It’s time for a change. Your change. A commitment to change.

6 women over 6 weeks, breaking through their barriers to create the business they desire.

Are you one of them?

One thing I know for sure, (because it’s true for me and most of my clients!) is that it’s real easy to resist and avoid the baggage (aka work) that comes with change. We’ll put it off until we get tired of running into the same problems over and over again!

Can you relate?

This isn’t an ordinary mastermind program. I’m going to put you firmly in the seat of what you need to do (unapologetically!). I take a realistic, no excuses approach that will empower everything you are to step up to what your future dream holds for you.

No amount of skills or accomplishments will bring you success if you’re constantly apologizing, self-doubting, and self-sabotaging. You’ll continue to lack income, lack clients and work yourself into the ground for little return.

I have a tough-love, BS-free, honest, no-nonsense approach that moves your past self-imposed limits, or shortcomings.

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I had the privilege of participating in Shari Molchan’s ‘Life Out Loud’ Mastermind and WOW what an incredible experience to elevate and grow and push past limiting beliefs and dreams even bigger than I thought possible. The BEST gift of being an entrepreneur has been the personal growth as it ripples into every area of my life. This mastermind has blown the socks off my business and personal goals in ways I never expected. It has been a support and structure to take life to the next level. I’m so extremely grateful for this opportunity. I may be in business for myself by not by myself

Benny Martin


Epicure Director

In just 6 short weeks, you’ll tap into your unapologetic, empowered self.


Shatter everything that’s holding you back from the success you’re meant for and get on the path of empowerment, confidence and success…unapologetically!

I’m going to challenge you to level-up your life and business with measurable and tangible actions. It’s my kick-ass super results formula that works! 


I want you to be the change-maker you need to be!

You will not be the same after this 6-week program.

So, the choice is yours.

Stop going around in circles with stress, anxiety, inertia, lack of confidence, lack of self worth, not charging enough, working too hard, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, lack of regular income, disconnected form your business, lack of direction, accountability, and knowledge!

It’s time to open up your vault of ideas that you’ve been dreaming about and start taking action to make them a reality.

When I decided to sign up for Shari’s Mastermind, I have to admit I felt a little overwhelmed and though it was going to be another thing on my list that I had to do. I was dead wrong. I realized that I was building my business alone and I didn’t realize that I was missing out on support, connection and amazing resources. I now have a group of amazing, talented entrepreneurs in my back pocket that challenge and inspire me with a loyalty and commitment I have not experienced before. If you are a woman, and entrepreneur, and want to grow your business you must attend Shari’s next Mastermind — It will change your life, I promise.

It’s time to choose how you’ll invest the next 6 weeks. Will you spiral further into the black hole of burnout and confusion or walk purposefully down a proven path of success with me!

“If I can do it – so can you! 7 years ago, I was struggling with what ‘next steps’ to take in my business. I knew I had to make some changes yet I was stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to get past my sabotaging mindset and was unable to figure it out on my own. I took a leap of faith and signed up for a 6-month Mastermind! I’d never invested in this type of program before, but if I kept doing the same things, I’d keep getting the same results. I was ready for massive change (and a shift in my thinking) and committed to the next 6 months. I knew I had some learning to do and that I needed high touch support to help me. The results were life changing. My coaching business took off and I doubled my income in the first 12 months. My leap of faith worked. And to be honest, I was in awe of how this transformation in my business and income also significantly rippled into my personal life.” – Shari xo


Prior to working with Shari and her Mastermind I felt alone on my entrepreneurial journey. I felt like I couldn’t celebrate with anyone and was just on my own grinding away while I was craving connection and companionship but wasn’t willing to sacrifice my vision to do so. Since connecting with Shari and her mastermind I’ve been able to feel free to express my extreme excitement for what I’m building! I have people every week I can check in with that are building something they love too and its not at the suffering of their life its truly a full picture of success, mind body and soul. Its so refreshing to be around people who are going for it full tilt and aren’t willing to accept excuses just keep moving forward. I love Shari always challenges us to see bigger… her famous line is “are you sure that’s enough” which continually rings in my mind between calls as we go to dream, build, and be more than we ever thought possible. If you’ve never been a part of a mastermind, you have to start NOW! We’re a reflection of the people we spend time with, get your butt around Shari and her tribe, you’ll be better because of it!

Here are the biggest benefits that both my clients and myself have experienced…

Time to work ON your business. Re-focus, re-align, and create an inspiring vision and powerful action plan!

You can have excuses or results…but you can’t have both.


Why Join?

You are going to quickly realize the power of connection.

Those dreams you thought weren’t possible because everyone around you said so… well screw them – you can do it, and anything is possible!

I’m ready to help you unapologetically stand in your vision and make those dreams a reality! Let’s go!

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