How's your confidence when it comes to the subject of Money? 

The subject of money has been such a taboo subject in so many people’s lives that they are neither confident or unconfident…they just do what they can to survive and settle for what they’ve got.

That was my client Mary. She was barely keeping her head afloat, the debt was increasing and she had pretty much lost hope of getting her dream job as a firefighter. I can still remember the first time I met her, she was so nervous about telling someone about her debt. She was embarrassed, felt like a failure, and was worried that I would judge her. She was ashamed that she put her head in the ‘proverbial sand’  when it came to her finances. 

The first thing I said to her was, “Relax, it’s not about the money”. I still remember the look on her face and her reply, “Huh? What are you talking about? YES, it’s about the money! I’ve got debt up to my ear lobes!”

The problem wasn’t only her lack of education about money, but Mary had lost touch with ‘herself’, who she was, what she wanted and had given up what was really important to her. We definitely worked on some basic financial strategies and steps but also focused on her career aspiration and other goals. I asked her a simple question, “What makes your heart sing?”

At first she had a hard time answering that, or even believing that her desires and wishes could even come true. But as she gained confidence and redirected her focus from lack, to a life without limits, the magic happened. After a few months she was able to quit her current job (that was sucking her soul!) and went back to school for her dream job. She told me that she felt like a kid in the candy store again!

She realized that debt can be managed with a plan and proceeded to start paying it off with excitement vs fear. Was it hard work, did she have to make changes? Yes! But she kept her eye on the prize, and worked on being positive and grateful for her life and what she already had. She stepped up and into her dreams with a new belief that life was really unbelievably amazing. A few months later I received an email from her letting me know that she had got accepted to train in Northern BC to work in a small town as their new firefighter recruit! 

 I start mentoring, coaching and doing workshops in my financial planning business because we all have a money story, either consciously or unconsciously that’s giving us the results we have in our lives right now. It broke my heart to see smart women and men, play small, give up or just quit believing that things could be different. They had settled for a life of default and shrunk their dreams to match their current reality. They had a crappy relationship with money… but it wasn’t their fault.

 I knew this pain all to well, and if a mentor hadn’t come into my life 20+ years ago, I doubt if I would be living the same life as I do now.


I created this course to help you kickstart your confidence, learn some strategies, give you some easy tools and help you breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck where you are.

And it never is too late to start… ask my client Pat….

When I first came to Shari I was in debt and very fearful of not being able to get myself out. I wasn’t feeling good about myself, and I had many doubts which still creep up now and then (but I can realize when I am going down that path and put the brakes on!) I was newly single for 3 years (after my 49 yr marriage ended, my husband left me for another woman) and I didn’t have any direction as to where I was going and I was extremely afraid about that. Shari made it easy, she treated me as an individual person, and she was so welcoming and compassionate. And so right from the start I knew it was going to get better. Today I don’t feel quite the same about money. I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending. It is ok for it to be my turn. I feel better about myself and that I am an okay person just the way I am. I all round feel better about myself- well most of the time – and I know that even at 72 I can dream, set goals and have fun.”  

**And just to add to this Pat started travelling independently with courage and a hell yes – I can do it – kick ass attitude – I love her so much and I’m so proud of her tenacity and vigor for life! So, if age is one your excuses, I’ll help you kick that one to the curb! (and bring on any others!)**

Money is an inner game and mental game. Where you are now has everything to do with what you were taught growing up about money & success.

I saw my financial clients sabotaging their ‘retirement plans’ and stumbling to save money, over and over again. (I knew that story well). I made it my mission to make a difference to as many people as I can… to pay-it-forward and share my experiences and the hundreds of others that I have helped along the way.

This program is what I teach all of my 1:1 clients. 

I have bundled up my teachings into easy to follow modules (along with me on video helping you) so you can get on track with money and no longer survive, but thrive!

Again, you are where you are, based on what you know and have been taught! When you know better, you’ll do better!

No more shame, embarrassment or anxiety over money. I want to help you take control and live your dream life – right now!

The basics of money is not hard, but the real truth is that most of us did not grow up with a positive framework or knowledge of money. 

Why? Because we were sold an outdated, old-fashioned system that hasn’t changed from our grandparents era.

Go to school, get a good job, work hard for 40 years, get a pension, and save so you can retire at 65 (or if you really sacrifice you can aim for Freedom 55!) Sound familiar?

In short- work your ass off so you can live your dreams when you retire. 

Traditional Financial Planning basically teaches you the ‘how-to’s’ for financial success.

While we definitely need ‘how-to’s’... Using these ‘old-school’ methods to build and design your future is like trying to drive a nail into a wall using a chainsaw.

But here’s the ‘Grim Reality’…

Most people are struggling to save enough for their future. 

Here’s some startling data from a 2019 Mutual Fund Company Survey in the United States;

22% have less than $5,000 in savings earmarked for retirement

5% have between $5,000 and $24,999 put away and 

* Only 16% have saved $200,000 or more.

* Additionally, 46% don’t know how much they have saved for retirement!

Baby Boomers aged 55 to 73 nearing retirement, 17% have less than $5,000 in retirement savings.

And even though people are aware of their lack of savings, few are doing anything about it. Why?

45% are taking a chance they’ll outlive their savings (or getting an inheritance)

YET 41% haven’t taken any actions to address the issue!

They plan to work longer and retire later

68% do expect to retire after the age of 65. 

They also believe that they’ll be able to take on second careers or side jobs in order to continue to bring in income later in life.

The truth is…  most people do not have the lifestyle that they’ve been sold by their parents and society… the (so called) Golden Years? 

And , according to the statistics, most people are still going to be working (and not by choice!) 

(as a side bar FYI – the actual average median retirement savings in 2019 was $65,000 – and I can believe it – I see it all the time) 
 How many people do you know that retired, only to live 5-10 years to enjoy their ‘golden years’? They didn’t have any gas left in the tank to really do anything!

A nurse who worked in palliative care for over 20 years recorded and wrote about the phenomenal clarity of vision that people gain at the end of their lives, and how we might learn from their wisdom. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, she says, “common themes surfaced again and again.” 

Here are the most common regrets of the dying, as witnessed by her:

The most common;

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” When they realized their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams had gone unfulfilled. Most hadn’t honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realized, until they no longer had it.

“I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.” They missed their kids youth and their partner’s companionship and deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.

“I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.” They suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others and so they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.

“I wish that I had let myself be happier.” Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to themselves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again.  

I am begging you, if you are making excuses or telling yourself an old outdated story about ‘WHY’ you are where you are – and it’s not where you want to be or thought you would be, please reach out!
I was on the path of giving up and settling, I watch too many do the same things.
It’s why my new rebel yell is ‘Live Your Life Out Loud!’
No more excuses, no more stories. But with a purpose and a passion that lights you up!
It’s my mission and commitment to make a difference to help others have a life without limits and live their life by design…not default.
Life is short, it makes my heart ache when I lose a friend or family member or hear anyone go too soon with the magic still inside of them.
Don’t let that be you.
I created this course to help you kickstart your confidence, learn some strategies, give you some easy tools and help you breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck where you are.

And it never is too late to start… ask my client Pat….

When I first came to Shari I was in debt and very fearful of not being able to get myself out. I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I had many doubts which still creep up now and then (but I can realize when I am going down that path and put the brakes on!) I was newly single for 3 years (after my 49 yr marriage ended, my husband left me for another woman) and I didn’t have any direction as to where I was going and I was extremely afraid about that. Shari made it easy, she treated me as an individual person and she was so welcoming and compassionate. And so right from the start I knew it was going to get better. Today I don’t feel quite the same about money. I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending. It is ok for it to be my turn. I feel better about myself and that I am an okay person just the way I am. I all round feel better about myself- well most of the time – and I know that even at 72 I can dream, set goals and have fun.”  

And just to add to this Pat started travelling independently with courage and a hell yes – I can do it – kick ass attitude – I love her so much and I’m so proud of her tenacity and vigor for life! So if age is one your excuses, I’ll help you kick that one to the curb! (and bring on any others! 😘)


Money is an inner game and mental game. Where you are now has everything to do with what you were taught growing up about money & success.

I saw my financial clients sabotaging their ‘retirement plans’ and stumbling to save money, over and over again. (I knew that story well). I made it my mission to make a difference to as many people as I can… to pay-it-forward and share my experiences and the hundreds of others that I have helped along the way.

This program is what I teach all of my 1:1 clients. 

I have bundled up my teachings into easy to follow modules (along with me on video helping you) so you can get on track with money and no longer survive, but thrive!

Again, you are where you are, based on what you know and have been taught! When you know better, you’ll do better!

No more shame, embarrassment or anxiety over money. I want to help you take control and live your dream life – right now!

You matter, I care, I’ve healed my own relationship with money and if I can turn my life around, so can you!

Do this for you, it will change your life, I promise! 


Money Momentum Begins With The 1st Step

 Here is typical advice from Fund Companies, Banks, and Planners…


“People absolutely should be taking steps”

“They need to become educated, they need to meet with a financial advisor and discuss their options and start a plan.”

“They need to make sure they’ll be able to cover their expenses in retirement, it’s key to start saving and investing as early as possible.” 

That is all great advice!


Here’s what’s really happening and the advice most people are getting:


  1. Get a University/College Education so you can get a good paying job with a pension, and you can retire and live a dream life.  

~ Reality: Couldn’t get a job after post secondary education so they are working in an industry that has nothing to do with their education, no pension plans, no savings and student debt (some of them still paying it off in their 40’s and 50’s) 


  1. Save a minimum 10% of your income.

~ Reality: No savings or very little, lucky to have more money than month, expenses are too high, none left!


  1. Work for the Government – Benefits and Pensions!

~ Reality: I don’t know one person (in Canada anyway) that actually likes their VERY STRESSFUL GOVT JOB and is counting the days (even when it is years!) until they can retire

How many people do you know that end up with life changing health issues because of the stress of their work? I know way too many, and a lot of them have been my clients!!) 


  1. Meet andtalk to your Bank or a Financial Planner to set up a plan.

~Reality: They tried that, started but sabotaged it. They give them the 4 walls of the Box, telling them that if they are disciplined to save and not spend they will have financial freedom. (Remember that Statistic from above – only 16% actually follow the box solution.  

How do I know all of this?


I live in this world! I’ve been a Financial Advisor 

for 24 years now.


I see first-hand, how many people, probably just like you, (if you’re still reading!)


who had the best intentions of saving and planning but life got in the way…

Here are the reasons/excuses that people tell me WHY’ they are not where they want to be financially…


* “I don’t know how.”

Not taught about money (in an empowering way) from parents or relatives. 


* “I don’t have enough money to get started.”

There is some truth to this, but I always say – even it’s just $1 – that’s a start (because if can’t save a $1 now – chances are you won’t be able to save $100 later 😕


* “I’m too busy.”

I hear this one A LOT! They want to plan BUT they don’t have time. They think they’ll take care of it tomorrow, or the day after that … and before they know it, several years have gone by. 🤓 


* “It’s too soon.”

Crazy as it sounds many people have adopted the notion that you don’t have to start planning for your retirement (future!) until you’re almost there. 🤔


* “It’s too late.”

This is the most common because they think “I guess these are the cards I’ve been dealt with”, and they do nothing and just settle for the status-quo.    


* “I don’t need to.”

They have it all figured out on their own (some do) but the majority have not looked at the BIG picture of what kind of lifestyle and expenses they want in their later years.


* “My finances are a mess.”

And trust me – they usually are. Different accounts at different institutions and they are not sure of how much they even have or why they have it. Seriously this excuse is the most common I see!


* “The Government will take care of me.”

Okay, but even if you qualified for the maximum amount, would you be able to live the dream lifestyle you wanted? In the majority of cases… nope.


* “I don’t want to think about it.”

Ding, ding, ding! This is THE #1 Reason/Excuse that stops people from looking at their numbers!

They wait until they HAVE tothat’s when I get the desperate calls ; Divorce, Separation, Lost Job, Debt Overload etc… They embarrassed, anxious, and have a lot of shame in that they haven’t payed attention to their money!

This is WHY I started Coaching in my business, 12 years ago! 

Over and over again I witnessed smart women who had a crappy relationship with money that was leaking into all areas of their lives. Even if they did have a plan they were sabotaging and cashing in their savings.


‘Winging It’ 

Hoping & Praying




I knew all of these…intimately!


  I learned the hard way… I was very familiar with my clients pain. 


Traditional Financial Planning is: “In the Box Rules and Thinking” 


I needed to break down old subconscious beliefs to free my clients from the guilt and shame that they were experiencing with money and their finances.




I taught them what they needed to do to move the needle in their lives towards 

actually living their dreams!

(I’ve included many of my clients stories on this page, it’s been a game changer!)


One of my top values is Leadership and so I took the lead to start empowering these women who needed an ‘Out Of The Box’ Solution to live their lives by design – not default! 


No more excuses or stories about ‘why’ you are not living your dream life.

You deserve and were meant to be happy and money is just a tool.


My favorite quote:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

~Maya Angelou


YOU will know better, YOU will do better, and YOU will live your life by design!


I’m helping you smash down the old walls, that have kept you settled in a ‘mediocre’ existence 

with my ‘Core Foundational Signature Program…that will ripple into all areas of your life ❤

I’m ready to do better and not settle for mediocre!

I can have talks with my spouse that are respectful and focused on what we want!  


“After uncovering my beliefs regarding money (and how that hindered my growth possibilities), I’m now able to talk to my husband about finances without getting into an argument.

This program erased all of my old beliefs about money and what it ‘should’ do for us. We then built a foundation and had a plan of action. I am ready for whatever life throws at us! Shari’s vision session allowed me to recognize the strengths and gifts I have and to stretch my vision to much more than I ever imagined!” ~ Joanne


For the first time in our adult lives, we’re financially anxiety free


“I didn’t want to have my spending wings clipped and I thought that was exactly what was going to happen. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My partner and I, for the first time in our adult life, are financially anxiety free! I am beyond thrilled to finally have some tools to help me. Shari Molchan is amazing and she truly makes dealing with your money – fun! Our debt load is quickly dropping, we almost have all our credit cards paid off and best of all we have money in our checking and savings accounts. Thank you.” ~ Gemma


Does this sound familiar?

Of course, you know that budgeting and goal setting are keys to having a 

better relationship with money…

But you haven’t been able to stick to a plan, you keep sabotaging it. 


You’ve tried different money programs and working with your partner to 

come up with a plan…

But you don’t consistently follow through and money talks become money shouts!


You know saving money is important for emergencies and big-ticket purchases 

 ie: home, car, vacations…

But there always seems to be more month than money, you’re maybe 

one paycheck away from financial despair, and that scares the crap out of you!


The gap between where you are and your ideal life is enormous and you’re struggling to bridge that gap because… 

You’re in a job you hate. Your relationships are unfulfilling. Your health is poor, at best. 

And no matter how hard you work, you never actually create the exact kind of life you want.  




And you just want someone *normal* who uncovered what held her back, took her dreams off the back burner, and changed her life {ME! 😘}  show you how to have financial freedom and be back in control…

And you don’t want to spend thousands in the process!

How Would It Feel….

  • If at this time next year, you were debt free, no financial stress, in control with a plan, living in your dream home and planning your next vacation?
  • To have easy concrete stepswith an action plan towards your dreams that gives you confidenceand excited for you future? 

Just Imagine…

♦ Having a simple step by step process that will enable you to look forward to budgeting and being in control of your finances and future …


♦ A feeling of freedom and confidence about money and you stopped sabotaging your success by putting money on the back burner.


♦ Never having to toss and turn wondering how your going to pay your bills or have enough money in the bank to last the month – because the money is already there in the bank waiting for the bills to be paid.


♦ Finally dealing with your money and kicking these old excuses to the curb!

  🤔 I don’t really care about money anyway or I don’t need money, I just want to help people.

  🤔 If I had to choose between being happy and having money, I’d choose to be happy, so I don’t           need to deal with my money! 

  🤔 I’ll just make more money rather than have to deal with the daily finances.

There is a way

To know your numbers that is liberating and easy to do

There is a way

To feel confident and optimistic about your future so that you are living your life by design vs by default.

There is a way

To have an empowering mindset so you’re in control of how you think about money, how it benefits you and how it will

ripple into all areas of your life… (in a good way 😘).

I’ve helped hundreds of others whose past experiences, habits and beliefs have brought challenges to their lives and their relationship with money. 


Most people had good jobs and pay, yet they still struggled to have anything to show for it.


Others just gave up and settle with; “I guess wealth and success aren’t meant for me ☹

That broke my heart 💔.


So, I developed this program because I bet, you are a lot like me…

You’re smartyou know what you wantbut you just don’t know exactly what and 

how to turn the ship around!


I’m going to make it easy for you to be, do and have what you really want and transform your relationship with money, once and for all! 

(Even if you’re not quite sure yet what you want – you will be 😉!)


I’ve been in a place of financial despair, and I turned it into Money Momentum. 

When you learn from someone who’s been where you are, there’s a deeper level of compassion and connection that can happen. Plus, since I’ve had my share of financial chaos and unconsciousness, I have no judgment about whatever your money story is. 😘


YES! I’m ready to get “Out-of-the-Box” Solutions!

Master Your Relationship 

With Money

from the Comfort of Your Home ❤


A step-by-step program to give you a true, strong foundation to build your future. 

(Out of the box solution for those of you who don’t fit in the; ‘In the box financial planning


You are going to create major Momentum towards your dreams, this time, knowing exactly 

what you want and why you want it!  




My goal with this program is to speed up the process and move quickly

 from problem to solution and from failure & half-assing it 

to being empowered and excited about your finances!


YES! I’m ready to get “Out-of-the-Box” Solutions!

This Program 

Changed My life!


I didn’t think I needed it, but it was profound! So many excellent moments pushing my awareness to motivated money momentum in my life. Abundance and prosperity – here I come! ~ Iris

I am so empowered and investing in myself now! 


Treat yourself! Money Momentum is a must for anyone wanting to feel empowered whether it be about your money, your future or simply yourself. I am so glad I took the time and invested in myself – I am worth it! ~ Kim


I had a major shift in my mindset


“Shari’s Money Momentum Program caused a shift in my mindset. Now I know that not only am I worthy of wealth, but that it is actually possible! Since taking this program, my vision for my life has expanded and my belief in myself and my future is stronger.”

~ Tanis

Here’s What’s Inside the Program…

Module One / Step One – (First Pillar of Your Foundation)




Identify Your Personal Core Values 

These are extremely important because this is what drives you on a conscious and subconscious level. 


Most people’s unhappiness usually stems from taking actions on a daily basis that are incongruent with their values and 99% of the time they don’t even realize they’re doing it. 


Start designing your life around your true values. 

What do I mean by true values?

Values are the things you do that you find very attractive, an emotional state that you feel is very important. 

When you are engaged in these activities you feel most like yourself: in touch with who you are, glowing and life is effortless. 


This is the foundation to your being happy! 


When you orient your life around your true values, everything else falls into place

Don’t live your life for your true values and everything can collapse like a house of cards. 


In this module you’ll learn:

🔆 How to attract more money into your life, you need to feel good about it

You feel good about things when they are in alignment with your values

Its how we bring peace and happiness into our lives.


🔆 You’ll discover your foundational core values – the things that make you most come alive! 

Many claim to understand their own values, but I maintain, you don’t really know them until you have articulated them clearly in writing & tested them through daily decision-making. (This is why most people -unknowingly – sabotage their success!)




🔆 Use your personal core values to select friendships, relationships, or business partnerships. 

Your core values  help you wisely manage your personal resources such as time and money. 





Module Two – Step Two (2nd Pillar of Your Foundation)

Breakthrough Limiting Money Beliefs 

Dial In Your Personal Beliefs 




Our Belief System (B.S.) is a funny creature. You see, beliefs are not necessarily based on what’s true or factual in the world… they are the building blocks of our Mindset.

They are formed based on what we’ve heard, observed, or have been taught, and they have tremendous power over the quality of your entire life. 


You adopted many of your core beliefs when you were a child. (When your brain was a sponge!) Your beliefs are neither right or wrong, they’re only beliefs. That means that you can change them at any time.




The biggest issue most people have with money is either Income or Spending… 

Not enough income to support your lifestyle or…

Afraid to spend money in that – if you do – you want have any left (scarcity mindset)




And your success is dictated by your habits… 90% of them being unconscious!

How you think and feel about money (consciously and unconsciously), plays a huge role in the decisions you make and the way you view money. 


In this module you’ll:

💫Identify the money beliefs that you’ve formed throughout your entire life – all of ‘em!




💫 Teach you to trust & honor yourself 




💫 Delve deep into how you can create more wealth & abundance for yourself – by DEMOLISHING the limited beliefs keeping you stuck  




💫 Discover why you struggle to achieve your goals – no matter what you try. 




💫 Identify which habits and beliefs around money you need to keep (the good ones) and lose the ones that don’t support your success, happiness and financial freedom. 

You’ll know – “Why you do what you do!” 


💫 Rewire your money mindset, the unconscious patterns that you have grew up with that are keeping you stuck in scarcity or survival mode vs thriving!





Module Three – Step Three (3rd Pillar of Your Foundation!)


Know Your Numbers  and track your progress towards your dreams!


If  your the kind of person who has an ‘eyes-wide-shut’ approach to finances, then this Module alone will change your life


No more finger crossing or saying 3 hail Mary’s at the checkout, when you hand your credit or debit card to the cashier!


It is not a good feeling when they tell you – “Your card didn’t go through” – or say very loudly – “Your card is declined!” Ugh – You want to run and hide under a rock! 


In this module:

💲 You gain control of your money!

No more (delusionally) convincing yourself everything’s going to be “alright” and 

no more shivers up your spine every time your phone rings or you get another bill in the mail! (I lived that way for years!) 


💲 GET REAL CLEAR (head is out of the sand) to where you are and what is important to you (needs and wants).


💲 You’ll discover EXACTLY where your money is going every month – and how you can get the most bang for your buck, painlessly. 


💲 Master Cashflow Basics and learn how they affect the flow of your money.  

It’s like a carpenter using a level when he is building – it’s a tool to tell you if you are off the mark – or if you need to make an adjustment. (You’re building your foundation!)

The CORE Foundation of sound money management is that you Know Your Numbers. 


💲 Learn how EASY and PAINLESS it is to Budget (planned spending) and

discover that simple budgeting is the answer to financial freedom.

Once you have it built, life is easier and you will be able to say…

“Money, yeah I do that!”


✨ I’ve also included simple tips and techniques that will wake you up from your money-coma & give you awareness around your own spending habits so you can KEEP more of your hard-earned cash! ✨


Change your relationship with your MONEY… forever!

Yes please!

  • Module 1 – Uncover Your True Values
  • Module 2 – Breakthrough Limiting Money Beliefs
  • Module 3 – The Practical Stuff – Tracking, Spending & Budgeting
  • Bonus 1 – Unmask Your Money Personality
  • Bonus 2 – Rules of Credit and Debt
  • Bonus 3 – Basics of Investing and Additional Income Ideas

Super Bonus! My Maximum Momentum Goal Setting Program

What Do You Dream Your Life 

Would Be Like? 

Do you know exactlywhat you want?


✨ Do you keep changing your mind every few months?


You know what you want, but once you get it, you’re still not happy?

Not to worry! 

This program meets you where you are and shows you how to get to the 

next level of success in all areas of your life.


Maximum Momentum Goal Setting Program

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First, I want to personally congratulate you for taking the 1st step to build a 

strong core money foundation.


Knowing your numbers, clearing out the cobwebs of limiting beliefs, discovering ‘how you do money’, and taking control of your spending and saving are key to changing your life!     

Now Step 2, is to solidify that foundation with your Dreams and Goals… 


“My Goal Setting Program will give you Maximum Momentum 

so you can live your dreams faster!” 


Here’s what you need to know…..

🔆 ‘Traditional’ goal-setting (ie: New years Eve Resolutions 😉) results are not sustained or worse, even achieved, because the fail to address two very important steps. I’ll tell you what they are.


🔆 Are you someone who has ‘tried’ to set goals, but they never come true – so you don’t bother anymore?

That was me for sure until I discovered the additional two steps you need to do change your results.  


🔆 That’s why I have you ‘Discover Your True Values’ and ‘Uncover Your Beliefs’ in the Money Momentum Program. (They both the secret keys to lasting change!)


🔆 Most people (but not you!) set goals without a system (plan of action) and don’t know how to change their habits that are keeping them right where they are.


🔆 Winners and losers can have the same goals. The difference is that the winner has implemented a plan of continuous small improvements to achieve a different outcome.


🔆 Achieving goals is a momentary change (it changes your life for a moment). Results are not the problem. In order to improve for good, you have to solve the problems that have kept you from the goal.


🔆 You’ll learn how to fall in love with the process – not the end result. No more yo-yo effect that you get from most goals!


You can maintain lasting success by:


  1. Changing your identity(your beliefs and self-image)
  2. Change your process (actions) and create new routines (habits) 
  3. Ultimately change your goal outcome (results!) 


  • You feel more power and control over your life– You are more confident, less stressed, and feel better about yourself overall.


  • You are a better time manager – and are more productive and get things done.


  • Get better results– take actionand are much more likely to achieve the results you want.


  • Are physically healthier– you exercise moreand tend to lead a healthier lifestyle.


  • You have a sense of purpose and direction – a guiding sense of purpose that helps you produce meaningful results.


  • Are more likely to lead a balanced life – You’ve clarified and prioritized the different areas of your life and developed specific goals and habits.


  • Have better relationships– you recognize and value the most important people and relationships in your life.


  • And you are happier and more fulfilled! ❤



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Here’s What You Get…

(Along with me guiding you on video for both Modules and all the Bonuses!)

You are not alone! I’ve got your back 😘

Module One – Wish Brainstorming Exercise

It breaks my heart to see most people wait for the right time to follow their dreams – or worse have given up on them! 

Sometimes they feel like they’ve got all the time in the world to accomplish your dreams. But we all know too many people that die with their dreams still in them...NOT YOU! 


In this module:

😎 You will tap into what you value (because you are now crystal clear what your values are. (from the Money Momentum Program) 

😎 You’ll uncover what’s really important to you and WHY… it’s the first step to help you set goals to fulfill those dreams. ❤ 

Module 2 – Goal Setting 101 – Achieving Goals That Really Matter To You

Goal setting is one of the best ways to get ahead in life – but only if you’re setting your goals effectively! (ie: New Years Resolutions that never get followed through 😉)

In this Module:

🤩 You’ll set goals that light you up and that you’re passionate about! (No more giving up on half-assed goals!)

🤩 Have the right strategies to take effective action so you can achieve your goals more easily than you ever imagined!


Bonus Module 1 – Use Gratitude to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Gratitude Journaling changed my life and hundreds of my clients! 

In this module:

🙏 Learn how consistent gratitude is a powerful tool to propel you towards your dreams.

🙏 I’ll show you a simple way for you to incorporate daily gratitude into your life ❤ 


Bonus Module 2 – Achieve Goals Faster and Easier With A Vision Board

THEY WORK – this is actually one of mine 😉 

In this module:

✨ Learn what and why having a Vision Board is so powerful

✨ Step-by-step process to maximize the power of your vision board

✨ Out-of-the Box Ideas and Strategies

✨ Why ‘Faith it till you make it!” will change your life! 

Bonus Module 3 – Daily and Weekly Downloadable Action Sheets

You must track your progress! (This is where most people fail to achieve their goals).

In this module:

🖋 Downloadable tracking and action sheets to help you stay focuses on what’s important to you to reach your goals! 

🖋 How to identify potential obstacles and strategies to keep you motivated and productive.





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Budgeting changed my life – and it was easy


The power of budgeting! I had never realized the importance of a budget and avoided ever having one until I learned that budgeting can be liberating instead of restrictive! 


While budgeting has been a huge challenge for me in the past, the tools and strategies I have learned are changing my life. Thanks Shari. ~ Laura

I’m Living My Life By Design – Not Default!


The Money Momentum Program opened my eyes to my limiting beliefs about what I can be, do and have and the wisdom, strategies and tools shared in the course empowered me to begin working towards a plan to create the prosperity I truly desire. My life is now filled with hope and excitement that I can improve my financial situation and begin living my life by design and not default. ~ Susan

Bonus #1 – Like most everything in life, your response to money is largely dictated by your personality… 

and every single action you take dictates your bottom line?


Ever left your shopping bags in the car so that you can sneak the new shoes in later, when your significant other’s not home? 

You’re not alone, 80% of couples keep secrets from the other about money!


You’ll get clear how your money personality is CRUCIAL to financial bliss(Trust me, I’ve been there!) 


In this module…

💲 UNCOVER your personal money personality – this may really surprise you (& help bring a lot of other stuff to light!)


💲 UNDERSTAND what being a Spender, Saver, Giver or Builder means and how it shapes your approach to spending, saving & investing


💲 You’ll be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your partner so when working together on your finances, you’ll understand each other’s goals and approach, which makes financial conversations and decision-making that much smoother and more productive.

Bonus #2 –  Ever wake up at 3 am and start thinking about your money situation (usually it’s not good), worrying about your finances ?


Knowing the simple rules of Credit and Debt will get you tucked in and sleeping soundly


In this module:


💳 I’m going to show you a fast, easy way to eliminate your debt.


💳 You’ll learn about different kinds of debt, how debt works and why it matters to you!

 Most people (like me) didn’t have a lesson about debt other than;

“Don’t spend more than you make, and always pay off your credit card each month.”   


Sound advice, that won’t be a challenge for you because you will build a ‘spending plan’ (in Module 3 😉)

Bonus #3 – Investing your hard earned money to help fund your future dreams is a major financial step for most people (other than their home).


But what and where – is the best fit for you? 


I’ll give you the basics of investing and give you additional sources of income ideas to help you build your wealth.


In this Module:

💰 Discover simple wealth building tips and techniques that will wake you up from your money-coma & give you awareness around your own spending habits so you can KEEP more of your hard-earned cash 


💰 Learn some of the different investment choices that are available in the marketplace.


💰 I’ll give you the 4 Steps you need to take before you invest.


💰 You’ll have some alternative income sources and ideas that can be used to lessen the risk of living on a single income. (You just may find the money you need to live your dreams!)

I’ve packed this program with everything you need to sharpen your skills and all the tools, worksheets and strategies to make and create sustainable change – right now! 


This could be the experience that changes your life & money situation forever!

 20 years ago, I just needed a break (and a little hand holding) 

to get my finances figured out! As a single Mom with 2 teenage boys, I was totally in survival mode trying to make sure I had more money than month. It was a stressful time.


I did exactly what I did to turn my life around in this program.

 This is my way to ‘pay-it-forward to you’ ❤


 You’ll build a solid foundation and a plan to live your dreams. 

The ones that have seemed unreachable or too hard (until now! 😘).   


So I am making this investment a… 

NO-BRAINER – NO-EXCUSES Easy Decision For You!

The value of this ‘Live’ 2 day workshop is $499, and given the broad scope of this program, my clients have said it is priceless and life changing.

(Read their transformations on this page) 

But, your investment for this Online Version is only… 


YES! I want Money Momentum Now!


Get immediate access and be empowered with a 

renewed confidence to go for your dreams!  

All this is included in my program…

  • Module 1 – Uncover Your True Values
  • Module 2 – Breakthrough Limiting Money Beliefs
  • Module 3 – The Practical Stuff – Tracking, Spending & Budgeting
  • Module 4 – Money Momentum Goal Setting Program
  • Bonus 1 – Unmask Your Money Personality
  • Bonus 2 – Rules of Credit and Debt
  • Bonus 3 – Basics of Investing and Additional Income Ideas

I want this to be a ‘No-Brainer’ 

easy investment in yourself…  


(Who does the flight attendant tell you to put the mask on first? 😘)

YES! I Want to Transform My Relationship with Money Now!

We had lost confidence in our  Financial Institution, we needed a plan not products!  


My husband and I felt there was a gap between how our financial institution was guiding us with plans like retirement planning, our monthly cash flow and other money issues – whether it was business or personal. We felt like we were being fit into a box that didn’t consider our individual details or specific needs.

We have a large family and Shari helped us set realistic goals to improve our cash flow and grow our business. It was simple, effective, and most important…fun!

I loved the entire process and one highlight for me was exploring my money beliefsincredibly powerful. A lot of choices makes sense when you understand this concept. I love playing with Shari’s ideas of making money fun. We continue to implement what we have learned. After you finish you will find yourself saying, “Money, yeah I do that!” ~ Rhonda


I now have better strategies in my life!


I know that I am not alone – there are many others that are challenged with their money beliefs and practical finances. After doing the Money Momentum Program, I have a better financial mindset and Shari has given me many strategies to keep me on track and to help me see the bigger picture of how I am managing the flow of money in my life. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to realize how important it is to value my money, time and energy on an ongoing basis! ~ Lynn


I have new empowering beliefs about my future!


This program erased all my old beliefs around money and what it ‘should’ do for me. I built a new foundation, and a plan of action. I feel like I can not lose, just win! ~ Barbara

And don’t worry…


My Money Momentum Program comes with an “Unconditional Happiness Guarantee!” If after 30 days you feel that you have not changed at least some aspect of your relationship with money or you are not happy, I’ll gladly refund you back your investment. 😊

Wow, uncovering my habits and how they were directly affecting my results was life-changing! 


“The problem I had with money before the program was the fact that I was quite unorganized.

I didn’t know my numbers; I didn’t know the cause of my spending habits. I now know that my habits were a direct correlation with when I was bored and when I’m feeling down. I discovered that I am an emotional spender.

I now use Quicken Cash Manager which tracks my spending and shows me my numbers. That has been a big eye opener and helped me tremendously.

Through this I’ve learned the value of a dollar which makes me think before I spend. 

I now have incorporated into my life the organizational skills regarding knowing my numbers. I am regularly on Quicken, and have had more self-control when it comes to shopping.

I now save for what’s really important to me instead of spending a few dollars here and there for instant gratification. I’m still working on finding my passion, but I am thankful for my steady job since it is taking care of the rent and bills. Shari became more than a coach, she became a friend. ~ Tami


Hi there!


In my over 24 years as a Financial Advisor and Money Coach, I know there is a BIG disconnect between my clients finances and their relationship with money. (I’ve seen pretty much every scenario you can think of!)

I could relate all to well. 


Having been a single mother of 2 boys, I didn’t have it easy. At one point I even had to go on welfare (very humbling), but I had to do what I had to do to survive with my kids.

No Banks would give me a credit card, (which in hindsight was a good thing as I wasn’t ready for one!) and I had to carry the abysmal shame of not being able to provide nice new things for my kids children like their friends were getting. 


It was embarrassing and there was a lot of guilt.

But I didn’t let this time of financial despair destroy me. I was definitely a damsel-in-distress, but I didn’t sit around, twiddling my thumbs & waiting for my ‘prince’ to save me.


I realized I had to get this money stuff under control and no one was coming to save me. I needed to be my own Prince Charming’ if I ever wanted true financial security. I started learning and reading personal development books and audio programs. I got myself a mentor to work with (because when you are in the picture – you can’t see the frame😉), and with her guidance, everything came to light.


I learned the same mind-blowing, simple, but seriously effective strategies I’m going to teach and share with you in this Money Momentum Program. I (admittedly begrudgingly at first) dove into my money wounds, and all the other negative beliefs… I never even knew I had. And?


My world shifted (in an unbelievable way!) just like my clients experiences!


Bonus… working in the financial services industry has been invaluable for me!

I am immersed in the very field that I needed the most help in. 


But to date, the biggest, most transformative lesson I’ve learned, was HOW to quit making excuses & stop neglecting myself. This was my lightbulb moment.


I discovered I AM my most important investment. And of course, I got a practical education in money management, too. So, when the coinage started rushing in, I knew what to do it with, when and WHY.


In short: I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I know it will work for you too


I’ve pulled together everything I teach my 1:1 clients and workshop participants into easy-to-use downloadable worksheets along with video instruction. 


I give you all the information and tools that you will need and teach you the skills to create sustainable change for your future – right now! 


Ready to jump in? 

I can’t wait to see you inside Money Momentum and be your mentor!

Shari ❤

YES! I’m ready to be mentored and ‘Change My Life!’

If you’ve made it this far, I know you’re ready to do things differently . 


You’re ready to … 


FINALLY start seeing some REAL money and REAL results in your life!


Make a change in your life with your RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR FINANCES!


UNLOCK what has been holding you back from being prosperous in every area of your life.  


When you change how you think and feel about money, 

your finances will transform before your very eyes. 


I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I know it will work for you. ❤




How long will it take?

✅ Just doing the Money Personality Quiz can give you major ah-ha’s in 10 minutes! 

Many clients have also found doing the money beliefs exercises, a total game changer that knocks them off their feet to how a simple thought pattern has been stopping them from getting what they want… and that alone has changed their lives!

To get accurate results about your monthly cashflow (KYN), you’ll need to track your money for about 3 months. But I’ll give you fast easy ways to do that!  




Do I really need a ‘course’ to learn how to design my life? 

✅ In a nutshell, yes! Most people let life happen to them. They might have short bursts of focus as they work toward a specific goal, like buying a house or getting married. But for the most part, they don’t design every aspect of their life. It’s not something we’re told or taught to think about and so we grow up not knowing exactly how to do it. The Money Momentum Program will help you get in touch with what YOU really want (not your parents, neighbors, kids, co-workers, etc., think you should want). 


Can’t I just work with a Financial Planner or Coach on this stuff?

✅ You could, and I do recommend having them as a part of your team, but beware. Most planners and coaching systems make a fatal error – they focus only the top priority you select. There’s nothing wrong in achieving a goal that’s important to you, such as doubling your revenue. But if you don’t learn how to keep the rest of your life in balance, you’ll end up dissatisfied, unhappy, and paying the price in other areas of your life.


I’m doing pretty good with money. Do I really need this training?

✅ If your life isn’t “perfect” (as you define it) in every way, yes, you do need the training. The results you’ve achieved so far are the product of your knowledge, skills, and actions to date. If you want to do better, you need to learn how to do life better. The Money Momentum Program will show you how to turn your vision of the perfect life into a reality.


How is this any different than other advice that’s already out there?

✅ The Money Momentum Program delivers a step-by-step system. You learn the right steps to take – and the right order in which to take them. It goes deeper then traditional Financial Planning (‘In the Box Ideas’ ) and takes an inside -out approach to your success with building a strong CORE foundation to consistently produce the results you want. You’ll discover how to get those results in all areas of your life – and why this balanced approach is essential for your long-term and continual health, wealth and happiness. 


What if I can’t figure this all out?

✅ DON’T WORRY!  l give you an easy-to-use, step-by-step system to build your vision piece by piece.

Each module comes with a video lesson from me, and email support if you need it. 😉


My marriage is stronger and we talk about money without yelling


“Money Momentum truly changed my family’s lives, by helping us see money and debt differently, thus helping us help ourselves.

This also changed our relationship, as money was at the route of much conflict. Reluctantly sending a two line inquiry email to her in the wee hours one night was a pivotal moment. Believe in yourself and get this program!” ~ Leana


 am more than capable of making the money I want!


“Shari’s Money Momentum Program made me think differently about money and gave me a positive framework. I now believe I have enough money to do what I want to do, and I am more capable of making the money I need. 

This program is not just about money management, it is also about self-managing, self-worth, and taking time to be self-centered – which is way different that being selfish! I am in control and it has rippled into all areas of my life!” ~ Jessica

Get immediate access to everything you need to start to get your money stuff figured out, quickly and easily! 

Total Value $499

Your Investment in You – Just $97


YES! I’m in!

No Regrets, No Excuses… I’ve made it easy for you.  


You will be filled with renewed faith (a powerful aphrodisiac)inspired

and most of all empowered to get going and make it happen. 

Time to stop letting money be the excuse and start using it as a catalyst to everything and anything your heart desires.


💥You could click away from this page and try to create your ideal relationship with money without participating in the program, but…


“If you could’ve done it on your own, chances are you already 

would’ve done it on your own.” 😘


💥 Time to feel total fulfilment in your relationships. No more fights with your partner. You’ll be able to spend quality time with the people you love and connect deeply with them. 


💥You’ll feel a renewed satisfaction in your life… and proud of yourself for

 taking care of this, once and for all. No more frustration, you’ll dream more, achieve more 

and outsmart your life clock that’s ticking away. 


✨Look at your life. Seriously, go through it all – your financial success, your career or business, your relationships, your health, your contribution to the world, your happiness. 

Is it what you really want, or do you want more? ✨ 


Click the button above to get started, and I’ll see you inside… ❤

I couldn’t figure it out by myself…


“I have experienced a big shift in how I feel about my finances, and LIFE


I was exhausted, feeling stuck, and tired of “figuring it all out myself”. 


I now have experienced tremendous RELIEF that all the financial muddiness in my life is getting clear. 

It’s much deeper than that, though, it is about living the life you want, not just talking about it. 

Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life “ she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says “you can do this”. 

We may all “know” this in our heads, but unless you are LIVING what you “know”, well “ you DON’T really know it.” ~Dawn

I have new daily habits – one being gratitude! 


“After working with Shari, I have a much better financial mindset

Money Momentum was a strong part of an overall change in perspective, attitudes, and effort towards my financial well-being. 


Shari’s workshop has given me new daily habits that support my endeavors, such as her gratitude book. 


Money Momentum is a genuine gift to yourself; it is a “pattern interrupt” of unsupportive personal behaviours and attitudes.” ~ Marian

Copyright 2020. Shari Molchan / All rights reserved


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