How's your confidence when it comes to Money

The subject of money has been such a taboo subject in so many people’s lives that they are neither confident or unconfident.

They are just friggin trying to survive and settling for what they got.

Do they want more, or have some dreams that have been shelved…YES!

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  

I’ve been money coaching and holding workshops in my financial planning business for 14+ years now. I saw too many people not going for their dreams, and giving up (or sabotaging) their future plans.

What was behind it?

We all have a money story, either consciously or unconsciously that’s giving us the results we have in our lives right now. It broke my heart to see smart women and men, play small, give up or just quit believing that things could be different. They had settled for a life of default and shrunk their dreams to match their current reality. They had a crappy relationship with money… but it wasn’t their fault.

I knew this pain all to well, because if my mentors hadn’t come into my life 20+ years ago, I doubt, no I know, that I wouldn’t be living the same life as I do now.

I am begging you, if you are making excuses or telling yourself an old outdated story about ‘WHY’ you are where you are – and it’s not where you want to be or thought you would be financially, read on!

I was on the path of giving up after divorce #2, a mountain of debt, no direction, and definitely a scarcity relationship with money.

The only ‘plan’ I had – money or otherwise – was survival. I had 2 teenage boys that needed shelter and food.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any relationship to money other than a necessity to live. 

But I got lucky. I had a mentor take me by the hand and teach me about money, my beliefs, my values and how to dream and set goals.

My life was never the same.

Being in an industry that basically sold financial products, I saw the need that so many people (like me) had never been taught the basics.

And so my journey began…


I’m on a mission and my rebel yell is ‘Live Your Life Out Loud!’

Which means that it’s time to ditch the excuses and stories that are keeping you from your dreams. 

Dive into your purpose and passion that makes you feel alive and excited about your life! 

It’s my commitment to make a difference to help others have a life without limits and live their life by design…not default.

Life is short, it makes my heart ache when I lose a friend or family member or hear anyone go too soon with the magic still inside of them.

I don’t want that to be you. ❤

You CAN change your relationship with money and I am going to help you.

Money Momentum is my signature course that I have taught in live workshops and with my coaching clients. It is going to help you kickstart your confidence, learn some strategies, give you some easy tools and help you breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck where you are.

I’m going to teach you what you need to do to move the needle in your life towards actually living your dreams!

(I’ve included many of my clients stories on this page, it’s been a game changer!)

I’m going to help you break down old subconscious beliefs to free you from any guilt or shame that you may be experiencing with money and your finances.

You deserve and were meant to be happy, money is just a tool.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

~Maya Angelou

YOU will know better, YOU will do better, and YOU will live your life by design!

I’m helping you smash down the old walls, that have kept you settled in a ‘mediocre’ existence with money.

I can guarantee that my ‘Core Foundational Signature Program…will ripple into all areas of your life! That’s the cool bonus to it all! 


Money Momentum Begins With The 1st Step

My Signature Money Momentum Course is all digital, waiting for you. Each module comes with exercises and I personally accompany you through on video.

There are 3 Modules and 3 Bonus Modules for you to go through at your own pace. I highly recommend you go through each in sequence and I am also available by email if you get stuck. Even though this is a do-it-yourself program, I won’t leave you stuck, that’s a promise.

Does this sound familiar?

Of course, you know that budgeting and goal setting are keys to having a better relationship with money…

But you haven’t been able to stick to a plan, you keep sabotaging it. 

You’ve tried different money programs and working with your partner to come up with a plan…

But you don’t consistently follow through and money talks become money shouts!

You know saving money is important for emergencies and big-ticket purchases  ie: home, car, vacations…

But there always seems to be more month than money, you’re maybe one paycheck away from financial despair, and that scares the crap out of you!

The gap between where you are and your ideal life is enormous and you’re struggling to bridge that gap because… 

You’re in a job you hate. Your relationships are unfulfilling. Your health is poor, at best. And no matter how hard you work, you never actually create the exact kind of life you want.  

 And you just want someone *normal* who uncovered what held her back, took her dreams off the back burner, and changed her life {ME! }  show you how to have financial freedom and be back in control…

And you don’t want to spend thousands in the process!

How Would It Feel….

  • If at this time next year, you were debt free, no financial stress, in control with a plan, living in your dream home and planning your next vacation?
  • To have easy concrete steps with an action plan towards your dreams that gives you confidence and excited for you future? 

Just Imagine…

♦ Having a simple step by step process that will enable you to look forward to budgeting and being in control of your finances and future …

♦ A feeling of freedom and confidence about money and you stopped sabotaging your success by putting money on the back burner.

♦ Never having to toss and turn wondering how your going to pay your bills or have enough money in the bank to last the month – because the money is already there in the bank waiting for the bills to be paid.

♦ Finally dealing with your money and kicking these old excuses to the curb:

  I don’t really care about money anyway or I don’t need money, I just want to help people.

  If I had to choose between being happy and having money, I’d choose to be happy, so I don’t need to deal with my money! 

   I’ll just make more money rather than have to deal with the daily finances.

There is a way

To know your numbers that is liberating and easy to do

There is a way

To feel confident and optimistic about your future so that you are living your life by design vs by default.

There is a way

To have an empowering mindset so you’re in control of how you think about money, how it benefits you and how it will ripple into all areas of your life… (in a good way ).

I’ve helped hundreds of others whose past experiences, habits and beliefs have brought challenges to their lives and their relationship with money. 

Most people had good jobs and pay, yet they still struggled to have anything to show for it.

Others just gave up and settle with; “I guess wealth and success aren’t meant for me 

That broke my heart .

So, I developed this program because I bet, you are a lot like me…

You’re smartyou know what you wantbut you just don’t know exactly what and how to turn the ship around!

I’m going to make it easy for you to be, do and have what you really want and transform your relationship with money, once and for all! 

(Even if you’re not quite sure yet what you want – you will be !)

I’ve been in a place of financial despair, and I turned it into Money Momentum. 

When you learn from someone who’s been where you are, there’s a deeper level of compassion and connection that can happen. Plus, since I’ve had my share of financial chaos and unconsciousness, I have no judgment about whatever your money story is!

Let’s do this!

My goal with this program is to speed up the process and move quickly  from problem to solution and from failure & half-assing it to being empowered and excited about your finances!

Here’s all the details…

Module One / Step One – (First Pillar of Your Foundation)

 Identify Your Personal Core Values 

These are extremely important because this is what drives you on a conscious and subconscious level. 

Most people’s unhappiness usually stems from taking actions on a daily basis that are incongruent with their values and 99% of the time they don’t even realize they’re doing it. 

Start designing your life around your true values. 

What do I mean by true values?

Values are the things you do that you find very attractive, an emotional state that you feel is very important. 

When you are engaged in these activities you feel most like yourself: in touch with who you are, glowing and life is effortless. 

This is the foundation to your being happy! 

When you orient your life around your true values, everything else falls into place

Don’t live your life for your true values and everything can collapse like a house of cards. 

In this module you’ll learn:

How to attract more money into your life, you need to feel good about it

You feel good about things when they are in alignment with your values

Its how we bring peace and happiness into our lives.

You’ll discover your foundational core values – the things that make you most come alive! 

Many claim to understand their own values, but I maintain, you don’t really know them until you have articulated them clearly in writing & tested them through daily decision-making. (This is why most people -unknowingly – sabotage their success!)


 Use your personal core values to select friendships, relationships, or business partnerships. 

Your core values  help you wisely manage your personal resources such as time and money

Module Two – Step Two (2nd Pillar of Your Foundation)

Breakthrough Limiting Money Beliefs 

Dial In Your Personal Beliefs 

 Our Belief System (B.S.) is a funny creature. You see, beliefs are not necessarily based on what’s true or factual in the world… they are the building blocks of our Mindset.

They are formed based on what we’ve heard, observed, or have been taught, and they have tremendous power over the quality of your entire life. 

You adopted many of your core beliefs when you were a child. (When your brain was a sponge!) Your beliefs are neither right or wrong, they’re only beliefs. That means that you can change them at any time.

 The biggest issue most people have with money is either Income or Spending… 

Not enough income to support your lifestyle or…

Afraid to spend money in that – if you do – you want have any left (scarcity mindset)

 And your success is dictated by your habits… 90% of them being unconscious!

How you think and feel about money (consciously and unconsciously), plays a huge role in the decisions you make and the way you view money. 

In this module you’ll:

Identify the money beliefs that you’ve formed throughout your entire life – all of ‘em!

 Teach you to trust & honor yourself 

 Delve deep into how you can create more wealth & abundance for yourself – by DEMOLISHING the limited beliefs keeping you stuck  

 Discover why you struggle to achieve your goals – no matter what you try. 

 Identify which habits and beliefs around money you need to keep (the good ones) and lose the ones that don’t support your success, happiness and financial freedom. 

You’ll know – “Why you do what you do!” 

Rewire your money mindset, the unconscious patterns that you have grew up with that are keeping you stuck in scarcity or survival mode vs thriving!

Module Three – Step Three (3rd Pillar of Your Foundation!)

Know Your Numbers  and track your progress towards your dreams!

If  your the kind of person who has an ‘eyes-wide-shut’ approach to finances, then this Module alone will change your life

No more finger crossing or saying 3 hail Mary’s at the checkout, when you hand your credit or debit card to the cashier!

It is not a good feeling when they tell you – “Your card didn’t go through” – or say very loudly – “Your card is declined!” Ugh – You want to run and hide under a rock! 

In this module:

You gain control of your money!

No more (delusionally) convincing yourself everything’s going to be “alright” and 

no more shivers up your spine every time your phone rings or you get another bill in the mail! (I lived that way for years!) 

 GET REAL CLEAR (head is out of the sand) to where you are and what is important to you (needs and wants).

 You’ll discover EXACTLY where your money is going every month – and how you can get the most bang for your buck, painlessly. 

Master Cashflow Basics and learn how they affect the flow of your money.  

It’s like a carpenter using a level when he is building – it’s a tool to tell you if you are off the mark – or if you need to make an adjustment. (You’re building your foundation!)

The CORE Foundation of sound money management is that you Know Your Numbers. 

Learn how EASY and PAINLESS it is to Budget (planned spending) and

discover that simple budgeting is the answer to financial freedom.

Once you have it built, life is easier and you will be able to say…

“Money, yeah I do that!”

 I’ve also included simple tips and techniques that will wake you up from your money-coma & give you awareness around your own spending habits so you can KEEP more of your hard-earned cash!

Change your relationship with your MONEY… forever!


Here’s What You Get…

(Along with me guiding you on video for both Modules and all the Bonuses!)

You are not alone! I’ve got your back 😘

Module One – Wish Brainstorming Exercise

It breaks my heart to see most people wait for the right time to follow their dreams – or worse have given up on them! 

Sometimes they feel like they’ve got all the time in the world to accomplish your dreams. But we all know too many people that die with their dreams still in them...NOT YOU! 

In this module:

😎 You will tap into what you value (because you are now crystal clear what your values are. (from the Money Momentum Program) 

😎 You’ll uncover what’s really important to you and WHY… it’s the first step to help you set goals to fulfill those dreams. ❤ 

Module 2 – Goal Setting 101 – Achieving Goals That Really Matter To You

Goal setting is one of the best ways to get ahead in life – but only if you’re setting your goals effectively! (ie: New Years Resolutions that never get followed through 😉)



In this Module:

🤩 You’ll set goals that light you up and that you’re passionate about! (No more giving up on half-assed goals!)

🤩 Have the right strategies to take effective action so you can achieve your goals more easily than you ever imagined!

Bonus Module 1 – Use Gratitude to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Gratitude Journaling changed my life and hundreds of my clients! 

In this module:

🙏 Learn how consistent gratitude is a powerful tool to propel you towards your dreams.

🙏 I’ll show you a simple way for you to incorporate daily gratitude into your life ❤ 

Bonus Module 2 – Achieve Goals Faster and Easier With A Vision Board

THEY WORK – this is actually one of mine 😉 

In this module:

✨ Learn what and why having a Vision Board is so powerful

✨ Step-by-step process to maximize the power of your vision board

✨ Out-of-the Box Ideas and Strategies

✨ Why ‘Faith it till you make it!” will change your life! 

Bonus Module 3 – Daily and Weekly Downloadable Action Sheets

You must track your progress! (This is where most people fail to achieve their goals).

In this module:

🖋 Downloadable tracking and action sheets to help you stay focuses on what’s important to you to reach your goals! 

🖋 How to identify potential obstacles and strategies to keep you motivated and productive.

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How long will it take?

Just doing the Money Personality Quiz can give you major ah-ha’s in 10 minutes! 

Many clients have also found doing the money beliefs exercises, a total game changer that knocks them off their feet to how a simple thought pattern has been stopping them from getting what they want… and that alone has changed their lives!

To get accurate results about your monthly cashflow (KYN), you’ll need to track your money for about 3 months. But I’ll give you fast easy ways to do that!  


Do I really need a ‘course’ to learn how to design my life? 

In a nutshell, yes! Most people let life happen to them. They might have short bursts of focus as they work toward a specific goal, like buying a house or getting married. But for the most part, they don’t design every aspect of their life. It’s not something we’re told or taught to think about and so we grow up not knowing exactly how to do it. The Money Momentum Program will help you get in touch with what YOU really want (not your parents, neighbors, kids, co-workers, etc., think you should want). 

Can’t I just work with a Financial Planner or Coach on this stuff?

You could, and I do recommend having them as a part of your team, but beware. Most planners and coaching systems make a fatal error – they focus only the top priority you select. There’s nothing wrong in achieving a goal that’s important to you, such as doubling your revenue. But if you don’t learn how to keep the rest of your life in balance, you’ll end up dissatisfied, unhappy, and paying the price in other areas of your life.

I’m doing pretty good with money. Do I really need this training?

If your life isn’t “perfect” (as you define it) in every way, yes, you do need the training. The results you’ve achieved so far are the product of your knowledge, skills, and actions to date. If you want to do better, you need to learn how to do life better. The Money Momentum Program will show you how to turn your vision of the perfect life into a reality.

How is this any different than other advice that’s already out there?

The Money Momentum Program delivers a step-by-step system. You learn the right steps to take – and the right order in which to take them. It goes deeper then traditional Financial Planning (‘In the Box Ideas’ ) and takes an inside -out approach to your success with building a strong CORE foundation to consistently produce the results you want. You’ll discover how to get those results in all areas of your life – and why this balanced approach is essential for your long-term and continual health, wealth and happiness. 

What if I can’t figure this all out?

 DON’T WORRY!  l give you an easy-to-use, step-by-step system to build your vision piece by piece.

Each module comes with a video lesson from me, and email support if you need it.

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