, money or support were not an obstacle… what would you be excited to do and create?

Girlfriend Weekender Retreats

Relax ✨ Revitalize✨Refocus ✨ Reset
Your business is at its best when you are too. This is your time to recharge and be inspired!