What are you done with putting off?

As we head into the final months of 2017… I have a question for you…


‘Is your life where you thought (maybe planned) it to be at the beginning of the year?’


‘If you set any goals, how are you doing?’


If you are rocking it out – congratulations, it does feel amazing when you are on target and having fun, making money, in a fantastic relationship, travelling or what ever your source of ‘joy’ is!



If you’re not where you wanted to be, why not?


Did circumstances beyond your control come up?


Did you make the necessary changes needed to get different results?


Did you lose focus, desire or willpower?


Or maybe you’re frustrated as hell because you can’t figure it out!



I get it, been there before, especially when it comes to money.


So, why is change so difficult?


You can clearly understand the changes you need to make and yet you find yourself unable to follow through on them.


You can also add self-abuse to the emotional baggage that you may be already carrying which adds more to your stress.


“Why can’t I start/stick to my budget/plan/goals? I’m such a weakling!”


“I know that I need to spend less/save more/ invest my money, but I never do it at all/consistently!”


“How can I be so stupid?”


Even if you are not saying those things to yourself, tune into TV shows like “Til Debt Do Us Part” or a Suze Orman show, where they actually yell at the people!


Yikes, that only make you feel worse and wears down your motivation to change

“If I’m a such a loser…Why bother?”


The fact is you are not a loser, or stupid, or crazy or lazy.


Your habits and actions come from where you’ve come from, witnessed and lived what you have witnessed and lived, experienced what you have experienced, and you know what you know.


So, I would invite you to stop blaming and let go of any shame – cause it ‘s not helping you!


What will help is getting to the real reason and the source of the problem.


The hidden reason why you struggle with money, and it’s not what you think…


There are deep seated, complicated and even adaptive reasons why changing how you ‘do money’ is so difficult, but once you uncover, understand and accept those reasons, only then can you learn to kick down those roadblocks that are stopping you from getting what you want.


You have to start where you are and stop waiting to live.


‘What are you done with putting up with?’


You might not like this next statement but – it’s the truth…

‘You are choosing your current results whether you like them or not.’


In other words…

‘What would you have to believe to have created your current financial status?’


The answer to that is a great ah-ha to what you either are or are not doing.


You know you need to take control of your money, right? But crap, it’s so confusing, intimidating, overwhelming. Why even bother?


I have two things to tell you:

You’re not alone.
It’s NOT your fault!


It’s my birthday coming up and I want to celebrate it empowering you.


I’m seeking highly motivated women ready for a total mindset transformation around money instead of another feel-good, woo-woo, useless “quick fix” you know isn’t going to last.


If this is you then please join me at new Retreat at “Two Coves Resort”





I am keeping this intimate so there is only 10 spots available for this retreat.  It’s going to be two days filled with deep discussion, impactful workshop segments, FUN, campfires, conversations, delicious food and drinks and connection with other like-minded women.


If you are feeling compelled to draw that line in the sand and say;


“Enough is enough!”


If you’re ready for change and you are done with the struggle you’re experiencing right now… I’m ready… are you?


You start where you are and when you know better, you’ll do better.


Just before I go I would like you to take a moment right now and list 3 things you need to do or have been told to do financially but haven’t.


What would have to happen before you truly committed to making those changes?


It could be as simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are worth it!


Believe! (((BIG HUG))) You got this! ♥


Lots of love,