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Life Design Coach

Hi, I'm Shari Molchan

What I know for sure… If you’re like me (and my clients), you want the freedom to live your dreams. Whether it’s travel, your dream house, dream career or business, or golfing all over the world…. (okay that’s one of mine!) If you’re just feeling stuck or tired of “figuring it all out yourself” or taking course after course and watching every webinar and not getting any farther… well let’s change that. 

I grew up in a world that told me that I should be lucky just to have a job and food on my plate. Most definitely I’m grateful for what I’ve got, but I’ve always believed deep in the soul of my heart that I was meant for more. 

In 1999, after divorce #2, a single mother of 2 teenage boys, 39 yrs old, I had pretty much settled that my life was going to be hard. Well that was until I met someone with a similar background that was thriving (not surviving like me!).

I love Maya Angelou’s words – “When you know better you do better…” YES YOU DO! I’d never been exposed to personal development, dreams, goals infinite possibilities! ‘Other people’ were ‘living the dream’ but not me. I convinced myself that I had the wrong DNA, there wasn’t any role models in my life to teach me anything different. 

Well, I kicked that belief to the curb and changed my life, and if I can do it – so can you. So please… if you feel that you’ve had to put your dreams on hold, you’re stuck in a day job (you hate), you’re underpaid, overworked, a struggling entrepreneur, or going through a life transition (divorce, retirement or laid off) … call me! I can help you. Please don’t wait, because if you knew how to turn it around you would have! I know this first hand. Having a mentor helping me to see the blind spots and learning how to love myself – first – changed my life completely. 

Core Values

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I don’t believe in settling, but I do believe in the following list to my core and use them to guide my own life & business as well as helping my clients.

Connection | Fun | Leadership | Freedom | Integrity  

Core Values

I don’t believe in settling, but I do believe in the following list to my core and use them to guide my own life & business as well as helping my clients.

Connection |  Fun | Leadership | Recognition | Passion

If you’re reading this and you relate… I don’t believe it’s an accident you’ve come to this page. When I lived my values I built a life and a business on my terms. I listened to my heart and believed that I was worthy of success and happiness – in fact my divine right… it literally saved my life.   
I’m on a mission to help. Support and guidance, looks different for everyone, but I’ll guarantee you that as your cheerleader and biggest fan, I help you navigate the journey and get you to the results you want. And most of all… it’s really fun and waaaay easier than you’d think!

So grateful for my clients....

Hear from Rebecca Hill

Me and my husband Wayne standing on the iconic bridge on the 18th hole at St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland (A Bucket List Checked Off!)
Bucket List! Golfing at St Andrews

And when I’m not coaching and helping my amazing clients…

You can find me at the golf course, working on lowering my golf handicap,  travelling around the world with my husband or hanging out with my 6 grandchildren! (Owen – 15 already taller than me!❤)

PS I put my money where my mouth is...

Let’s be real. You want a coach who not only leads by example…but has successfully turned her life around and now lives her ‘life out loud’ unapologetically! An entrepreneur (17 years), Financial Advisor (25 years), Workshop/Seminar Facilitator, Speaker, and countless leadership roles in my industry and community.

Over 23 years experience of Personal Development, Course Creation, Business and Personal Coaching, and hundreds of Books, applied to my own brand and personal and professional growth.

Time to quit saying you’re surviving, because if you’re standing in QUICK SAND – you don’t have to justify the quick sand… you just need to GET THE HELL OUT!   ❤

And just a reminder… that even doing it half-assed is a whole butt cheek better than not doing it all!

Life is short, don’t settle. Live out loud and have unapologetic fun doing it! (So far so amazingly good for me 😘)