It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Staples made that first commercial back in 1996 and it is a parent’s theme song for September for sure!

I know my son Brad and daughter-in-law Liz are singing this song! With 4 kids, having 3 back in school full time is going to be heaven! Of course, they love their kids…but let’s get real, if you have kids, you know what I am talking about! 😉

Why not use that ‘back to school’ energy to fire up the rest of the year! I know lots of you are already talking about setting some new goals such as eating and drinking less after all the summer BBQ’s and holidays! Getting back to the gym and in routine… (I am for sure!) … what’s yours?

So, here’s some ideas on how to use the back to school energy to kickstart your goals for the fall.

Wipe your slate clean. One of the best things about beginning a new school year was the chance to start over. If you haven’t been focused on some or all of your goals this summer, look at September as a clean, blank slate. A new start. Forget about the obstacles that held you back from going full-throttle at your goal in the past and look toward the future as a brand-new opportunity to do something great.

Get organized. Goals will feel less overwhelming when you break them down into manageable chunks and set up a plan, sign up for a program or get some coaching.

Buy something new. The start of a new school year is synonymous with shopping: a new backpack, fresh school supplies and a brand new wardrobe… (I just took my granddaughter who is going into Grade 2… yikes $$$ – let’s just say that I am grateful that I had boys who didn’t really care about fashion!)

There are lots of sales and deals right now, so it may be the perfect time to purchase staple items to get you through the fall and on track to achieve your goals.

Now let’s get something straight – I’m not encouraging you to go crazy spending, but if purchasing something new helps move you closer to your goals or motivates you to get started, it might be a worthy investment.

I think September is a more fun time of year for a new start after a summer breather, than dreary January!
Truth is there’s never a bad time for a fresh start, and sometimes well … you just may need a kick in the butt to get back on track!

Wouldn’t it be great to end the year with a clear focus and plan and to start 2018? YES!

You got this…. And if you want a helping hand, then call me. (Click here)
Doing nothing is not an option and you’ll get to January and be in the same boat.
You deserve to have all that you want!

Big hug!