Money Momentum Begins With The 1st Step

Waking up at 3 am worrying about your finances? / Exhausted with arguing over money with your partner? / 

Does everybody seem to be making more money than you? / Want more financial freedom in your life?

 Are you nodding your head YES for one or all of these?

I’m going to help you transform your relationship (or lack there of) with money & your finances. 

I take an ‘out of the box’ approach to;  managing your money, getting out of debt, and making more money

that will definitely ripple into all areas of your life! 

The basics of money doesn’t have to be hard! And the truth is, most people ‘say‘ that they have their relationship with money under control, when in fact, they don’t

Well it’s not your fault. 

I’ll tell you why… it’s because most of you (including me!) were taught an old-fashioned system (from our grandparents era).

Work hard for 40 years, get a pension, save for retirement at 65. 
Save and sacrifice while you are working your ass off so you can live your dreams when you retire. (How many people do you know that retired, only to live 5-10 years to enjoy their ‘golden years’?)

Pensions are a rare breed these days and I maybe know a handful of people that have stayed at the same JOB their whole life.

When the world of ‘credit’ exploded in the 70’s and 80’s, unfortunately, the education around money didn’t change. We went from an industrial world to a technology and information world.

The problem? Our world changed and the system didn’t. Life expectancy rose and a ‘spend now, pay later’ mentality arose.

I know first hand, after 24 years as a Financial Advisor, it’s why I coach now

When I started out with Metropolitan Life in 1997, I sold life and disability insurance (to protect your biggest asset – YOU – your ability to earn the potential income) and help people to save for their retirement.

2 years earlier my ex-husband – father of my 2 kids – died of cancer at 43 years old. No insurance – and without his monthly support for my 2 boys – aged 12 and 14 at the time. I was in big ka-ka! I barely scraped by and so when I started selling insurance 2 years later – I knew 1st hand the dire results of not having insurance.
What I wasn’t taught, was how to deal with money, credit and debt. I learned from the school of hard knocks! 

I didn’t get any training on this as a financial advisor. I was taught the old-fashioned way of save, spend later, delay gratification.

But that didn’t last, I HAD TO use credit cards to survive an feed my boys. It wasn’t until 3 years later that I met a woman who was financially rocking it, owned her own home, drove a nice car, went on vacations and she was a single mom. 

I was jealous and wanted to know how! She introduced me to the other side of money, the inner game that we need to deal with if we want to be successful in life.

To say my life changed is an understatement – I blossomed. I have made a commitment to help other women to uncover the blocks they have for success, money and happiness that I learned 20 years ago.

Money is not just an inner game, it’s a mental game too! Where you are now has everything to do with what you were taught about money and success growing up.

I saw my clients sabotaging their ‘retirement plans’ and stumbling to save money, over and over again. I knew that story well, and I made it my mission to make a difference to as many people as I can… to pay-it-forward and share my experiences and the hundreds of others that I have helped along the way.

This program is what I have taught all of my 1:1 clients. 

Today, we are dealing with this pandemic, and I need to help you.

For some, money is flowing in opportunities that the pandemic has created, while others have lost their jobs, savings, and unfortunately (which makes me the saddest) HOPE.

So I have bundled up my teachings into easy to follow modules (along with me on video helping you) so you can get on track with money and no longer survive, but thrive!

Again, you are where you are, based on what you know and have been taught! When you know better, you’ll do better!

No more shame, embarrassment or anxiety over money. I want to help you take control and live your dream life – right now!

I’m also making this very affordable so there are no excuses to get in control of your finances.

You matter, I care, and I’ve been in your shoes. If I can turn my life around, so can you!

Do this for you, it will change your life, I promise!