Your Relationship With Money Can Be Fantastic, Pleasurable, Exciting and Stress Free!

Do you believe it or was your first reaction… “Yeah right, I don’t think so!”


For so many it can be hard, stressful, and depressing. It can be embarrassing which leaves you feeling shameful, guilty, stupid and hopeless. I know, I’ve had my own struggles.


Here are some of my clients’ biggest financial struggles that they’ve shared with me…

  • “My biggest financial struggle is being overwhelmed.”
  • “My biggest issue is saving! Lord knows I try my best to put away as much money as I can. I am a saver & my husband is a spender … I save and he likes to spend.”
  • “My husband and I always start off strong in saving and then the excitement wears off and we are back to where we started… living beyond our means.”
  • “Credit card debt – it crept up on me and now I’m trying to get rid of it. It’s a struggle every month, but I’m trying hard to pay it down. It’s a slow process, and a constant reminder of my poor decisions in the past.”
  • “Biggest financial struggle is not saving and thinking I have to have something when I don’t need it.”
  • “Our biggest financial struggle has to do with knowing what we’re striving for and are capable of with our businesses.”
  • “Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. Now, if we have money in the bank, then I want to spend, spend, spend.”
  • “My biggest financial struggle is adding more debt without the added income.”
  • “My biggest financial struggle is buying when something is a great deal but not actually needed. Sometimes standing in front of a sale rack is a hard place to decipher a want from a need!”
  • “My biggest financial struggle by far is spending more than our income!”
  • “My biggest financial struggle is entertainment and eating out.”
  • “The biggest struggle is spending money we don’t have. We’re always living paycheck to paycheck.”
  • “My biggest financial struggle is not having a job right now and being a newlywed to a wonderful man but he is just as clueless at budgeting as I am.”
  • “My biggest struggle is that when I am unhappy, angry or depressed I get this urge to go and buy something, as if buying something will erase the problem.”
  • “My biggest financial struggle is trying to stretch the budget further each month to try to pull us out of this hole of debt we are drowning in. The pressure at this time of year (start of school year) from endless fundraisers (scouts, school, band etc…) and the pressure of the coming holiday. It goes from overwhelming to depressing quickly.”

Can you relate to any of these? I’ve had a few of these myself!


When my clients feel overwhelmed and paralyzed, I help them break down what they need to do into smaller steps “so the overwhelmed feeling goes away”.


I also help them explore their relationship with money to confront any problematic patterns or fears. Fears around money stop people from living their life.


Maybe this is triggering you to wonder if maybe you do NEED a money coach… well:

Do you really know where your money goes?
I haven’t had a client yet that hasn’t been shocked by the final numbers after I have helped them review their numbers. Take one of my new clients; she had been cutting down her expenses and ‘semi’ tracking her money. After reviewing what she provided me with I asked…. how much do you think you spend every month? Let me just say she was a little off… with 2 incomes coming in, they were overspending $1000 a month! That’s $12,000 in a year, poof…gone!

Do you know why you spend or save the way you do?
Money isn’t rocket science. It is part of life and greatly ruled by emotions. All your events and circumstances throughout your life impact how you will deal with money. I help you discover those hidden patterns and beliefs and get you working toward positive habits that will change your financial world forever!

Do you know EXACTLY where you want to be in 3 months… 6 months… in one year?
Most don’t even know how to make it to the end of the month let alone have a 1-5 year plan. I help you get out of any financial rut and get you on the path towards the financial future you want. Together we help you identify where you are & create small but significant steps to get there!


Coaching works.


I used to stress over my finances, freak out about overspending, make emotional purchases…After several different coaches and mentors I can now say that I am relaxed, comfortable, earning more and loving what I do!

Do you want to stop worrying about your financial future and start doing something about it?
If you want to change your results – you must change what you do.


You must make a decision that YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to change and live the life that you want without stress, anxiety and guilt around money.


Believe me, there is no judgement from me, I’ve been there done that! You don’t need to be embarrassed – you are where you are based on what you know and when you know better – you do better!


Making a decision to change is the spark that ignites action.


What is it you most want to change in your money world?
Would love to hear from you! 😉

♥ Shari