Achieved Our Goals!

We had a goal in mind when starting to work with Shari. Our goal was achieved, but the route to get there was not what we expected. Shari helped us develop better communication, habits and processes to help us perform better in business and in life. She was compassionate, patient, and encouraging. I can’t wait to work with her again.

~Amy Ferris

Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!

Your coaching was one of the best things I’ve ever done to move me to greater success in my business. It helped me set goals and get out to the right meetings to interact with just the right people. The beauty of support and focus! Thanks so much.

~Rob D.

Life impacting!

When I started with Shari I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. I was depleted emotionally, was out of touch with my own desires and needed a huge kick start.

Although Shari is a money coach that was not my focus as I am a good saver and budgeter with no debts. However I had limiting beliefs about money and wanted to grow my business.

By the end of the three months I had clarified my values, come up with some goals and actually started to want things for myself. I was treating myself better, facing fears, and meeting some big goals. Five months after finishing I feel like a new person. I have made many new friends, found romance, boosted my income, become fitter and happier and more. There is no way I could have done this by myself reading books.

Shari held me accountable, called me out on self limiting thoughts and encouraged me to dream bigger. I think this work will have a lasting impact on my life.


I’m Stepping Up!

I’d like to give a shout out to this amazing woman. I met Shari Molchan at NWBN and after attending best keep secrets I knew I wanted to work with her. I had hit a plateau and wanted to grow. Shari has been an amazing coach and I’ve had a lot of shifts in my business and my life ❤️ I’m truly grateful for what you do and helping me step up in my life and business.

Benny Martin / Epicure Director

My marriage is strengthened…

“Shari is a confidence building force that empowers each and everyone she connects with.

Her relatable, open and sharing ways make one comfortable right away. She really just gets it, all of it.

No judging or shaming, just solutions, and the ability to keep clients moving onward and upward.

Shari truly changed our lives, by helping us see money and debt differently, thus helping us help us.

This also changed our relationship, as money is at the route of much conflict in many of us.

Reluctantly sending a two line inquiry email to her in the wee hours one night was a pivotal moment.

Believe in yourself and call Shari.” ~ Leana P. 

I am worth it!

“I had the privilege of attending an event where Shari spoke.   As soon as she started talking I knew that she was the reason I attended that particular event. 

When I signed up with Shari I had no idea how much encouragement I was going to need to get out of a bad space in my life.  She coached me with encouragement and gave me clear boundaries. 

This has helped me go forward and know that I can be independently wealthy if I just keep my eye focused on what I need to do and where I am going.  Thank you Shari!” ~ Cheryl B

I am more positive & focused…

“I signed up for Shari’s coaching program after I heard her speak at a women’s group and decided to seek her assistance because I had become very frustrated in managing my finances.

I’m pleased to say that I received much more value from her coaching than just budgeting strategies and financial tracking.

She helped me understand how my values, attitudes, goals and objectives directly impact my financial habits and financial success.

Through this understanding I now have a more positive, focused approach to managing my money. Now I too can say ‘Money. Yeah, I do that’.” ~ M.S.

I figured out what was holding me back…

“I was feeling frustrated in my business and noticed I had some limiting beliefs around creating abundance. 

I was ready for change and knew I wanted to improve my relationship with money.

Shari’s 3 month coaching process  helped me pinpoint and understand where I was holding myself back , and how to bring more consciousness to how I spoke and to take charge of my thoughts…

Bringing consciousness to how I spoke about myself my abilities and my limiting money beliefs made me realize I was in my own way….

Committing to a weekly 3 mos plan really gave  time and energy for Shari to get to know me.  

She is highly knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive, she deeply listens and asked the right questions to help bring forward what was  in my way….I quickly realized the only thing in my way is myself and my mindset. 

Yes 3 months with Shari and your mind will get restructured into believing and speaking from a place of yes I am worthy and I am capable. 

Shari becomes your cheerleader , holding space for you to see your greatness. 

The more time I spent with Shari I really started to see my value and get excited again about my potential in business and life. 

My dreams came alive again and my confidence expanded.  Getting a grip on my money matters helped me get focused , to have the confidence to move forward in a big way and it prepared me to feel ready to take my business to the next level

Thank you Shari for being part of my expansion and showing me that money matters, matter…. It feels fantastic to feel confident in this area, taking full responsibility for my life and future.

In Gratitude.” ~ Lisa 

My life is unbelievably amazing!

“I can still remember the first day I met with Shari. I was nervous about telling someone about my debt. I felt like a failure.

Well I can still remember the first thing Shari said to me “It’s not about the money”.

I was scratching my head thinking…huh? What is she talking about? It’s about the money as I have debt up to my ear lobes.

As I started to work with her, money was definitely part of the conversation but we really started to focus on my career and goals.

I started to think about what made me happy or made my heart “sing”. 

I started to look at my life as a whole and not just focusing on the money aspect.

Well let’s just say I quit my current job and went back to school for my dream job. I feel like a kid in the candy store again!

I also have starting to work on getting rid of my debt. Shari made me realize that my debt is manageable. It’s hard work but if you want it you will succeed.

I think one of the most positive and powerful skills I learned from Shari were to be positive and grateful. “Be Grateful”.

I have a book beside my bed and every morning I wake up and right down what I was grateful about the day before. It really makes you think that life is actually pretty amazing.

Actually unbelievably amazing. Thank you for everything Shari. You changed my life!”~ WS

My Money Story doesn’t hold me back anymore!

“When I listened to Shari Molchan speak at a women’s business event on the sunshine coast I was in a place in my career where I knew that I had a great idea but also had realized that my money story was holding me back. 

Shari Molchan’s program led me step-by-step through my self-limiting beliefs and habits, help me realize what I needed to change, and gave me a systematic process for getting financially back on track.

What I appreciated the most and found the most beneficial was learning about being accountable. There were no excuses … With Shari Molchan, things got done.” ~ Kim Kingston

Self love and self care are the most important thing!

“When I first came to Shari I was in debt and very fearful of not being able to get myself out.

I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I had many doubts which still creep up now and then.

I was newly single for 3 years and I didn’t have any direction as to where I was going and I was extremely afraid about that.

Shari made it easy, she treated me as an individual person and she was so welcoming and compassionate… and so right from the start I knew it was going to get better.

Today I don’t feel quite the same about money. I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending.

It is ok for it to be my turn. I feel better about myself and that I am an okay person just the way I am. I all round feel better about myself- well most of the time – and I know that even at 72 I can dream, set goals and have fun.”  ~ Pat Toye

My confidence has sky-rocketed!

“When I first came to Shari I was not sure if I was making the right decision, but that changed fast.

She taught me how to separate my business and my personal numbers. It went beyond the numbers though – I now have more confidence to actually see my future.

She brought out what was already in me (dreams and passions) and I now have the confidence to go for it….I’m the boss of me, no more wishy washy decisions around money and when I write things out – it cements it! I am now more more relaxed and less stressed about money!

Thank you Shari.” ~ Ida

I not only know my numbers… I rock at it! 

“The problem I had with money before coming to Shari was the fact that I was quite unorganized.

I didn’t know my numbers; I didn’t know the cause of my spending habits. I now know that my habits were a direct correlation with when I was bored and when I’m feeling down. I discovered that I am an emotional spender.

Shari organized me by introducing me to Quicken Cash Manager which tracks my spending and shows me my numbers. That has been a big eye opener and helped me tremendously.

Through this she’s taught me the value of a dollar which makes me think before I spend. What impressed me most about working with Shari was her genuine interest in me as a person.

She is very kind, compassionate, a genuine person and I felt safe opening up to her regarding my personal and business life. She wasn’t judgemental at all which I have to say meant a great deal to me. I truly felt I could trust her to help me make some important life decisions. 

What I’ve learned by working with Shari is that I know have incorporated into my life are the organization skills regarding knowing my numbers. I am regularly on Quicken, and have had more self-control when it comes to shopping.

I now want to save for what’s really important to me instead of spending a few dollars here and there for instant gratification. I’m still working on finding my passion is since I know being the job I have now is just a job.

But once again like she taught me, I am thankful for this steady job since it is taking care of the rent and bills. Shari became more than a coach, she became a friend. ~ Tami

For the first time in my adult life, financially anxiety free!

“My spouse and I met Shari at a women’s support event and life hasn’t been the same since.

I would have never thought that such a casual meeting would have such a beneficial and profound effect on our lives.

Even though we were making good money we were clearly not doing a good job looking after our finances.

Living from payday to payday was causing a lot of anxiety for both of us. We agreed that we needed to hook up with someone like Shari who could walk us through our finances but I kept putting it off.

I didn’t want to have my spending wings clipped and I thought that was exactly what was going to happen. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

After getting some coaching with Shari, I am, for the first time in my adult life, financially anxiety free!

I am beyond thrilled to finally have some tools to help me.

Shari Molchan is amazing and she truly makes dealing with your money fun!

Our debt load is quickly dropping, we almost have all our credit cards paid off and best of all we have money in our checking and savings accounts. Thank you.” ~ Gemma

I finally realized that if I COULD have done this myself, I already would have!

“Hiring Shari as a coach I have experienced a big shift in how I feel about my finances, and LIFE.

I came to her exhausted, feeling stuck, and tired of “figuring it all out myself”!

I now have experienced tremendous RELIEF that all the financial muddiness in my life is getting clear.

Shari’s coaching program is much deeper than that, though – it is about living the life you want – not just talking about it.

Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life – she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says “you can do this”.

We may all “know” this in our heads, but unless you are LIVING what you “know”, well – you don’t really know it.

I finally realized that if I COULD have done this myself, I already would have, but by getting Shari’s help I am learning what my blind spots are that kept cropping up, and now with Shari’s insight I am learning to see around them – consistently.

That is the beauty of an ongoing program – Shari is there when the initial excitement of change is over and has really helped me install the discipline to succeed at “money”.

That is also the beauty of momentum, it gets more and bigger results with time.

I am so grateful I signed on with Shari, and know this will be the money program that will change how I “do” money forever, so I really can turn some of my ‘wishes’ into goals, and my LIFE.” ~ Dawn

I am now open to unlimited possibilities!

“Shari has so much to offer women in relation to their view and handling of money, I needed to take a serious look at the role money played in my life.

She came in to my life at a time when I was getting really worried about ‘retirement’.

I had just turned 65 and discovered that my pension was not going to be sufficient.

Shari helped me to ask myself some hard questions about my relationship to money.

Since then I have been able to look at my circumstances differently and seriously consider options that before working with her, I would have had no consideration.

I am now looking forward in life and taking steps right now to improve my financial status.” ~Susan D.

I have the power to believe!

“Over the last couple years, I had been through a divorce and was in terrible debt and felt like I was falling deeper into a hole day by day.

Shari was my guardian angel. She opened my eyes to a new way of life.

Within a couple of months Shari had me on the right track. I was able to clear up most of my debt in a short period of time with the help of her knowledge and experience.

I didn’t stop there though…I was also trying to get a small business going that just seemed to be in a rut. I wanted to quit my day job and pursue my passion.

Shari was there again to help me. She has given me so much inspiration, excitement, and knowledge.

She taught me about goals and values and Shari also instilled in me the power to believe…to believe in myself as a person, and as a business woman.

I now feel that I have control over my life and that I can do anything I want to do. Thank You Shari.” ~ Lena

Traditional Financial Planning wasn’t working for us…

“My husband and I felt like there was a gap between how our financial institution was guiding us with plans like retirement, our monthly cash flow and other money issues- whether it was personal or business.

We felt like we were being fit into a box that didn’t consider our individual details and specific needs. We have a large family and a business we are investing lots of time in so we can expand.

Shari helped us set realistic goals to improve cash flow and grow our business. It was simple, effective and most important, it was fun.

I loved the entire process and one highlight for me was exploring the money beliefs. ..Incredibly powerful!

A lot of choices make sense when you understand this concept.

I love playing with Shari’s ideas of making money fun.

We continue to implement what we have learned.

When you leave you will find yourself saying, “Money, yeah I do that!” ~ Rhonda

Tapped into my freedom…

“By helping me align my goals, my values, and my passion, Shari has given me a priceless gift that will last forever. Thank you Shari.” ~ A.R.

Who knew a spending plan would be so fun!

“The power of budgeting! I had never realized the importance of a budget and avoided ever having one until I learned that budgeting can be liberating instead of restrictive!

While budgeting has been a huge challenge for me, the support was there from Shari when I needed it.” ~ L.K

Kick-ass Coaching (with a hug) Yes! 

“As I worked with Shari she was there for me.

I felt comfortable emailing her with questions any time.

She offered excellent advice, guidance, and accountability tools that I found very useful to keep me in focus, disciplined and creating action.

Her direct and ‘to the point’ manner enabled me to bring clarity to my business and the steps that needed to be done. Thank you Shari.” ~ S.M.

Priceless empowerment…

“Thank you so much Shari for helping us with advice over these past few years.

You are the only financial person we’ve talked to who has made us want to do things/attain goals and feel excited about it – and not overwhelmed.

You have helped us to clarify our goals and focus our energy to reaching them! Using a vision board and writing our goals down made them seem more real and attainable.

We appreciate your positive attitude and reminder to stay on track to keep reaching the next goal.” ~ Jeff & Michelle

My experience with Shari has been life changing!

“I had been standing in the way of my own success for so long, it had become a bad habit.

Shari showed me there was a way, my way!

I set personal, financial and business goals to build my business and I met and exceeded them before my goal date!

Shari helped me keep my motivation moving forward and challenged me to be my best. I can now say I strive to be excellent!” ~ Lesley