Are you going to stay stuck and settle?


How much longer are you willing to wait?  

Waiting might be keeping you safe, but it’s also keeping you stuck.


It’s time to SAY what you want – BE what you want – and HAVE what you want.


It’s time to live in a reality where your passion overpowers your fear.


Be prepared. The way you look at your life or business, will never be the same. (in a good way! 😘)


Will you have the same experiences and results that my clients and I have had?

Yes! Get out of those weeds of surviving.


Only you can decide to change your life

Take the plunge, you are not alone.

I’ve got your back ❤

Here is some gratitude from some clients (I'm very grateful for them too! )

“Your coaching was one of the best things I’ve ever done to move me to greater success in my business. It helped me set goals and get out to the right meetings to interact with just the right people. The beauty of support and focus! Thanks so much.”~Rob D.

“We had a goal in mind when starting to work with Shari. Our goal was achieved, but the route to get there was not what we expected. Shari helped us develop better communication, habits and processes to help us perform better in business and in life. She was compassionate, patient, and encouraging. I can’t wait to work with her again.”~Amy Ferris

“I was feeling frustrated in my business and noticed I had some limiting beliefs around creating abundance. I was ready for change and knew I wanted to improve my relationship with money. Shari’s 3 month coaching process  helped me pinpoint and understand where I was holding myself back , and how to bring more consciousness to how I spoke and to take charge of my thoughts…Bringing consciousness to how I spoke about myself my abilities and my limiting money beliefs made me realize I was in my own way….Committing to a weekly 3 mos plan really gave  time and energy for Shari to get to know me.  She is highly knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive, she deeply listens and asked the right questions to help bring forward what was  in my way….I quickly realized the only thing in my way is myself and my mindset. Yes 3 months with Shari and your mind will get restructured into believing and speaking from a place of yes I am worthy and I am capable. Shari becomes your cheerleader , holding space for you to see your greatness. The more time I spent with Shari I really started to see my value and get excited again about my potential in business and life. My dreams came alive again and my confidence expanded.  Getting a grip on my money matters helped me get focused , to have the confidence to move forward in a big way and it prepared me to feel ready to take my business to the next level. Thank you Shari for being part of my expansion and showing me that money matters, matter…. It feels fantastic to feel confident in this area, taking full responsibility for my life and future.In Gratitude.” ~Lisa 

I’d like to give a shout out to this amazing woman. I met Shari at NWBN and after attending best keep secrets I knew I wanted to work with her. I had hit a plateau and wanted to grow. Shari has been an amazing coach and I’ve had a lot of shifts in my business and my life ❤️ I’m truly grateful for what you do and helping me step up in my life and business.~Benny Martin 

When I started with Shari I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. I was depleted emotionally, was out of touch with my own desires and needed a huge kick-start. Although Shari is a money coach that was not my focus as I am a good saver and budgeter with no debts. However I had limiting beliefs about money and wanted to grow my business. By the end of the three months I had clarified my values, come up with some goals and actually started to want things for myself. I was treating myself better, facing fears, and meeting some big goals. Five months after finishing I feel like a new person. I have made many new friends, found romance, boosted my income, become fitter and happier and more. There is no way I could have done this by myself reading books. Shari held me accountable, called me out on self-limiting thoughts and encouraged me to dream bigger. I think this work will have a lasting impact on my life.”~T.S.

“I signed up for Shari’s coaching program after I heard her speak at a women’s group and decided to seek her assistance because I had become very frustrated in managing my finances. I’m pleased to say that I received much more value from her coaching than just budgeting strategies and financial tracking. She helped me understand how my values, attitudes, goals and objectives directly impact my financial habits and financial success. Through this understanding I now have a more positive, focused approach to managing my money. Now I too can say ‘Money. Yeah, I do that’.” ~ M.S.

“I had the privilege of attending an event where Shari spoke.   As soon as she started talking I knew that she was the reason I attended that particular event. When I signed up with Shari I had no idea how much encouragement I was going to need to get out of a bad space in my life.  She coached me with encouragement and gave me clear boundaries. This has helped me go forward and know that I can be independently wealthy if I just keep my eye focused on what I need to do and where I am going.  Thank you Shari!” ~ Cheryl B