Rules to Live By:

Live The Life You Imagined

You have the capability to create and live your life as you desire!

You have unlimited potential to accomplish this.

In fact, you couldn’t even use your entire potential if you lived one hundred lifetimes! Seriously!

Take an inventory right now on your accomplishments.

Go ahead and get out a piece of paper and start writing down what you are proud of that you have done!

Now look at this list… it’s merely a hint of what’s truly possible for you.

And the more you tap into your natural talents and abilities… the more you develop your potential for your future!

Believe In Your Future

Your belief in your unlimited potential is the key to becoming everything you are truly capable of becoming.

Your thoughts and your beliefs create your realities, I’ve talked about that a lot! Every belief you have about yourself you have learned along the way.

The amazing thing and good news for you is that most of the negative or self-limiting beliefs and doubts that are interfering with your happiness and success are not necessarily based on fact or reality at all.

Replace Fear with Curiosity

There are no limits to what you can do, be, or have except the limits you place on your own thinking and your own imagination.

The biggest enemies you will ever face are your own doubts and your fear of failure.

But these are usually based on negative beliefs, facts and experiences that you have accepted over the years.

Failures are lessons to learn from, some of my greatest wins have come from failing one, two or 5 times at something!

Realize Life Is Amazing

I want you to start – right now and question your self-limiting beliefs. If they are not working for you, then you can change and develop beliefs that are consistent with the incredible person you really are!

Your life will begin to change almost immediately and when you stop and look around… and believe… life is pretty amazing!

Just a friendly reminder for you  😉

Big hugs! ♥

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