Know what successful women have that unsuccessful women don’t?

Grit, and lots of it. There is a fire in her belly that keeps her focused on what she wants, come hell or high water. She’s committed, focused and always ready and open to anything.


Does she fall down every now and then…you bet!


But she overcomes obstacles with an inner strength of knowing that ‘this too shall pass’ and knows that the lessons are learning and part of the journey.


She has balance in her life making time for herself, family and friends.


She sets goals. Goals are dreams with a plan for realization.


She is a teacher… great woman teach. People want to know what she has that ignites that flame within. She pays it forward helping other women to light their fire.


She’s focused on the next step with a bad-ass attitude of gratefulness with a knowing that the greatest point of resistance is just before the breakthrough. She’s got a stubborn resolve to see it to the other side.


She is soft-hearted. Charity and compassion allows her to reach beyond the ‘cookie-cutter’ life and make a difference in the lives of others.


She reaches out to others with a compassionate heart, doesn’t settle for mediocre and lives a kick-ass life.


If I just described you… congratulations – I love it! ♥ You rock sister!


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