What is lifestyle?

Well it’s the cars we drive, the home we live in, and the vacations we take.

It’s the education we provide and it’s the retirement we save for…

it’s living today while planning for tomorrow.

And guess what… your income supports it all!

But what if you were unable to work tomorrow due to an injury or illness? Would you and your family be protected?

Your income supports your lifestyle so consider this; If you could not work tomorrow, how long could you continue your current lifestyle?… days, weeks, months or years?

Accidents and sicknesses happen every day! Some may result in a few days off of work, while others may result in weeks. But a more serious incident may leave you unable to work for months or even years, causing severe financial hardship. 

Additional medical expenses may also be required during this time of disability; hospital care, home care, physiotherapy or chiropractic services, all at a time when your income has stopped.

How much money would you need per month, to help continue your lifestyle? Where is this money going to come from? Your savings? Your RSP’s?

If you are 40 years old earning $5,000/month, they will earn just less than 2 million by age 65. You spend money to protect all your possessions (car, house…); but what about the one thing that makes them all possible? Your ability to earn an income!


Statistics show 1 in 3 workers will lose their ability to work due to a disability lasting longer than 90 days. The probability of suffering a disability lasting longer than 90 days before you are 65 is surprisingly high:

*Age 25 = 47% Probability

*Age 40 = 37% Probability

*Age 50 = 31% Probability

Here are risks you face each day and the chances of them happening:

*1 in 88 homes catch fire in a year

*1 in 29 vehicles is involved in an accident

*1 in 10 people is disabled each year

When I ask most clients what’s their most valuable asset, the usual response is “My house”. But the right answer is your ability to earn an income. You are their most valuable asset!

Protecting yourself and your family from financial loss is vital. After all, you work hard to achieve your standard of living, and you don’t want to lose it.

You may have life insurance, a medical plan and full coverage on your house and vehicles.

But have you secured your most valuable asset against the greatest risk?

If you become disabled and cannot work, how would you pay the bills? How long would your savings last? Who would support your family? Could your family support you?

If you don’t have satisfactory answers to these questions, then please call me for a free consultation to look at your situation.

There are all different kinds of affordable plans that will help you ease any financial burden if you get injured or sick.

Protecting your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a complex (or expensive) process.

When we need insurance, it is usually too late to get it.

Call me for a free consultation, before an accident happens.