Why You Don’t Reach Your Money Goals

You set some goals around money but yet you still aren’t where you want to be financially. What the heck?

Sure, goals are important (and critical to your success) but they are not enough. There is more at work than meets the eye. If you’re not where you want to be and ‘goal setting’ hasn’t been working for you, then keep reading!

Here are the probable reasons why;

The ‘Big Kahuna’; You haven’t bought into your ‘why’ you want it.

Sure, you may have said that you want to make more money to travel or pay off debt, but it needs to go deeper. On the surface it sounds good but the missing piece for most of the women that I coach is that they haven’t connected their hearts desire to their head.

Logically and reality have taken over and there is no inspiration or motivation. So when the going gets tough (which it will when you do new things to get new results!), you give up.

This is quickly followed by one of the ‘big mama’s’ of failure; excuses. Excuses show up when your mind and your thoughts tell you that;

“This is way too uncomfortable and I am not having fun.” …and you would rather go back to the old ways – “Better to be with the devil I know rather than the one I don’t.”

Why? Because you don’t believe that you can do it.

When you let doubt and worry settle back into the couch of your consciousness, you shift your mindset to; “I can’t.”

You don’t have all the answers within you, because if you did, you would be living your dream.

You haven’t asked or sought out help to get what you want because you feel that;
“You should know better, you’re smart and asking for help would be a sign of weakness.”

It’s likely that you don’t have a plan. You can say your goal is to earn $100,000 a year, but if there isn’t a detailed plan of action steps to go with it… that dream stays in the clouds. (And of course the ‘why’)

Another culprit is; “I should ____ (do this)”

Again, if you have not committed 100% to do what it takes to get what you want and it truly is what you want (not should do) then … “forget about it…” (insert New York accent here!) It’s doomed from the get go!

Bottom line… Your mindset is at the controls of your success and if you don’t work on that …first… you won’t believe that things could be easy.

Your powerful mind muscle of ‘focus’ is instead getting used to create unhappiness via it’s good pal – worry.

Are you sick and tired of chasing your dreams and setting goals that never come to fruition?

Making excuses and giving away your power?

Determined to break free of the ‘comfort zone’ that is your current reality?
(The one that is sabotaging you the joy and happiness you know deep down that is waiting for you?)


Deciding to live your dreams means that you put that decision above all else. It’s your stake in the ground… your line in the sand… your ‘enough is enough’ declaration!

You need to tap into your inner ‘Badass’ and take control!

Because you are not only changing your money mindset, you are also going to go into battle with your subconscious beliefs about money that you have never faced before.

If you stick with it though, you’ll see results, and not just any results… kickass results! ♥

Talk soon…
Lots of love!

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