Is everybody making more money than you? Here’s why.

Have you ever struggled with feeling like everybody around you was succeeding financially – even people you feel aren’t as educated, qualified or talented as you? Oh, have I been there! One of my biggest “money blocks” was feeling I wasn’t getting what I deserved monetarily, and falsely believing everybody around me was.
At one point, I was seriously convinced all my colleagues were handed some secret handbook that told them how to get new clients and secret formulas to success – and somehow the universe conveniently forgot to give me mine.
It was frustrating, and degrading. Especially because I knew I was just as capable as the people who were having success at a much faster pace. I even got pissed off at those people, thinking that they were being too aggressive and pushy. I, for sure, didn’t want to be that way…ha! Turns out, this wasn’t about other people. Nobody had a magic bullet or secret handbook. (Or if they did, they never fessed up. 😉)

The truth was, it was a money story I had created.

It was a self-fulfilling prophecy of my own making.

It wasn’t like the whole world was having their cake & eating it too, while I was slaving away. That was just a weird belief I had created over the course of my life, based on inaccurate perceptions & false pretenses. Luckily, with a few simple mindset shifts and some coaching, (start here) I was able to start making the money I deserved – and stopped playing my “woe is me” card.

I now have a thriving, successful business.

I do things I could have only dreamed of when I was stuck in that old money story.

But the point is: I’ve been there. And I know how powerful it can be when you transform your money wounds into healthy new belief systems. That said, conquering your major money blocks is a huge part of healing your relationship with money. In fact, it’s the foundation. ‘Cause like I tell all my clients, if you don’t uncover your beliefs around money, you’ll never be able to level-up financially. Your mind simply won’t let you. I’ve spent over 20 years as a financial advisor learning the ins and outs of practical money management. And I’m in no way saying that it isn’t important.

Once you HAVE money, you absolutely need to know what to do with it.

But the getting it part? That’s where the emotional stuff comes into play.

And if you’ve got bad money mojo, you’re sabotaging your chances at rollin’ in the riches before you even start. We’ve all heard about people who win BIG in the lottery and end up right back where they started a few years later. This is statistical proof that if you’re not mentally prepared to be, feel & act rich – you won’t stay rich for long. You deserve to have money in the bank and all the success and lifestyle you dream of. Let me show you how you can get – and keep – it there. To your wallet… $ ♥ Big love,