Your dreams are waiting for you

Nothing plays a greater role in your success than the thoughts you choose to think. Your 1st step is to define your dream, specifically the end result, in every imaginable detail.

I'm calling you out to step-up and be the red-hot leader of your life without guilt or apologies or sacrifice.❤

Thriving is your default setting – not surviving 😘

To master your thoughts and imagination, and ultimately your life and destiny, you first must master their Captain – your beliefs… and have the courage to dream. 

You are the artist who never sleeps, continually yet unconsciously rearranging the images on your life’s canvas with brush strokes of thoughts.

I’ve helped women transform the most important relationships in their lives… including their relationships with time, money, and self-talk. 
I’ve guided women to boldly step into their badass visions because for the first time, they have radical self-acceptance of their past, present and future.

Where are you muting or apologizing in your life?


If time, money or support 

were not an obstacle… 

what would you 

be excited to do 

and create?

For over 15 years, I’ve been helping women to express and own their unique brilliance, essence, and impact so they can be in soulful energized service to what they love and what matters.

I create a safe place for women to grow and learn and be supported. You are leader of your life (and your business). If you feel like you’ve been flying by the seat of my pants in one or both areas, this is for you. You’ll tear down any walls around your heart that you’ve built to protect yourself from flawed belief systems that aren’t serving you, and learn how to stop energy-zapping negative self-talk.  

It’s time to radiate confidence and magnetism. Be fully aligned in your integrity, dreams, and actions so you can lead your life from your strengths and your essence. You know exactly who you are to your core of your being and walk the earth with unshakable faith in yourself. 

No more settling, hiding or indecision. You’ll trust yourself 100%. From your wounds we’ll unlock your superpowers. Together we will connect the dots between your passion and purpose to give you clarity around the bigger role and contribution you are here to make. 

No more stories about that make you suffer, no more comparisons and feeling of inadequacy. Self-love and self-care move from being just a concept to a lifestyle. You’ll have heart resiliency and emotional agility no matter what life brings to you, tapping into your inner warrior badass, who goes after the life that she wants, unapologetically! 

Join me on June 4th for new work/play-shop "Unapologetic Living"

This is a full day ‘LIVE’ Workshop – 9 am to 5 pm. in Nanaimo, BC  

(am coffee & light snack and lunch is included along with a wine and tapas celebration after)

Limited seats, so if you’re in – please email me here – Registration is opening soon!

Here are the six transformational phases covered in the program to activate your self-leadership, infinite possibilities, alignment, and inspiration.

* Life is magical * You are powerful *

Everyone can succeed – no matter whom, no matter what! 


The Power Of Your Thoughts

Thought become things is the starting point for creating any type of change. You don’t have to be positive 24/7 to have a happy successful life. Learn how to practice a creative visualization exercise every day. 


How To Take Action

For creating major life changes, taking action is mandatory. You don’t have to know ‘HOW’ your dream will come true. By taking action, you are creating possibilities – infinite possibilities!


Your Hidden Belief Systems

Your beliefs hide behind you opinions about life, people, happiness, etc. Your beliefs shape your thoughts, and therefore your life. You can change your beliefs by changing your thoughts, words and actions.


Listening To Your Instincts and Hunches

Instincts and hunches come from your spiritual ‘higher self’. Your dreams and desires are windows into the future. We all have inner senses that guide us.


Understanding Your Emotions

Your emotions are the product of your beliefs and perceptions. Emotions are life’s feedback system. Unpleasant emotions can point to limiting beliefs about certain situations.




Having Faith In The Magical Universe

Faith means having confidence in something that you cannot see. 


If you have the desire to…

  • create change in some area of your life
  •  get unstuck from repeating the same self-sabotaging habits and telling the same old story
  • want to feel more present able able to roll with (and enjoy!) life’s wild ride
  • infuse yourself with positivity, inspiration, and like-minded people vs monotony, drama and toxic influences
  • bring your work, project, voice and impact to an audience or community
  • shed the winter coat of inadequacy that has kept you bundled up in the fear of not being good enough
  • worry less and play more often
  • connect to embody more purpose and passion in your life
  • and once and for all ditch the stories and excuses that have been keeping you small?
Perfect! You’ll be in the right spot! I know for myself – when I did this work 22 years ago, it literally changed my life. I was no longer a victim of my circumstances. I learned how to take my life back – dream big – follow through – and believe that the universe had my back, as long as I knew what I wanted and took some action towards my goals. If I can overcome my (seemingly not-doable) challenges at the time… so can you. And the best part, I know how to fast – track those results for you now! Let’s do this! ❤ 

This will be a game-changing – life altering day for you and me! 

I love being your Badass Leader… “I love my life!”

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