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So You Can Finally Have The Best Year You’ve EVER Had…!

Welcome to my ‘Life Out Loud’ Business Accelerator Mastermind Group!

An intimate group of 5 participants, lead by me ❤

Smart, driven women, helping each other to be the best they can be!

Together for 8 weeks of focused attention towards your own awesome personal and business goals.


Accelerator Mastermind Group – Application



  1. You will know your real value in the marketplace, understand self-sabotaging habits and discover ways to change that pattern to be successful.

  2. One of the biggest keys to my business and personal success is ‘sisterhood’. Having an inner circle of supportive women who are like – hearted and understand the path of entrepreneurship and what it’s like to be an ambitious woman, juggling all the hats that we each wear on a daily basis, is critical to reaching new heights in your business growth.

  3. The freedom to do what you want professionally and personally. Move beyond the stories and excuses that keep you small or limited.

  4. Expedite your skills, overcome obstacles and fuel opportunities

  5. Get to network and meet great people that are like-minded, and have already gone through some of the things you are facing (and they have your answers too!).


It’s truly an investment in the success and alignment of your business.

What’s the real cost associated with not taking the time for you to work ON your business to re-focus, re-align, and create an inspiring vision and powerful action plan?

  • How much money could you be leaving on the table?

  • How many opportunities could you be costing yourself by continuing to operate on autopilot in your own comfort zone?

  • How much more of an impact could you be having if people could actually find you and be clear about what you do and why it’s for them?

  • How much time do you waste because you’re feeling overwhelmed about your business or unclear about where your energy is best focused?

The real cost associated with a mastermind is NOT doing it. Ultimately, a mastermind is a tax write-off and an investment in the longevity and success in your business, and also in your own success and fulfillment.

As a business owner, YOU are the most valuable resource because you’re what keeps the wheels turning.


Being part of this Mastermind will result in a new and improved way of thinking, relating and being in your business.


You can have excuses or results…but you can’t have both.


  • Accountability – Go beyond your current level of ability – you’re ready to ramp it up – stating your goals to the group means they’ll check in with you to see if you’ve accomplished them. Or maybe accountability to you is knowing that the group has your back.

  • Camaraderie – Connection – Championing – Cheerleaders.

  • New perspective to move you forward.

  • Encouragement and a ‘high’ after meetings.

  • The simple act of putting your situation into words inspires solutions (in fact we can talk our way to the answer 😉 – often the best solutions come from you while explaining your challenges to others)..Talking about your struggles helps you feel less alone (everyone is dealing with ‘something’).

  • Gain confidence about difficult situations (you’ll get feedback, guidance and support).

  • Your results are multiplied – It’s true many minds are better than one!

  • Members bring their life and professional experiences and they care about your success – they want to see you push through to the next big thing!

  • Members have built their lists of vendors, resources and connections over time – their network is your network.

  • Brainstorming and problem solving.

  • As a female entrepreneur and CEO of YOU, Inc., you are your most valuable resource and this mastermind may be the life-changing experience that you can carry with you for years to come, both professionally and personally. ❤


Prior to working with Shari and her Life Out Loud Mastermind I felt alone on my entrepreneurial journey. I felt like I couldn’t celebrate with anyone, and was just on my own grinding away while I was craving connection and companionship but wasn’t willing to sacrifice my vision to do so. Since connecting with Shari and her mastermind I’ve been able to feel free to express my extreme excitement for what I’m building! I have people every week I can check in with that are building something they love too and its not at the suffering of their life its truly a full picture of success, mind body and soul. Its so refreshing to be around people who are going for it full tilt and aren’t willing to accept excuses just keep moving forward. I love Shari always challenges us to see bigger… her famous line is “are you sure that’s enough” which continually rings in my mind between calls as we go to dream, build, and be more than we ever thought possible. If you’ve never been a part of a mastermind you have to start NOW! Were a reflection of the people we spend time with, get your butt around Shari and her tribe, you’ll be better because of it! ~ Shanda Wright /Wright To Choose Business Consulting


The ‘Life Out Loud’ Business Accelerator Mastermind is only for those people willing to do the following:



You’re ready to learn better habits and have the right mindset that supports your success. You may be feeling a little isolated as a small business owner. In fact you may even feel like you’ve settled and your dreams are dying inside of you. That feeling of ‘being alone’ while running your business is gone.


Go way beyond what you think you are capable of and see how ‘playing it safe’ has been stifling your life and maybe your business. But you’re ready to have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for support and accountability.


Everyone in the Mastermind is unique in skill, experience and connections. You’ll pinpoint exactly what you need to plan, and have access to new  strategies to make it happen with the confidence in yourself and your abilities. You are ready for a change and take a leap of faith.


I’m going to introduce you to a 5 Step Profit Formula that will allow you to instantly out-think, out-market, and out-sell your competition. I’ll show you how to dominate your market! You’ll learn the secrets to both on-line and offline marketing so you can generate all the leads your business can handle and close as many sales as you want.

When I decided to sign up for Shari’s Master Class I have to admit I felt a little overwhelmed and though it was going to be another thing on my list that I had to do. I was dead wrong. I realized that I was building my business alone and I didn’t realize that I was missing out on support, connection and amazing resources. I now have a group of amazing, talented entrepreneurs in my back pocket that challenge and inspire me with a loyalty and commitment I have not experienced before. If you are a women, and entrepreneur, and want to grow your business you must attend Shari’s next Masterclass — It will change your life, I promise.    ~Amy Todd, Todd Communications


You’re ready to kick-ass and create the next evolution in your business. You’ll quickly realize the power of connection. The things you thought were not possible because everyone around you said so, you’ll realize you can do it and that anything is possible! You’re ready for those dreams to come true.

I had the privilege of participating in Shari Molchan’s ‘Life Out Loud’ Mastermind and WOW what an incredible experience to elevate and grow and push past limiting beliefs and dreams even bigger than I thought possible. The BEST gift of being an entrepreneur has been the personal growth as it ripples into every area of my life. This mastermind has blown the socks off my business and personal goals in ways I never expected. It has been a support and structure to take life to the next level. I’m so extremely grateful for this opportunity. I may be in business for myself by not by myself 🥰~Benny Martin, Epicure Director

If this feels like a fit for you, then I would love to have you!

Next Mastermind Information: 

  • Date: Next Business Mastermind: TBA

  • Tuition: 2 payments of $495

  • Max 5 participants – Non-Competing Businesses

  • Bonus: 2 Personal one on One Coaching Calls with me

  • 8 Weekly Virtual Group sessions (via Zoom) – (90 min) – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

  • Private Facebook Page for questions, feedback, accountability and support

I am taking applications now!

Please click on link below and I’ll contact you… ♥

 Accelerator Business Mastermind