What You Say is What You Get

Have you ever been around someone who is always complaining or talking negative all the time?

It drains your energy! I once heard someone call people like that – ‘energy vampires’.They just suck it out of you with their words… Now, I’ll admit that every now and then, I get caught up in the ‘poor me’ victim mentality and don’t watch my words. Luckily, I get called out from my friends… 😉 If you keep telling yourself that you are tired or feel sick or have a dis‘ease’ – you actually can change your body to feel that way. The power of words is crazy!

Look, your subconscious interprets what it hears …very literally.

Your unknowing mind and body just follow the direction where your words lead you.

If you want more influence, confidence, connection or opportunities to come your way, you must be conscious of what you’re projecting into the world, every time you open your mouth.

Your words matter! 

I talk about this on my newest video that I made for you …

Until next time!