The Statistics Are Hurting My Heart

Okay, after the third magazine, I can’t stay silent about this.

I’ve been a financial advisor for over 21 years…although I still maintain some special clients, the majority of my business is now coaching.

Why did I start coaching 10 years ago?

Because of the articles that are flooding my inbox in the last couple of weeks from the digital Financial Magazines that I subscribe to.

Here’s the headlines that I want to share with you and an excerpt of each article that’s got me riled up…


“Paying down debt is the biggest concern of Canadians”

Debt repayment is the largest financial priority among those who took on debt last year, another 14% cited keeping up with bills and getting by as their biggest concern.


“Nearly half of Canadians don’t have a financial plan”

Non-retired Canadians have the goal of creating large nest eggs for retirement, but 48% don’t yet have a financial plan to help them reach their goal… 39% had no confidence they would ever reach their goal.


“One-third of Canadians would fail financial stress test”

One in three Canadians would fail the financial stress test – meaning they somewhat or strongly doubt their bank account would withstand a financial emergency such as a car repair or emergency vet bill.


 “Canadian women concerned about expenses in Retirement”

44% of Canadian women fear they will struggle to pay for basic necessities during retirement. 51% of working age women in Canada either do not know how much they are saving for their retirement or have not started saving at all, (51%!).   

77% of working age women look forward to pursuing old or new hobbies and interests in retirement and a further 58% anticipate retirement as a time to rediscover themselves. (Silver Lining of this article!)


What’s the biggest take-away from this?

That too many people don’t have a clue (or a plan) for their future. They don’t know what they want. They have a crappy relationship with money because they were never taught basic foundational money management. They carry beliefs, messages and stories from their past that keeps their head in the sand around their financial responsibility.


The article about half of all Canadians don’t have any financial plans states: only 16% said they were very confident, while 39% had no confidence they would ever reach their goal. In other words – they just give up! That breaks my heart.

But I get it, I was there, I know how it feels, and until you get help, it isn’t going to change.


You aren’t just going to magically wake up tomorrow and everything is taken care of – but that’s where a lot of you are living. (Some buying lottery tickets and using that as their strategy – I call it the LRP plan {Lottery Retirement Plan} and we all know the odds on that one 😉)



Your hoping and praying that you’ll survive, searching for a ‘magic pill’ by reading books or listening to financial advice from Warren Buffet or someone who has done all the ‘right things’.


Well sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t going to work… (Well for a lot of you! Some are self-motivated.)

Why? Because hope is not a strategy and your habits, beliefs and stories that you have around money go deep. You’re subconsciously sabotaging your future. I see it all the time.

Your debt is out of control, you dislike job, you’ve cashed in any investments that you had to pay the bills, or your staying in an unhappy relationship for security – aka – money.


Life has enough challenges, we don’t need to sabotage ourselves.


For the clients that come to me with massive debt, limited cash flow, you can probably imagine…they are scared shitless about their future.


For some, its as simple as getting a plan in place. Many just have a mortgage and no other debt, but they don’t know their numbers and they don’t have a solid foundation or a plan. Lots are going through a life change like divorce, looking to leave their job, or start a business and most were never taught about money, or they haven’t had to deal with it (ie: their partner took care of the finances).


The common thread though, for all my coaching clients, is that they don’t have a great relationship with money. Period. And they’ve made money more powerful than themselves.

Well, here’s the truth, money is innocent – it’s just energy, we are responsible with how we treat it, talk about it, feel about it, and what we do with it.



Bottom line; Money gives us choices.


And until you uncover your habits and beliefs and stories – keeping the good ones and re-write the ones that aren’t working for you… you’ll keep getting the same results.


So, if this is hitting home for you and you’re thinking; “Holy shit! Shari has me pegged – she just described my situation!” or you’re feeling lost, frustrated, stressed, embarrassed… a big one for many, you’ll find no judgement from me.

I’ve been there; but I crawled out and discovered myself (what’s important to me and lights me up), learned new strategies and changed my story about success. I connected with what makes my heart sing and I have built a life around that.


I just realized as I was writing this, that it’s been 20 yrs since my transformation… after 2 divorces, massive debt and no plan or direction that I got help. When I got married at 18, right out of school basically, I didn’t have a clue who I was, or what I wanted and then I was 39 years old and my identity was solely a daughter, wife, mother.

Discovering ‘Shari’ was a game changer. To say my life blossomed is an understatement! For the 1st time in my life I got that if it’s to be = it’s up to me… I had the magic pill inside of me. ♥


Please don’t wait and try to ‘figure it out’ on your own, if you could of you would have by now.


When you are inside the picture, you can’t see the frame…that’s why you need to get support… and it may just be a little tweak and you are on your way 😉


And I don’t care how old you are – if you are 20 or if you are 60, it’s never too early or late.


My heart aches when I read those articles and my wish is for you to not be one of those who is settling or worse – giving up.


Your problem is never with money… it’s with your belief about money, your thoughts about money and your habits. When you know better, you do better.


Heart-based intention will always beat out old habits. Then, magic happens, and you’ll win at the game of money and live the life you dream about.


You’re worth it. You are enough. And believe…because there are infinite possibilities waiting for you!


Much love ♥




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