Saying goodbye to debt this holiday season

Ola amigos! (I’m practicing my Spanish for our trip to Mexico next month). It’s November already and the holiday season is sneaking up.

What’s on our minds? Yup, spending! Buying gifts, going on trips (me for sure – maybe you too!) and visiting friends and family.

And it all takes money.

But if your current relationship with money is operating in the red (aka debt), then this isn’t a feel-good season at all for you…

You probably will be more inclined to bury your head in the sand and not even think about your debt.

Maybe, you’re even hiding it from your spouse, because you’re afraid if he knew, there would be all kinds of trouble in paradise.

And you’re likely stressed beyond belief about your finances and your future.

Add that to the stress the holiday season brings for so many people, well, there you have a recipe for unhappiness.

Stay with me here …

I want you to know this is all fixable. Regardless of how much debt you have right now.

Honestly. Regardless of your current debt.

This too shall pass. But it’s going to mean doing things different than you have.

Because, as Albert Einstein said;

You can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.

I’m here to guide you to release your debt and shift your mindset about money and what’s possible.

Before I tell you the ONE thing to start doing today that will move you towards releasing your debt for good, there’s something you need to know.

Budgets don’t work.

Why? Because the word ‘budget’ can send you screaming out of the room. And I am here to de-bunk the common sense carbon copy solution (I know you are tired of hearing anyway); earn more, spend less and save the difference.

Enough already, if it was that easy then we would all be happy and rich!

Instead, here’s the first thing that I want you to do.

 Know your numbers. That’s it. Seems simple enough, right? It is. And I am going to make it easy for you. There is a free program called Mint (go to It will download all your numbers and all you have to do is categorize where your money is going and how much is coming in. (Hint – only go back 1 month)

If you are not computer savvy then you can use an excel sheet or just write it out on a piece of paper – no excuses. I promise this will change your life and it’s the very first step to taking back control of your money.

When you know where you are and what you have – then and only then – can you take action and put together a plan to lose the money stress for good! You’ll see where you’re spending money that you really don’t want to spend (so you have more to spend on what you do want!) I’ve had clients find $1000’s of ‘hidden’ dollars.  How cool is that!

And if getting real with your numbers scares you, I get it. I’ve had clients say to me; “If I know my numbers, then I will have to do something about it!” Well no sh*t Sherlock! That’s the whole point.

You can do this, and you are probably more than ready to unload the dump truck of stress. Right?

So, there is your play work for today!

That big win you are ready for…it’s getting closer!

Do things differently – get different results. And my favorite quote from Maya Angelou;

“When you know better, you do better.”

Now, you’re off to start tracking your numbers (right?), and I’m off to write about what you can do if you’re not making enough money. That’s for later this week.


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