Do you need a money makeover?

What do you believe about being successful?

What story have you told yourself about your present and future relationship with money?

Is it doomed or are you living a kick-ass life?

Here’s the thing that I say over and over again to my clients….

“You are where you are based on what you  know… so what. When you know better you’ll do better!”

Yet most don’t get help for 2 reasons;

  1. They don’t know what to ask or look for
  2. They’re ashamed, embarrassed, feel guilty, or stupid.

And do they talk about it?

Nooo … it’s right up there with the other popular taboo subjects; sex, politics and religion!

So we have this highly emotional subject that no one talks about and so we keep doing the same things and getting the same results.

The biggest culprit by a mile: your mindset

Your external world is a mirror to what is going on in your internal world.

Yup, it’s true.

You are literally creating your reality you are living right now.

The very cool thing is that…

You can literally create the reality you desire by making yourself think and believe what you desire to think and believe!

That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

But what happens when you try to change your thinking?

Change hurls you into the unknown which freaks you out and so you go back to your ‘devil you know’ rather than face one you don’t. You get so attached to the familiar, and you have great reasons and stories to keep you right where you are.


Any of these look familiar?


Look if you are freaking about money and want to free yourself to thrive instead of survive, then you have to let go of the fears and focus on your heart’s desire.


Is it easy? Well, for some but if you are like me, I couldn’t see the frame when I was in the picture….


Isn’t it always easier to solve other people’s problems and give them advice,  yet when it comes to giving ourselves the pep talk … it doesn’t always work?! I know, it took until I was 39 years old to finally look in the mirror and love myself enough to get some help from a mentor and my life forever changed… again when I knew better – I did better!


That big beautiful brain in your head is your greatest asset. Why? Because it listens to you!


Your thoughts that you have inspire emotions that inspire action which then creates your reality!


Pretty awesome, right?


I love this analogy I read recently…

Your beliefs are driving the bus, your thoughts are the bus driver. Your words are the assistant to your thoughts and beliefs and back them up, voice their opinions and anchor in their message.

Your emotions are the fuel that are ignited by your thoughts. They can change your beliefs quite easily and then you guessed it – off you go in that direction. Your actions, well they decide which road you take.

If you change your thoughts and emotions, off on a different road you go.




If you can get all of them working together… emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions…. you can pick any destination that you want. Money is a tool to help you be happy…whatever that looks like for you.


Think of some of the limiting beliefs that you may have, write them out and then really question them.

Do some need editing or a total makeover?


Your mindset team is what’s really keeping you stuck and scared. When you rewrite some new truths … take some action towards that truth – fueled with new emotion thoughts and words…. look out!


Great ready to kick some ass in your life and move towards what you truly desire… ♥

Big hugs!

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