Letting go of the edge…

Letting go of the edge…

Ever hear that inner voice telling you there’s more to what you have?


Do you listen to it? …The one that tells you to go for it…and believe.


You should listen, its chatter that matters!


Time to examine the truth about where you are.


Take this little self-assessment quiz to get an idea of what’s true for you:

:: Do you procrastinate on doing things that you know will move you forward?

:: Do you have fear and concerns that prevent you from getting ahead?

:: Do you exist in a fantasy bubble playing mind games with yourself and refusing to accept the truth about your life, pretending it’s not as bad you think?

:: Do you make excuses for not doing the difficult things?

:: Do you find that your energy is zapped away from focusing on your family, health, job and yourself?

:: Do you numb yourself from the pain of your reality by altering your state of consciousness anyway you can? (Drinking, eating, weight loss, drugs, isolation)


Your willingness to answer these tough questions that you may have been resisting is a major breakthrough to rid yourself of old behaviours.


You may even feel sad when you really think about how you’ve not been honouring yourself.


The good news is that inside the painful reality is an opportunity for you to tell the truth and move forward.


I see too many women who wait for crisis (like I did) to jolt them into doing something. At that point you have no choice, you are forced to look at your situation and acknowledge the truth of where you are at.


That’s okay, accepting where you are in my opinion, is the hardest part and the first step of the process.


If you are willing and ready to accept responsibility for your life and transformation…then let go of the ledge.


Those ledges take many forms; debt, an unfulfilling job, staying in an unhappy relationship for security…what’s your ledge?


‘Letting go’ is an overlooked strategy for financial success. You must let go of where you are to get where you want to go.


Clinging to the security of the familiar prevents us from discovering what awaits us in the future. When we trust, it opens the space to manifest new opportunities.


“Those who are satisfied with crumbs will never have the whole loaf.”


Fear and anxiety are to financial success what labour pains are to childbirth, an unpleasant but unavoidable part of the process.


Every time we let go, there is always a loss, real or imagined, but our ability to push through anxiety, gets us to our goals.


But it’s not easy, it never is and it takes courage to invest in ourselves.


We invest in mutual funds, stocks, other people, relationships, but self-investment, doing the internal work to invest in ourselves to become everything we were intended to be, is the most important work of all.


We don’t find time to do it…and if we don’t do it, we stay trapped.


Is it your time time to say to the world;

“I matter and I’m worth it!”?


My sincerest wish for you is to ignite the spark inside of you that knows that you were meant for more than you currently have. I have guided hundreds of women with support, a little kick- ass accountability and actionable steps… (with lots of love!)


In fact I have a NEW program; Bad-ass Money Goal  90-Day Challenge.

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f you would like to talk to me in person, phone or Skype about your own situation or to discuss if this program is a fit for you… please contact me for a chat, no strings attached:

Call me at (250) 755-4004 or email: shari@sharimolchan.com


I can’t wait to inspire you, encourage you and give you the hope, strategies and tools to move towards what is really important to you in your life because you are worth it and loved. ♥


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