“I’ll be more happy when I have more money.”

What do you think of this statement….

“I’ll be more happy when I have more money.”

Does this ring true for you?

Well it sure did for me in my younger years as a single Mom!

And usually we feel this way when we’re at rock bottom, stressed and unhappy, before we finally do something about it.

But that’s the hard way! And it’s not much fun either!

Associating happiness with money is super popular with graduates of the;
‘School of Blame and Excuses’.

When it comes to money, the truth is, that most don’t have a clear understanding of what they actually want.

For instance, let me ask you this;

Is making or having more money an important, significant goal for you?

Yes or No… What are your reasons ‘Why’?

Write down everything that comes to mind…
(and then write down some more 😉)

Your answers to that question will be your motivation fuel and hopefully inspire you to make changes.

You may need to dig deeper, so you can also help yourself by answering these questions as honestly as you can… no judgement, blame or excuses – it is what it is:

• What are you doing to get there?
• Are you putting enough time, energy and focus into it?
• What obstacles are in your way?
• Do you need more information or someone to help you?
• Is there something you need to learn?
• What are your beliefs about it?
• Is it money itself, or another fear that stops you?

My challenge for you is to just take one step right away and then every day do whatever it takes to unstick yourself and get back into the flow of your life.

If you want some help from me with this… Click Here – Let’s talk! 😊

You got this… I believe in you! ♥

Lots of love,

Shari Molchan Signature