Money and Vulnerability

I believe that too many women have a hard time letting go of any type of suffering because they have a fear of the unknown, and so best keep with the suffering that is familiar.

Not only did I have to conquer this myself (and still do occasionally) but I see this in my coaching clients all the time.

The hardest part of changing your circumstances with money is admitting that you might not be able to do it yourself. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open, your life will change.

I know that some of you reading this right now are feeling shame, guilt, fear, and you are embarrassed of your money situation. Maybe you have too much debt; maybe you are not earning your potential or know how to ask for (or value) what you are worth. Maybe you have money, but you are afraid to spend it; again the fear of the unknown. So, you keep living in the dark because you know the walls by heart.

I know that pain, I have lived it. Hiding behind the mask of; I’m okay; I don’t need help; I’m fine.

Meanwhile your guts are churning, you are stressed to the max, and you don’t know how much longer you can ‘fake it till you make it’.

I get it, I’ve lived it and I can help you. Money is such a huge barrier to truly living a successful life, whatever you deem that to be. It could be buying a home, travelling, retiring, starting your own business, and even having a family.

As a woman, we are taught to be the caregivers, to take care of everyone else first. Unfortunately, that old model does not work, and many of us have seen our mothers and grandmothers stay small and put their dreams on the backburner to give to others …and their dreams died with them.

I want to tell you about a client of mine, she did exactly that; took care of her family, raised her kids; who wanted for nothing. She gave up her dreams to make sure theirs came true. She got divorced 3 years ago after a 40-year marriage, now what? She had to start all over, get a mortgage, and run the household, the buck stopped with her. It was hard and the house she bought had major problems and she had to get further in debt to live. She came to me fearful of losing it all. I worked with her and we changed her life dramatically. She had the answers but did not know the right questions to ask. She is now back on track, knows her numbers and is planning to live and travel while she still can. Oh and by the way – she was 71 years old.

So if you are using the old excuse that it is too late for me, I’m too old, or you don’t have a clue how things could change, I am here to tell you that I can help you through that fear of the unknown.

Brene Brown has a great quote:

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” It is about revealing what you deny or keep hidden from other people.

Vulnerability takes practice. You don’t just learn it once and then—ta-dah! —you’re easily open to everything and everyone, but the rewards of vulnerability are immeasurable.

For me, when I have chosen to be open, to show my authentic self, my clients have met me there. And when they have met me there and formed that connection, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. They start to believe. I want that for you, you were meant for greatness in your own right; not to suffer in shame or embarrassment.

Why don’t you schedule a strategy session with me…❤ Money is such a barrier for too many women to move forward in their businesses and their lives.  

The only commitment that you have to make at this time is that there is something that you want to change with your relationship with money in your business or personal life. I’ll listen and not judge you because we all deserve to have much joy and happiness in our lives.

As Brene Brown says;

“If I let myself feel this joy, pain will be all that much harder. It comes back to the idea that it is easier to live disappointed than feel disappointed. And yet we are starving for joy. I have never met anyone who doesn’t want more joy in their life.”

I agree.

Letting go of your past and learning to own your strength to be vulnerable in life is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Not being who you are on the inside is very lonely.

Ironically, the loneliness is the same loneliness that most everyone else suffers from.

Let the walls come down and share the gift of you with everyone, live your life out loud, on purpose and with passion. I look forward to talking to you soon.

With much love,