Individual Coaching

“I’m all about helping people create change in their lives.”   
My coaching can help you with:
Leadership / Sales / Confidence / Mindset  / Increasing Your Cash Flow
Or maybe …
✨ You’re wanting to make a change in your life or a big move in your career
✨ You have the knowledge, but lack the confidence
✨ You have the confidence, but lack the mindset or knowledge
✨ You need help with your relationship with money
Whatever has brought you here… let’s have a conversation. It’s free and I may be able to help you in this one call… you’ve got nothing to lose  

Hear from others who took empowered action...

Shari’s kick-ass coaching has helped me to make some financial changes in my life that were weighing me down for a long time. Once that was lifted, that narrow dark tunnel to the future became bigger & brighter. Thanks Shari for challenging me, and not sugar coating the simple truths.


It’s time to SAY what you want – BE what you want – and HAVE what you want.
It’s time to live in a reality where your passion overpowers your fear.
Be prepared. The way you look at your life or business, will never be the same 
(in a good way! 😘).
Only you can decide to change your life. So, step up and claim it!
You can do this, take the plunge, you are not alone.
I’ve got your back
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