Is Your Mindset Keeping You Poor?

 Want to know what the biggest barriers are to having success with money, our finances, goals and dreams?


It’s the BS stories that we tell ourselves of why we can’t.


Those stories stop us from really getting honest with ourselves and we have conditioned ourselves to believe in all kinds of things such as;
“Its’s too late, I don’t know how, I’m too old/young/male/female, All the things in my past are keeping me from doing what I need to do today…”


Are you hanging on to old stories and playing the blame game? If you typecast yourself as a helpless victim, you’ll be just that. If you typecast yourself as the leader of your life and your fate, you’ll be that too.


Look it, I get that you can’t change your history, (I can hear some of you using your past as excuse of why you are where you are) but you sure can rewrite your story of it and consequently expand the possibilities of your future.


When you focus on what you can’t do, you might miss opportunities that come to you; you won’t see them or recognize them.


 The truth is – it is your decisions that you make (not your past or present circumstances) that define your future and leads you to a destination in your life.


Here are some examples:
(If you recognize your story below then you might need to do some work to re-think your beliefs and re-work your habits!)


1. You are stuck in the here and now. You have the mindset that you only have enough to make ends meet. You live day to day without really thinking about the future.
2. You are on a paycheque to paycheque merry go round. Again this is a scarcity mindset that leaves you trapped spending your money at the beginning of the month and then counting down to the end until the next pay. (either having just enough or going into overdraft)
3. You upgrade your lifestyle in proportion to your pay raise. That is okay if you are putting money aside for your future plans – if you end up pay to pay again, it is still on the merry go round.
4. You never take risks. Too many don’t invest in their future because they are scared of messing up, not knowing or making a mistake. Or some don’t take risks so that they have nothing to lose. If you follow a budget and have a plan, you can change this.
5. You have an either/or mentality. Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean someone has to go without.
6. You’d prefer to stay stupid rather than learn something new…in other words if you knew better you might do better or have to face some habits that you might have to change or do something about.
7. You are your own worst enemy. You don’t advocate on your own behalf (living with the status quo – settling for mediocre). You have to put up a fight and follow up to take charge of your money.


If you are not sure what mindset you have when it comes to money, here a few clues to get you started:
1. Does money cause you discomfort?
2. Are you satisfied with your life?
3. How do you view yourself? Are you successful, struggling?
4. What are your earliest memories around money?
5. Are you able to comfortably talk about money?
6. What sentence best describes how you feel about wealth?



 The greatest power we have to change everything is the power of choice. Where you are today is a result of the decisions and choices you’ve made.


Decisions about; what to focus on, where to place your priorities, what things mean, and decisions about what to do.
Recently one of my clients really got this and it changed her life (yes literally did!)


When she realized she was already abundant in so many areas of her life and committed to this new mindset of abundance; not just more in her mind than what was in her wallet but a true sense of freedom and happiness…. the money came.


Think about it; do you know anyone who has a lot of money but doesn’t feel free, loved, or that they have a choice?


Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved or how much money you’ve earned, if you live with an attitude of scarcity and limitation, if you wait for someone else or something to fulfill you…you’re not going to be happy and having fun!

Please let this be a wake up call for you to make decision to live with an attitude of gratitude and with a mindset of abundance. I see the shift in my clients all the time, and when they shift, they experience true freedom.


Decide today right now as you are reading this that you will accept life as it is or if you’ll take the bull by the horns and live your life on your terms, on the edge and at an elevated intensity – living your dreams!


The past doesn’t equal the future and it’s your decision, not your conditions that will determine your fate.


Contact me and let’s have a talk, life is too short to settle and sometimes it’s hard to change by ourselves (even when we know better!)

When you believe in the possible, the opportunities appear ♥ I believe!
Lots of love
Shari Molchan Signature