5 Signs You’re Ready To Make a Change

 Would you not agree that having a ‘sure thing’ is awesome?

And go figure… there’s even been research done that shows that our brains love predictability and knowing what to expect.


That makes a lot of sense to why we’ll choose something that we don’t really want just because it’s familiar.


Now unless someone points it out to you, how do you know you’re ready for a change?


Here are 5 signs that you are ready to do something different, and change it up:


1. Uneasiness, major anxiety and discomfort. You would rather run for the hills than deal with it. You are losing sleep, anxious and sometimes even embarrassed.


Rather than run from it, ask why it’s there. Maybe there’s a lesson to learn and you need to do something new. Let that discomfort be the energy to boost you to learn or take a different path that you have never dreamed of (or maybe you have and you’re ignoring it ).


2. Your priorities have changed. The way you have always done it in the past, no longer works for you anymore. Something that used to make you happy, isn’t getting your mojo going anymore!


So why is that? Did your values change, are you bored and tired of doing the same thing and you want something more?


3. What worked for you in the past, doesn’t fit in your life anymore. You keep doing the same things, getting the same results (definition of insanity?).


Instead of feeling like a failure, ask yourself what do you need to do to change. Maybe learn something new or try a different strategy. You must decide what is in your control to change and go get your feet wet!


4. You’ve got new ideas but you haven’t got a clue – how to or what to – do with them. Have you ever thought of a good idea (invention) and then someone comes up with it and make millions?


Instead of letting those great ideas frustrate the heck out of you, stop and ask yourself what you can do to get started. If you don’t know, then ask someone for advice or do a little research to get the ball rolling.


5. You’re not having any fun. Maybe you’ve even been avoiding “fun.”

Fun (one of my top values) promotes happiness, joy, and self-esteem. Studies have shown that finding meaning and purpose in our lives is a key element to being happy.


Bottom line is this; if you want to change your results, then you must change your thinking – first.
You got this… Believe ♥


Cheers to change!

Lots of love,