Do You Need To Make New Promises?

As we approach near the end of 2018, I was going over my goals and my commitments that I made for myself.

Recently I have changed calling my goals to; ‘my promises’.


 Because when we make a promise, I feel there is a bigger emotional tie to the goal than just writing out what we want.

 As an example, I joined Sarah Gilks – Healthy Role Models Autumn Journey at the beginning of September.

I knew that I wanted to lose the summer weight…( My annual Mexico trip is booked.. we leave Dec 1!)

But more than that I really wanted to be healthier and fit.

 Sure, I have a weight goal that I want to achieve by Dec 1, but more than that, the more important commitment was to my workouts and my food choices.

 I get up everyday at 4:45 am. Some days are easier – others – not so much. ♥

 But on the days when I don’t feel like getting up and I’m lying there thinking;

“Oh I’ll just workout tomorrow.”

I remember my promise to myself.

(Which I wrote out in September and signed a commitment to myself, took before pictures and measurements and emailed it to Sarah!)

 As a coach, I know how much being accountable makes a difference.

I’m no different, I KNOW that I do better with it!

 So for you, if you’ve made goals to change your financial situation – or any other type of goal, how are you doing?

Did you make a commitment and a promise to keep going?

Do you have accountability to keep you on track?

 If you are having some problems, or stuck, or you’ve lost faith and you’re not sure of the solution, watch my video below.

 I’m giving you some tips to help you get focused – or re-focused.

You got this!

 See you soon!