How Money Problems are Messing up Your Business

What a fantastic summer I had!
Lots of golf, sun and fun.

But now it’s time to check back in with my goals and rock out the rest of the year!

A couple of nights ago, at my local Women’s Business Network, I talked about how women are allowing money problems to mess up their business (and life).

Money is a catch-all bucket of excuses and missed opportunities in our businesses … and lives for that matter. Because how you do money is how you do EVERYTHING. It ripples into all areas of your life.

Most of the ladies were nodding their head along when I talked about that.

Sound like someone you know?
(It’s okay, it’s just us here and you don’t have to admit it out loud).

Then chances are, it’s one of these 3 culprits …

1 Your stinkin’ thinkin’ mindset

Mindset is the single biggest thing that can make or break your success.

All the years of embarrassment, guilt and regret over past mistakes form the beliefs you have about your ability to succeed and create what you want in life.

Your beliefs determine the actions you take —or don’t take.
Taking consistent and focused action in your business is crucial to success.

So can you see the role your mindset plays?


Examine your beliefs.
If they don’t support you, ask yourself what you need to believe instead.

Every time that old belief pops up, replace it with the new one.
Repetition is key.

2 Spending money in all the wrong places

You’ve tried different marketing tactics, enrolled in workshops, bought the books to learn more and help you get ahead.

You’ve bought the $100, $200, $500 course or DIY project only to not have that work either.

What do you have to show for it? Self-help that became shelf help … and likely more debt.

When it comes to marketing your business, when things aren’t working the knee jerk reaction is to do more or to try the latest marketing tactic that everyone is saying you MUST do or you’ll miss out on.


If you’re tempted, before you enroll in yet another marketing course or quick-fix tactic, you’ll want to read this blog that my colleague Miki Strong just posted – “A Better Way to Market Your Business”

It will save you time and money and help you make better buying decisions in your business.

3 No support network

Behind every successful woman is a network of like-minded people that support her. Success never happens alone, or in a vacuum.

There’s this misconception that our spouse and friends can act as our business support network. Not true, unless of course they are in business as well. And these same people could be dream killers (even though they mean well).

Add to that the fact that you are the 5 people you hang out with the most. So if your inner circle is broke or struggling financially, then chances are you are too.


Take a good look at your inner circle. If they don’t support you, make the decision to limit the amount of time you spend with them.

Then create a support network of other business owners that ‘get’ you and champion not only your success, but push you outside your comfort zone to reach levels you wouldn’t reach for on your own.

Look, there are three type of people in the world …

— those who make things happen,
— those who watch things happen,
— and those who wonder what the hell happened.

Who will YOU choose to be?
(Your answer determines your success.)

Lots of love
Talk soon ♥

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