Beautiful Sunrise at Two Coves Resort

 Seeking highly motivated women ready to breakthrough and live their dreams because true abundance is not something we acquire…

it’s something we tune into.

I would like to invite you to join me at ‘Two Coves Resort’ on November 17-19 for a life changing weekend.


Are you ready to make different – more empowering choices in your life?

This is for you.


Do you want to have more money to buy or do the things you love? Ready to eliminate any old money mantras and beliefs?

This for you. 


Let this be the day you decide to take action and ignite your dreams.


Jump start Jan 1st. No need to make resolutions, you are already on fire and going strong towards all your dreams.


If you’re nodding your head … YES! … that would be fantastic, I want you to really lovingly look at this. ♥


I’ll bet you have a lot of abundance in your life right now that you’re very grateful for.

If you have a daily gratitude routine, then you know what I mean! ♥


You may even be pretty darn happy with most of your life, but you feel there’s something missing. It’s perfectly okay to want more than what you have!


You see where you are right now in your life is the result of all the choices you’ve made so far. Have you made some mistakes…sure. Have you made some bad choices… absolutely.


The promise of the future is an awesome force. But some let the past pull them back like gravity and keep them stuck. We should look back for experience, but look forward for inspiration.


 And I will be so bold to quote the great Jim Rohn…

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree. You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life—and it all begins with your very own power of choice.”


But sometimes we don’t do what we intuitively know what to do.


Why? A lot of it has to do with our actions not being in alignment with our core values. For some of us, we bury them to ‘survive’. I get it – all too well!


We’re caught up in the day-to-day survival … and small gaps between where we are now and what we desire, grow larger and larger and the kicker is, we don’t even see it until it blocks our view.


My bold guess about you is that deep inside, you know what I’m talking about it. ♥


It takes courage to get honest about our behaviours, our past patterns, challenges, and change old stories, I know firsthand! (read my story below)

But it’s so worth it!


In fact, I stand up and applaud your courage and willingness to change, and if you decide to join me, I can’t wait to guide you closer to your dreams! ♥


Two Coves Resort is a beautiful, safe, loving space for you to tap into your current abundance and rekindle your dreams…  and by Sunday afternoon you’ll have a clear why, what and when action plan towards your dreams.


We start on Friday evening with a big campfire and a deep learning exercise to open your heart for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday you will be designing and planning your own personal path of improvement, experience and success. By Sunday you’ll have a well-developed sense of;

“I CAN do this!… I’ve GOT this!”


Why a workshop – retreat?

We are hard-wired to be connected with others – it’s in our DNA! Being vulnerable in a safe group setting will create opportunities we wouldn’t have seen on our own… that’s where the magic happens! ♥  










 At this Workshop/Retreat:

  • You will take control and activate your own personal power and be in charge of your life! You’ll define your ‘big picture’, your ‘big why‘, challenge your comfort zone, accept your reality and be in control of your willingness to change. I’ll show you exactly how to do that!


  • Uncover and empower your mindset by tapping into your personal values, eliminate any limiting beliefs, getting to the core reason why you may be standing in your way.


  • Identify your Passion & Purpose. What are your unique strengths? Why are you here? this is your unlimited source of self-motivation.


  • You have the power to create the life of your dreams, no matter what your current circumstances are. You’ve always had this power, it’s time to add the essential mindset to that power so you can live the life you deserve.


  • Set a clear vision of what success looks like to you in all areas of your life; financial, career, relationships and health.  Inspiration is the promise of the future, along with the reasons why. You can get through the most difficult day, overcome the most unbelievable challenges if you have enough reasons. This will put you into a new direction in your life. You’ll do some core planning and define exactly what you want.


  • Dreams and goals can become magnets in your life. The stronger the goal, the higher the purpose, and tuned into your passion… the stronger the magnet that will pull you through the hard times. Self-esteem and confidence are the ultimate motivators.


  • A goal without action is just wishful thinking. When you are in the zone, with a strategic action plan. you become unstoppable. Being unstoppable means giving yourself permission to set goals that cause you to stretch into new territory of possibility, to leap past fear and to honor your commitment to yourself out of love and respect for YOU being the amazing, magnificent woman that you are.


  • Bonus: Learn a Daily Yoga Grounding / Meditation / Breathing exercises to support your new path.


  • Bonus: ME, coaching and supporting your journey! I have a cherished gift of intuitiveness and inspiration to lead you to your dreams. (Clients pay me over $1000 to have that kind of access to me ♥)


No matter your own personal reason for coming to the retreat my advice to you is this; when you invest in yourself – first – and learn the skills to master ‘you’ … it will always pay off and change your bank balance drastically! ♥


You will leave on Sunday with your vision and dreams ignited! But even more important, you’ll have a strategic plan, and a new found confidence that will change your life. 


My Story;

At 40 years old, yes it took me that long 😉 … I opened my heart – tapped into MY inner bad-ass (with some help from some pretty bad-ass mentors!) and decided that I was no longer going to be a victim of my circumstances and proceeded to massively change my life. 


I had failed at 2 marriages… looking for love in all the wrong places… Hint: had to start with a mirror!


At that time SECURITY and taking care of my 2 teenage boys was my #1 priority! 


I was barely surviving at that point, robbing Peter to pay Paul (I got pretty good at it – BUT stressful!) 


Well those ladies taught me a thing or three about life, money, relationships, business and that the #1 priority in my life had to be me


Well to say the least – this was a huge mindset shift for me. I was a master at blaming others and could give you an arm’s length of excuses of why I didn’t have money, shitty relationships, overweight, stressed…and on and on…


I woke up to a new reality, one that saw me landing a management position (security!) making more money, lost weight, ate better, spent more time with my kids, made new friends and for the first time…followed my hearts desires. I tapped into ‘Shari’ and what she wanted, set goals and achieved them…it was pretty cool! 


I think had been on ‘survival mode’ since I was about 6 or 7 years old, and I lived and survived with an unconscious legacy of beliefs that had been passed down through the generations. But not anymore… I broke that chain and created my own reality and stories that made me feel fantastic!


3 years later I left that secure JOB when the company sold and the new owners were not a match for my values, ethics and morals and started my own business.


Scare the shite out of you… absolutely! But I thrived… and what got me through it to create a kickass life (on my terms)? The tools that woke me up out of my 40-year coma! The fantastic thing is… Once you learn something, it’s pretty damn impossible to unlearn it.   


My success has been my ‘GRIT’ – courage, hard work, failing and getting back up, perseverance and a conviction to not go back to the gal I had left behind.


I like to say that my destiny came from my own mess.


You are not destined to suffer, or not have enough money to ‘fund your fun’ (travel and golf for me!😉), or any negative, self-defeating belief.


It’s a myth…. Change is possible.


When you remove and debunk all the stories, beliefs and excuses that are not working for you…


CHANGE is inescapable!


This is a powerful workshop that I wished I had attended in my 20’s! As you read in my story, when I was at my biggest scariest crossroad, mentors and self – improvement courses changed my life.


I made the decision to invest in myself and put me – first- has paid off in so many ways, in my relationships, career and financially. I will share the core tools and strategies that you need to change your life and live your dreams.


Step into your potential and live the life you’ve imagined. 


Listen to your inner voice. It knows the truth.


You don’t have to struggle with money or any area of your life. This is not just another ‘self-help’ course, I care too much about helping you!


So, shut down that voice that’s keeping you from your dreams and listen to my voice


“You got this, those dreams that you have, they can and will happen, when you believe and tap into the reasons why and go for it!”


This is your chance to feel abundant and grateful instead of struggling and frustrated. ♥ Will you take it?


At the beautiful private: Two Coves Resort, we are going to have some fun. This weekend will be a game changer for you.


Check out this quick video I made with Megan Fleming… the owner of Two Coves Resort…. ♥


Here’s all the details:

Date: Nov 17-19, 2017


Location: Two Coves Resort, Yellowpoint Rd, Ladysmith BC Vancouver Island


Google Map Location


Tuition: $497

Which includes…

  • Shared accommodations – 3 cabins: 3 to 4 per cabin
  • Separate bedrooms available – (1st come basis)
  • Main Meals are included (catered from Coco’s Cafe in Cedar!)
  • Vegan & gluten-free options available


Maximum 10 ladies

** Why not do this with a friend or 2 friends and have a cabin to yourself!  … priceless support! ♥ **

Includes: Workbook / Vision Board

The retreat will begin on Friday evening at 7:30 pm with an opening circle and finish up on Sunday early afternoon.

You can arrive any time after 4 pm to soak in the beauty of the place, and settle in.

There will be appies (maybe a little wine too 😉 ) served Friday evening at 6:00pm.


Morning Grounding / Meditation / Relaxation to start our day:


I’ve been invited by Shari to be a part of this retreat to provide you with a grounded and centered beginning to each day and providing you with supportive practices to assist your integration of new awareness that blossoms over the weekend.


My focus will be to facilitate the creation of inner space within your heart and mind in which you will be able to plant the seeds of the new choices made throughout your experience of this retreat. I will do this with the application of one simple message:


Love who you are, Be what you choose, Here where you find yourself.


We will be discussing what I mean by this phrase and how we can integrate it into our lives and allow our beautiful expression to shine strongly. Then from there, I will be introducing the powerful yet simple set of practices that you can use to support yourself as you introduce changes into your life. We will be together for about an hour and a half each morning.


My name is Tyler Vaughan, my focus is to help you bring your loving heart out to the forefront of your expression and shine brightly. I have been educated in Classical Ashtanga Yoga though my teachers here in Canada, in my travels to India, and teaching for about 8 years. Through my own exploration of the many universal concepts discussed in Yoga science and theory I have embarked on a journey of the blossoming of love in all hearts.


I am grateful to be able to serve your journey; providing support for whatever brought you to this retreat. May it lead to your greater health, happiness and prosperity!

Approximate Schedule: subject to change

4: 00 – 5:30 pm – arrive and settle into your shared accommodation
6:00pm – appies and wine
7:30pm to 9:30pm – Introduction, campfire (weather permitting!) and evening session


7:30 am – Guided Meditation and Relaxation with Tyler

9 am – Breakfast

10 am – 8 pm (workshop sessions, meals and time to relax and rejuvenate)


7:30 am – Guided Meditation and Relaxation with Tyler

9 am – Breakfast

10 am – 2 pm (workshop sessions, meals and closing circle)


The best gift I can give you is the gift of my self-development to help you live a higher extraordinary life! ♥

I look forward to seeing you soon.




If you would like to have a conversation and talk to me more about this weekend – CLICK HERE



Two Coves Resort is a beautiful place to have a retreat. It’s a family owned and operated 40 Acre resort in the heart of Yellow Point. All the cottages are different and have their own beautiful views right on the water. It’s a magical property. There is a special place on the point where one can get into a meditation and ask what they want in life. Many lives have changed. – here are some pictures from Megan Fleming – the Owner of past retreats… ♥






What women are saying about Shari
When I listened to Shari Molchan speak at a women’s business event on the Sunshine Coast I was in a place in my career where I knew that I had a great idea but also had realized that my money story was holding me back.
Shari’s coaching program led me step-by-step through my self-limiting beliefs and habits, helping me realize what I needed to change, and gave me a systematic process for getting financially back on track and building the business of my dreams.

What I appreciated the most and found the most beneficial was the accountability that Shari held me to. There were no excuses … With Shari Molchan, things got done!

“The problem I had with money before coming to Shari was the fact that I was quite unorganized. I didn’t know my numbers; I didn’t know the cause of my spending habits. I discovered that I’m an emotional spender. That’s been a big eye opener and helped me tremendously. What impressed me most about working with Shari was her genuine interest in me as a person.”
“When I came to Shari I was in debt and fearful of not being able to get myself on track. I didn’t feel good about myself and I had many doubts. I was newly single after a 40 year marriage. no direction and extremely afraid about that. After working with Shari, I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending. I feel better about myself and at 72 years young I’m dreaming, setting goals and having fun!”

Pat T.
“I was divorced, in terrible debt and falling deeper into a hole day by day. Shari was my guardian angel. She opened my eyes to a new way of life. Within 2 months she had me on the right track. I cleared up most of my debt in a very short period of time. I now can set goals, clear on my values and she instilled in me the power to believe. I now in control of my life and believe that I can do anything I want to do.”
“Hiring Shari as a coach has shifted how I feel about my finances, and my LIFE. I was exhausted, stuck, and tired of “figuring it all out myself”. I’m now relieved that all the money muddiness in my life is getting clear. She goes deep – it’s about living the life you want – not just talking about it. Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life – she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says ‘you can do this’.”
Dawn M.