How To Achieve Any Goal You Set

I believe we all want happiness in our lives.

I believe we all want love, friendship, and financial abundance.

And I believe that many of us want to have fun, experience adventure, learn, and live an inspired life.


The details look different for everyone, but the common goals we all have, well, they’re pretty basic.


So why aren’t more people living their dream?


Conventional thinking will tell you to set S.M.A.R.T. goals —specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.


 Seriously? Blah, blah, blah.


Don’t get me wrong. Goals are very important.


In fact, we need to have goals in life.

We need to set intentions to live intentionally.

We are hard-wired to grow, and goals motivate us to continue learning and growing.


The problem is, most people go about setting goals all wrong.

And they ultimately fail because of it.

Just think about the last New Year’s resolution you made (that time of year is creeping up again) and you’ll know what I mean.


 The ONLY Goal Worth Setting Is A Heart-Based Goal


I bet 99% of my clients that have debt tell me that their #1 goal is to get out of debt.

It’s a good goal, but it isn’t heart-based. It’s an action step.

The better question is, ‘What will paying off that debt give you the time, money or freedom to do?’

Your answer is a goal worth setting!


You see, that’s where SMART goals fall short – they’re only part of the equation. It’s a great system, but you need a solid foundation in which to build your goals upon so that you achieve them.


And I don’t care what your current situation is, you absolutely can achieve any goal you set your heart to!



How to Set Heart-Based Goals


 The only goal that you’ll achieve is one that your heart is invested in. Sure, some crazy maniacal people (the top 1% of type A personality types) reach every goal they set from pure willpower and determination alone, but most of us aren’t built that way.


For us regular folk, we need to feel connected —heart and soul— to the kind of life we want to live in order to invest ourselves in creating it.


This is what keeps up moving forward when the going gets tough. Because make no mistake, you will be challenged when you declare you’re going after something you really want. It’s part of the process that will help you grow and become the person that has everything you want out of life.


After all, if it was super easy, everyone would have what they want.


But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard either. Consider it a labor of love.


The 3 things you must know to achieve your heart-based goals:


 #1 – You must set goals based on what matters to you.

What are your values? What are your driving needs? What do you care about? What’s important to you?


When you set a goal, tap into your dreams and set intentions for what you really want to create in your life. And make sure it gets you fired up and excited … and it scares you just a little.


Financial goals are all well and good too, just be sure you’re clear on WHY you want to reach that target. Because it’s never about the money —it’s about how the money will fuel your lifestyle.


#2 – You must upgrade your mindset.

The instant you set that goal, you inner voice will chime in with all the reason that you can’t be, have, or do that. Having a healthy money mindset is critical to your success.


It’s usually some B.S. story you are clinging to —an old mindset tape replaying over and over again— and it’s a lie. And it doesn’t serve you.


Fill your head with the good stuff. Read stories of people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Use affirmations. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up.


 #3 – Get support, be accountable.

Nothing great was ever achieved alone. And having big dreams can be scary.


Get a friend or a goal buddy for support and accountability. Someone that is going to encourage you and keep your feet to the fire (the one you just set by the way) and remind you of why you’re going after this dream.


If you know you haven’t been able to get there on your own, hire a coach to help you with a strategy to reach your goals and shift your mindset. Sometimes that one thing can make all the difference to your success.


And above all, have fun. Seriously, if it isn’t going to be fun for you, why bother?


New LifeYou CAN live your dreams right now.

You don’t have to wait until the stars aligned.

Or everything is perfect.

Or debt is paid off.

Or your proverbial ducks have all lined up!


Life is too short to wait. And you’re much too SMART for that.


Much love!

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