I’ve been a Money Coach, Speaker and Workshop facilitator in my financial planning business for 15+ years now. 

In my 25 years as a Financial Advisor I watched people give up on their dreams, and basically sabotage and quit trying to get ahead. 

That broke my heart and I knew what was behind it…

We all have a money story, either consciously or unconsciously that’s giving us the results we have in our lives right now.

I watched people settle for a life of default and shrink their dreams to match their current reality. They had a crappy relationship with money… but, I knew it wasn’t their fault.

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This pain was all to familiar to me. 10 years earlier in 1999, I was introduced to personal development courses and had a mentor help me change my relationship with money from ‘barely surviving’ after divorce #2, to thriving – physically – mentally and financially.

And if I could do it, start with nothing – well a lot of debt and surviving, to thriving in my life – so could others! I’m so grateful because without a doubt, I know, that I wouldn’t be living the same life as I do now.

Money Momentum is my signature course that I have taught in live workshops and with my coaching clients.

It kickstarts your confidence and strengthens your relationship with money.

It’s basic money strategies and easy tools to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck where you are.

Money Momentum Begins With The 1st Step

My Signature Money Momentum Course is all digital, waiting for you. Each module comes with exercises and I personally accompany you through each module with video instruction.

There are 3 Modules and 3 Bonus Modules for you to go through at your own pace. I am also available by email if you get stuck. Even though this is a do-it-yourself program, I won’t leave you stuck, that’s a promise.

Here's What you Will Receive In My Signature Program

Module One - Step One 

Identify Your Personal Core Values 

These are extremely important because this is what drives you on a conscious and subconscious level. 

In this module you’ll learn:

How to attract more money into your life, you need to feel good about it. You feel good about things when they are in alignment with your values

You’ll discover your foundational core values – the things that make you most come alive! 

Use your personal core values to select friendships, relationships, or business partnerships. 

Your core values  help you wisely manage your personal resources such as time and money

Module Two - Step Two

Breakthrough Limiting Money Beliefs

Our Beliefs are not necessarily based on what’s true or factual in the world… but they are the building blocks of your Mindset. They are based on what you’ve heard, observed, or been taught, and they have tremendous power over the quality of your entire life. 

In this module you’ll:

Identify the money beliefs that you’ve formed throughout your entire life – all of ‘em! Delve deep into how you can create more wealth & abundance for yourself – by DEMOLISHING the limited beliefs keeping you stuck. 

Identify which habits and beliefs around money you need to keep (the good ones) and lose the ones that don’t support your success, happiness and financial freedom. 

Module Three - Step Three

Know Your Numbers & track your progress towards your dreams!

If your the kind of person who has an ‘eyes-wide-shut’ approach to finances, then this Module alone will change your life! 

No more finger crossing or saying 3 hail Mary’s at the checkout, when you hand your credit or debit card to the cashier!

This module will help you gain control of your money once and for all! 

Module 3 is the 'game-changer' for every single client!

No more (delusionally) convincing yourself everything’s going to be “alright” and no more shivers up your spine every time your phone rings or you get another bill in the mail! (I lived that way for years!) 

This where you will GET REAL CLEAR (no more ‘ostriching’ looking at your numbers!) You’ll discover EXACTLY where your money is going every month – and how you can get the most bang for your buck, painlessly. 

The CORE foundation of sound money management is that you Know Your Numbers. Learn how EASY and PAINLESS it is to Budget (planned spending) and discover that simple budgeting is the answer to financial freedom.

Once you have it built, life is easier and you will be able to say… “Money, yeah I do that!”

 I’ve also included simple tips and techniques that will wake you up from your money-coma & give youawareness around your own spending habits so you can KEEP more of your hard-earned cash! Change your relationship with your MONEY… forever!

Bonus #1

Like most everything in life, your response to money is largely dictated by your personality...and every single action you take dictates your bottom line.

Ever left your shopping bags in the car so that you can sneak the new shoes in later, when your significant other’s not home? You’re not alone, 80% of couples keep secrets from the other about money! You’ll get clear how your money personality is CRUCIAL to financial bliss. (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

💲 UNCOVER your personal money personality – this may really surprise you (& help bring a lot of other stuff to light!)

💲 UNDERSTAND what being a Spender, Saver, Giver or Builder means and how it shapes your approach to spending, saving & investing

💲 You’ll be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your partner so when working together on your finances, you’ll understand each other’s goals and approach, which makes financial conversations and decision-making that much smoother and more productive.

Bonus #2

Ever wake up at 3 am and start thinking about your money situation (usually it's not good), worrying about your finances?

Knowing the simple rules of Credit and Debt will get you tucked in and sleeping soundly.

In this module:

💳 I’m going to show you a fast, easy way to eliminate your debt.

💳 You’ll learn about different kinds of debt, how debt works and why it matters to you!

Most people (like me) didn’t have a lesson about debt other than;“Don’t spend more than you make, and always pay off your credit card each month.” Sound advice, that won’t be a challenge for you because you will build a ‘spending plan’ (in Module 3 😉)

Bonus #3

Investing your hard earned money to help fund your future dreams is a major financial step for most people (other than their home).

But what and where – is the best fit for you? ‘ll give you the basics of investing and give you additional sources of income ideas to help you build your wealth.

In this Module:

💰 Discover simple wealth building tips and techniques that will wake you up from your money-coma & give you awareness around your own spending habits so you can KEEP more of your hard-earned cash

💰 Learn some of the different investment choices that are available in the marketplace.

💰 I’ll give you the 4 Steps you need to take before you invest.

💰 You’ll have some alternative income sources and ideas that can be used to lessen the risk of living on a single income. (You just may find the money you need to live your dreams!)

Hear what others have to say:

In my over 25 years as a Financial Advisor and Money Relationship Coach, I know there is a BIG disconnect between people’s finances and their relationship with money. (I’ve seen pretty much every scenario you can think of!)

I could relate all to well. Having been a single mother of 2 boys, I didn’t have it easy. At one point I even had to go on welfare (very humbling), but I had to do what I had to do to survive with my kids.

No Banks would give me a credit card, (which in hindsight was a good thing as I wasn’t ready for one!) and I had to carry the abysmal shame of not being able to provide nice new things for my kids children like their friends were getting. It was embarrassing and there was a lot of guilt.

But I didn’t let this time of financial despair destroy me. I was definitely a damsel-in-distress, but I didn’t sit around, twiddling my thumbs & waiting for my ‘prince’ to save me.

I realized I had to get this money stuff under control and no one was coming to save me. I needed to be my own ‘Prince Charming’ if I ever wanted true financial security. I started learning and reading personal development books and audio programs. I got myself a mentor/coach to work with (because when you are in the picture – you can’t see the frame! 😉), and with her guidance, everything came to light.

I learned the same mind-blowing, simple, but seriously effective strategies I’m going to teach and share with you in this Money Momentum Program. I (admittedly begrudgingly at first) dove into my money wounds, and all the other negative beliefs… I never even knew I had. And…? My world shifted (in an unbelievable way!) just like my clients experiences!

Bonus… working in the financial services industry has been invaluable for me! I am immersed in the very field that I needed the most help in. But to date, the biggest, most transformative lesson I’ve learned, was HOW to quit making excuses & stop neglecting myself. This was my lightbulb moment.

I discovered I AM my most important investment. And of course, I got a practical education in money management, too. So, when the coinage started rushing in, I knew what to do it with, when and WHY. In short: I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I know it will work for you too.

I’ve pulled together everything I teach my 1:1 clients and workshop participants into easy-to-use downloadable worksheets along with video instruction. I give you all the information and tools that you will need and teach you the skills to create sustainable change for your future – right now!

I’ve made this program affordable for you, so there’s no excuses! 😘

Ready to jump in? I can’t wait to see you inside Money Momentum and be your mentor!

Shari ❤

Get immediate access to everything you need to start to get your money stuff figured out, quickly and easily!

Your Investment in You - FREE for a LIMITED TIME!

You Have Questions?


Just doing the Money Personality Quiz can give you major ah-ha’s in 10 minutes!

Many clients have also found doing the money beliefs exercises, a total game changer that knocks them off their feet to how a simple thought pattern has been stopping them from getting what they want… and that alone has changed their lives!

To get accurate results about your monthly cashflow (KYN), you’ll need to track your money for about 3 months. But I’ll give you fast easy ways to do that! 

In a nutshell, yes! Most people let life happen to them. They might have short bursts of focus as they work toward a specific goal, like buying a house or getting married. But for the most part, they don’t design every aspect of their life. It’s not something we’re told or taught to think about and so we grow up not knowing exactly how to do it. The Money Momentum Program will help you get in touch with what YOU really want (not your parents, neighbors, kids, co-workers, etc., think you should want).

Many clients have also found doing the money beliefs exercises, a total game changer that knocks them off their feet to how a simple thought pattern has been stopping them from getting what they want… and that alone has changed their lives!

To get accurate results about your monthly cashflow (KYN), you’ll need to track your money for about 3 months. But I’ll give you fast easy ways to do that!

 DON’T WORRY!  l give you an easy-to-use, step-by-step system to build your vision piece by piece.

Each module comes with a video lesson from me, and email support if you need it. 😉


You could, and I do recommend having them as a part of your team, but beware. Most planners and coaching systems make a fatal error – they focus only the top priority you select. There’s nothing wrong in achieving a goal that’s important to you, such as doubling your revenue. But if you don’t learn how to keep the rest of your life in balance, you’ll end up dissatisfied, unhappy, and paying the price in other areas of your life.


If your life isn’t “perfect” (as you define it) in every way, yes, you do need the training. The results you’ve achieved so far are the product of your knowledge, skills, and actions to date. If you want to do better, you need to learn how to do life better. The Money Momentum Program will show you how to turn your vision of the perfect life into a reality.

The Money Momentum Program delivers a step-by-step system. You learn the right steps to take – and the right order in which to take them. It goes deeper then traditional Financial Planning (‘In the Box Ideas’ ) and takes an inside -out approach to your success with building a strong CORE foundation to consistently produce the results you want. You’ll discover how to get those results in all areas of your life – and why this balanced approach is essential for your long-term and continual health, wealth and happiness.