This workshop/retreat is for women entrepreneurs who want to:


* Feel more confident and less overwhelmed to face new and unique challenges.


* Have a better work-life balance and reconnect to the benefits that inspired you to start your business in the first place!


* Take the weekend away from the day to day and work ON your business and focus on what could be for your business, not just what should be.


* Ready to be spoiled at a World Class Spa on Vancouver Island!


* Be inspired by the speakers who are living ‘Life Out Loud’ in their businesses.


* And best of all… spend quality time with women who completely get you.  Experience the joy of being around people you’ve just met who understand you in a way your closest friends and family members do not.  


This is my Life Out Loud community where you will develop a whole new support network of ‘Business Besties’! 😘

close-up.Education Conference and Presentation Audience at the conference hall

What Do You Want To Accomplish this year?

Are you sooo ready to level up your business?

Do you have a to-do list filled with personal development and business growth but just need the right environment and mentors to get it done?

What should you walk away with after the Retreat?

After this short 'work-cation' retreat you will experience new life in your business!

You will have not only a ramped up vision for your business, but also you will have worked on, (and have) a clearer game plan of next steps.

I see too many women who are struggling and are unable to get off the hamster wheel and leave the daily grind. They lack the belief that a bigger life could actually unfold through a more organic and kind path. 

At Life Out Loud we embrace small steps to big goals but sometimes it’s time for a bigger leap.

Joining us at this women’s retreat can create that breakthrough over just couple of days and save you efforts and money as you stop struggling with old thought patterns and beliefs that might be holding you back.


Ready for to have some ‘ME’ time, to have fun and laugh out loud?


Want to be surrounded by like-minded women who understand and ‘get’ it?


Looking for a clear vision and focus in your work that is meaningful to you?


Ready to ditch and move beyond the stories that are  keeping you small or limited?


You KNOW you add value to your clients and make a significant difference!

An investment in this workshop/retreat, is an investment in YOU and YOUR business.

Enjoy a First Class Experience

There will be a ‘Welcome Cocktail Reception’ on Friday Night

Breakfast and Lunch are included on Saturday and Sunday 

And we will have a Gala ‘Life Out Loud’ Dinner Celebration on Saturday

Relax and recharge

The Hotel is located on a Beautiful Beachside Setting (reserve your room right on the beach!)

Enjoy a World Class Spa … your Life Out Loud Retreat includes a Hydropath Spa Experience!

A Swag Bag full of amazing gifts for you!

Inspirational Speakers

These Incredible Women are exemplifying living ‘LIFE OUT LOUD’!!

They all have overcome blocks in their businesses and they will each share what and how they did to live ‘Life Out Loud’ in their business and personal lives. 

Each speaker will have a mini-workshop in their session sharing their tips, secrets and strategies that have moved the needle for them; both professionally and personally!  

So buckle up because it is going to be a fun and inspirational ride! You’ll walk away with goals, a vision, new ideas and a plan to start making changes or taking action on a great idea that was shared…right away! 

HOST ~~ Shari Molchan ~~ Live -Hot-Seat Business Coaching ~~ from the Stage (Saturday and Sunday)!

Karen Mason ~~Emcee ❤ ~~ Passion, Beauty, Wit and A seasoned Entrepreneur!

Laurel Karjala ~~ Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity ~~ Sometimes you just have to play around and see what happens

Benny Martin ~~ Life By Design vs Default... Thoughts Become Things ~~ How I changed my mindset and changed my life!

Shanda Wright ~~ How I paid off $100k of debt in 3 years to be able to design the financial freedom I wanted in my business and personal life.

Alice Bracegirdle ~~ Will ground us in our bodies each morning with 45 min of body lovin', heart opening, soul soothing movement, designed for you, the woman who is ready to live life out loud!

Jada Bohmer ~~ Journaling and Aromatherapy to Manifest Your Dreams. ~~ If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, healthy, influential, and unique woman, keep a journal—don’t trust your memory!

Tracy Makarenko ~~ Transforming Time What if you could add more time where you need it? What if you could slow it down or stop it? Manipulating time is possible, but first you need to clear the patterns or issues that are blocking you. Together, we are going to integrate a New Operating System around time; healing and transforming any issues so you can thrive.

Robyn Unwin ~~ Use the Power of Video to Live YOUR Life Out Loud. Robyn is a media trainer and video branding coach who helps her clients feel confident in front of the camera and learn secrets to creating beautifully branded videos. Take your business to the next level with the power of your smart phone!


Date: Fall  2020

Limited to 30 Ladies Only 




Early Bird 2 Pay 

$399 x 2 

Early Bird Full Pay 


Here's what's included:


* Pre and Post Coaching Session

with Shari Molchan! (over $500 value!) 

* A Hydropath Spa Experience

($100 value!) 

* Gala Reception 

* Breakfast & Lunch (Saturday & Sunday)

* Gala Dinner Celebration (Saturday)

* Amazing Beautiful Swag Bag

(with over $300 of gifts!) 

Rooms are not included

Please call the Kingfisher Spa & Hotel  at 1-800-663-7929 for Group Rates  (Mention Life Out Loud Retreat) If you would like to share a room and you are a single, please let us know and we can hook you up!

Oceanview Standard Room (2 beds)                                                $160

Ocean Courtyard Room (2 beds)                                                       $225

Beachfront Suite (2 beds)                                                                   $235

Denman Suite (3 beds)                                                                       $350


What Can You Expect?

* To be inspired and make massive mindset shifts in your business and personal lives




2:45 pm to 4:30 pm – Hydropath Spa Sessions

5:30 to 7 pm – Meet & Greet in the Aqua Bistro


7 am – Join fitness icon, Alice Bracegirdle for 45 minutes of body lovin’, heart opening, soul soothing movement, designed for you, the woman who is ready to live life out loud!

8 am to 9 am – Breakfast
10 am to 4 pm – Speaker Workshops
4:30 to 6:30 pm – Hydropath Spa Sessions
7:45 to 10 pm – Gala Dinner

7 am – Body lovin’, heart opening, soul soothing movement with Alice 

8 am to 9 am – Breakfast
10 am to 4 pm – Speaker Workshops

4 pm to 5 pm Goodbye  and reveal of location of  next one – May 2021! 

Why Am I Hosting This?

* My dream is to enhance and build a community of female entrepreneurs with in-person connection, along side a mix of work and play.


* There is a pre-conceived notion that the hustle is all work and no play… not in my world!


* We’ll make the hustle happier and more fun so we can improve all aspects of our lives to live ‘Life Out Loud’!


* And best of all…to give all of you access to the knowledge and experience of women in business like you, and peers and mentors whom you may never have come across otherwise!


There’s no time like right now to ‘Step-Up’ and live your ‘Life Out Loud’!

Join me and a group of amazing women for a weekend of learning and fun!



Is the Hotel included in my registration?

No, I wanted to keep the cost down, so please bring a friend and share a room, if you are coming on your own and are willing to share – please book room and I will hook you up with someone else wanting to share too! 


Are all my meals covered?

Yes! Gala reception on Friday – appetizers then a Light Breakfast, Lunch and Gala Dinner Saturday and Light Breakfast and Lunch Sunday.


Do I need to come Friday night or can I show up Saturday morning?

You’ll want to come Friday afternoon to take advantage of the Hydropath Spa and there is a welcome reception (appetizers Included) and Alice’s Body-Loving sessions will be at 7 am on Saturday and Sunday to get us tuned in for the day (she is amazing!)

(The HydroPath Spa Sessions will be split between Friday afternoon and Saturday to accommodate all of us.)



  Here’s more about Shari and 

       her own ‘Life Out Loud’ journey…

Shari has always known that she was meant to be a leader and role model to help empower women to live their dreams. Having grown up losing both her natural parents through divorces, and the oldest of 3, she had to grow up fast and be strong for her younger siblings.

Married at age 18 (the first time), divorced at 23 with a 2 and 4 year old… she had to put her big girl panties on real fast! Marriage #2 didn’t work out either but at 39 yrs old, she got lucky. She worked with a single mom, who was living her life out loud… $100K+ income, own home, nice car and clothes. She mentored her for 2 years; introduced her to Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and many other self-development programs. To say her life changed is understatement – she blossomed! 

Working as a financial advisor, she saw first hand how most people did not have an education when it came to money – (including herself!). Shari took the entrepreneur leap in 2005 and left the company to run her own business that matched her ethics and values.

There is a BIG missing piece in education around money for women (and men) so she started a group called the ‘Diva Club’; to educate and empower their knowledge of Insurance, Investments, Accounting – anything ‘financial’. The 2nd hour was self-care; from wine and beer tasting to pole dancing to makeup to how to make fancy appetizers. You have to have fun too! (one of her biggest values!) 

In 2009 Shari hosted her own Workshops, Seminars and started Coaching.  Now, 15+ years as a successful entrepreneur, Shari works with small business owners, coaching them on their relationship and mindset around money, business, life… hell, sometimes even marriage! Her biggest obsession is to help women to stop playing small, to live their lives out loud with no excuses, no regrets, on purpose, with passion. 

Shari hit the self-love switch at 39 yrs old. Whether your in your 20’s or 70’s, your age or story to date doesn’t matter; it’s never too late to start, tomorrow isn’t written, and the beautiful thing is that YOU get to design it! 

This is her dream come true, empowering women through her workshops, retreats and new ‘Life Out Loud ‘Adventures!

Shari is one-part inspiration and one-part ‘kick-ass’ with a huge hug and lots of love! ❤  Watch our world!    

At 58 years young with 5 grand kids… she’s just getting going!