This Intimate Mastermind will help you to strengthen your business while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from that next level of success!

Welcome to my new ‘Life Out Loud’ Mastermind Group!

An intimate group of 6 participants, lead by me

Smart, driven people, helping each other to be the best they can be!

Together for 8 weeks of focused attention towards your own awesome personal and business goals.

 Mastermind Group – Application


  1. You will know your real value in the marketplace, understand self-sabotaging habits and discover ways to change that pattern to be successful.
  2. Have a solid actionable plan / vision / mission / focus that you are excited and inspired about – you’re ready to kick ass!
  3. The freedom to do what you want professionally and personally. Move beyond the stories and excuses that keep you small or limited.
  4. Expedite your skills, overcome obstacles and fuel opportunities
  5. Get to network and meet great people that are like-minded, and have already gone through some of the things you are facing (and they have your answers too!).


  • Accountability – Go beyond your current level of ability – you’re ready to ramp it up – stating your goals to the group means they’ll check in with you to see if you’ve accomplished them.
  • Camaraderie – Connection – Championing – Cheerleaders
  • New ideas
  • Encouragement and high after meetings
  • The simple act of putting your situation into words inspires solutions (in fact we can talk our way to the answer 😉 – often the best solutions come from you while explaining your challenges to others.)
  • Talking about your struggles helps you feel less alone (everyone is dealing with ‘something’)
  • Gain confidence about difficult situations (you’ll get feedback, guidance and support)
  • Your results are multiplied – It’s true many minds are better than one!
  • Members bring their life and professional experiences – they are people who care about your success – they want to see you push through to the next big thing!
  • Members have built their lists of vendors, resources and connections over time – their network is your network.
  • brainstorming and problem solving

The ‘Life Out Loud’ Mastermind is only for those people willing to do the following:


You’re ready to learn better habits and have the right mindset that supports your success. You may be feeling a little isolated as a small business owner. In fact you may even feel like you’ve settled and your dreams are dying inside of you. That feeling of ‘being alone’ while running your business is gone.


Go way beyond what you think you are capable of and see how ‘playing it safe’ has been stifling your life and maybe your business. But you’re ready to have a community of like-minded fellow entrepreneurs for support and accountability.


Everyone in the Mastermind is unique in skill, experience and connections. You’ll pinpoint exactly what you need to plan, and have access to new  strategies to make it happen with the confidence in yourself and your abilities.You are ready for a change and take a leap of faith.


I’m going to introduce you to a 5 Step Profit Formula that will allow you to instantly out-think, out-market, and out-sell your competition. I’ll show you how to dominate your market! You’ll learn the secrets to both on-line and offline marketing so you can generate all the leads your business can handle and close as many sales as you want.


You’re ready to kick-ass and create the next evolution in your business. You’ll quickly realize the power of connection. The things you thought were not possible because everyone around you said so, you’ll realize you can do it and that anything is possible! You’re ready for those dreams to come true.

If this feels like a fit for you, then I would love to have you!

Next Mastermind Information: 

  • Date: NEW MASTERMIND STARTING: January 7, 2020
  • Tuition: $997
  • Max 6 participants
  • Bonus: 2 Personal one on One Coaching Calls with me
  • Bonus: Access to my new On-line E-Learning Marketing Program
  • 8 Virtual Group sessions (via Zoom) – (75 min) – 7:30 am to 8:45 am
  • Private Facebook Page for questions, feedback, accountability and support

I am taking applications now! Please fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll contact you… ♥

 Mastermind Group – Application

Much love!