Believe in possibilities

I see so many people that don’t take the next step (closer to their dreams) because they don’t know 100% that it’s going to work. I call it a ‘yeah-but’ mindset that holds us back and limits our success.

Frustrated womanThe ‘yeah-buts’ we say to ourselves justify why we stay (and settle for) where we are. Have you ever tried to set a goal and you didn’t reach it so you gave up and decided that maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Or, you set a goal and instantly your mind goes to; “BUT HOW will I ever do, be or have that?”

You are not alone, we can easily come up with all the reasons and ‘yeah-buts’ to quiet those crazy thoughts such as: I can make money doing what I love; have enough money to travel; buy the material things that I want; save more money; be successful; (insert yours here!)

Your ‘yeah-buts’ are your beliefs and they are the culprit to ‘lack-thinking’. It is your fears and how much you value yourself, which really boils down to; not living your values.

Here are 2 questions for you to reveal your yeah-buts around money:

  1. I’m not financially free, because:
  2. I’d love to have more money, but:

You can use “because” and “but” for exposing your limiting beliefs for any situation. If you would like to talk to me about your yeah-buts – click here – life is short, jump in the game and go for what you really want…it’s never too late.



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