Top 3 Limiting Money Beliefs & How to Ditch em!

When it comes to attracting either more money or having more success, I’ve found what is really stopping us from living our dreams is limiting beliefs. Unknowingly (in most cases) we allow our fears and doubts to sabotage our success. And one thing I know for sure is that our beliefs are blueprints for our reality.

In simple terms… “Your attitude towards money is enthusiastically creating your financial reality.”   tweet-this-button

This mindset includes all your beliefs, values and experiences you’ve had so far… the good, the bad and the ugly!

When you uncover your money beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you want, then you can break old patterns and replace them with empowering, bold statements towards your success!

The greatest part of all this is that you can change how you think and feel about money. And when you do… Your relationship with money and your finances will transform, you will be tuning into your deepest desires and wishes and tapping into your grit; sometimes even overnight!

Your grit is your passion, perseverance and courage to go for your dreams! Now I know that digging in the past and bringing up ‘old stuff’ can be tricky, some of those money memories may have been painful. But it’s so vital to change and create the future that you want.

Are you are ready to stop settling in your life and ready to stop making the same mistakes over and over again that are keeping you stuck?

Excellent, so let me share with you my top 3 disempowering beliefs that show up the most. You may see yourself in these, and if you do then re-read the empowering belief to counteract and overwrite the limiting belief. This will strengthen your money grit and you’ll be in control of your finances and your life!

1. Money isn’t really that important. It’s just money.

This is a big one because it implies that you don’t take money seriously. It’s not one of your top priorities and so it’s probably why you haven’t reached some of your goals. You don’t need to be a math genius to handle your money matters and build wealth. It really is not rocket science stuff! You can do it with a dose of common sense, the willingness to change and do it a little differently and of course a little self-control. (It’s easy…not to worry!)

Replace it with this caring belief:

“Money is important and a priority in my life so I can make the choices I need to achieve my goals.”

2. I’m not very good with money.

I hear this one way too often. It assumes that it’s too late for you and that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick! I call BS on this one. Our Belief System (B.S.) is a funny creature. You see, beliefs are not necessarily based on what’s true or factual in the world. They are formed based on what we’ve heard, observed, or have been taught, and they have tremendous power over the quality (and reality!) of your entire life. Don’t let old excuses stop you from learning more about money. There are thousands of books, seminars, and videos to educate you… and of course me! (I’ll help you too!)

Replace it with this caring belief:

“I can take small steps every day to learn about money and use it to live the life I really want.”

3. It’s selfish to want a lot of money.

This belief comes within a place inside of you that hasn’t mastered this area of your life yet, an underlying belief (usually unconscious) thinking that you don’t need a lot of money. Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences with snobby rich people and therefore you sabotage your dreams because you don’t want to be like them. It might sound hard to believe but this is very real for some people.

Money was created as an exchange method for the value of traded goods; it’s an expression of value. If you have a lot of money that means that you have created a lot of value, for other people. Money is neutral, it has no meaning until we use it. The simple truth is that money represents the value you create for other people.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“The money that I earn represents the value I have created for others.”   tweet-this-button

believeOkay now let’s look at your beliefs around money. You may have some great ones that are working for you, countered by some that may be limiting you. It’s time to get some relief around this…right now! Let me ask you this; what does money mean to you?

Complete the following sentences:

Money is ______.

Money means for me ______.

You can expose those limiting beliefs by answering these two questions;

1. I’m don’t have money freedom right now because ___________.

2. I’d love to have more money, but ___________.

You can use “because” and “but” for exposing your limiting beliefs for any situation. Try making up your own sentence that represents your current situation. As an example; “I am not making enough money in my business because ______.”

Once you answer this, come up with a counter caring belief and repeat it to yourself 5-10 times a day. Life has taught me that we all create our own luck through our personal beliefs and attitudes.

The most influential part of our mindset and our money grit is the beliefs we hold true.

Get working on those limiting beliefs and take control! If you would like to have a strategy session with me to break through to your dreams: Click Here





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