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Change and Transform Your Life 2019-03-11T11:26:50-07:00
You know that feeling where life is slipping on by and you realize, without a doubt, that it’s high time you stop settling?

Stop settling for less than you want and for less than you deserve! Take ownership of where you are and step toward where you want to be!

If you are feeling a sense of unhappiness or dissatisfaction and can’t quite put a name to it, I can help. Clarity involves being clear about who you are and living a life that is meaningful and purposeful to you. It means knowing what you want, why you want it, and how you can go about it getting it. >> Start here! <<

Coaching is a process that can help you uncover your gifts and talents, and discover what gives your life meaning. There may be blind spots or hidden gems below the surface that you are unable to uncover yourself. With my help, you’ll get clarity and direction that leads you to a rewarding and purposeful gratifying life.

Unlike a friend or family member, as a coach, I’m here to help you in your personal growth journey by giving you true and honest feedback, free of any bias. I’ll provide input that will lead to your overall goals rather than simply trying to make you feel better. My advice is backed by my relevant professional life experience gained from helping others with similar goals.

I’ll be one of your biggest cheerleaders, celebrating every milestone on your journey and firmly putting you back on track when you’ve swerved astray.

I will push you to learn more about yourself than you would have normally. I’ll ask you questions you may not have thought of and provide you with deeper insight into your life and your aspirations.

Additionally, by helping you become more successful at meeting your goals and sticking to your plan, you’ll become more confident in yourself and your journey. You’ll learn techniques that you can use and apply to your daily routine even after you’ve finished working with me.

My goal is to ensure you get back on track if and when you falter or feel a lack of confidence.

Accountability is important to achieving dreams and goals. It means you are being held responsible for your own success. Rather than seeing it as burden or added stress, see accountability as a sense of ownership and pride over your life. When you share your goals out loud with me, you will be held accountable for your goals and are more likely to make them a priority and will help keep you from straying too far from your goals at any given moment.

I’ll know your roadmap as well as you do (if not even better), so you can rest assured that someone is there to help you stick to it.

When you understand yourself and what you want out of life, and set goals to achieve that reality, having a coach can help you attain those results faster.

Often times when you are stuck, it’s difficult to see the potential for a different future. Thoughts such as, “This is just the way it is,” or “I’m not good enough to do that,” or “I don’t have enough time,” are as rampant as they paralyzing. They can keep you stuck and hold you back from your true potential.

Your coach does not see your limitations like you do. They can hold the potential for your greatness and personal growth. And when you’re down, holding the light for what can be can make a tremendous difference.

If you’re tired of not meeting the goals you set for yourself, and  your frustrated to mark yet another passing year without the achievement of your desires. It can be easy to get sidetracked from trying to achieve your goals whether it be due to lack of time, confidence, money, motivation, etc.

If you find yourself resetting the same goal every new year, it may be time to call in some support. Sometimes a little cheerleading from a coach and having me keep track of the promises you’ve made to yourself can make all the difference.

Bottom line… you’re craving more from your life!

You want freedom, peace of mind, to believe in yourself, and once and for all, release the damn stress and have fun!

I want you to start living your life NOW, even when it’s imperfect!

Are you with me?

I really do care about helping you get your life sorted out.

>> Let’s Go! <<

So, is coaching for you?  

Life doesn’t always play out as perfectly as you may like it to. Sometimes you may lose yourself in the daily stress and demands of life and, before you know it, weeks, months, or even years have passed without you taking a stock in yourself and where you are in life.

You crave new possibilities. Maybe your ‘dream life’ has been hovering just beyond your reach, or you’re awakening to the possibility of a better life. Either way, that’s the prize you have your eyes on.

You’re smart. Even if you have a confidence crisis (right now), deep down you know you’re smart and you can make this happen with the right support.

Your glass is half full. Sure, your life or money situation might suck right now, but you’re firmly grounded in the belief that tomorrow is another day … a better day.

You’re courageous. Although you’re a little freaked out, moderately depressed or just scared as hell, you’re ready-willing and able to show up and do the ‘work’ and make it an adventure.

Here’s some results from my clients…

Over the last couple years, I had been through a divorce and was in terrible debt and felt like I was falling deeper into a hole day by day. Shari was my guardian angel. She opened my eyes to a new way of life. Within a couple of months Shari had me on the right track. I was able to clear up most of my debt in a short period of time with the help of her knowledge and experience. I didn’t stop there though…I was also trying to get a small business going that just seemed to be in a rut. I wanted to quit my day job and pursue my passion. Shari was there again to help me. She has given me so much inspiration, excitement, and knowledge. She taught me about goals and values and Shari also instilled in me the power to believe…to believe in myself as a person, and as a business woman. I now feel that I have control over my life and that I can do anything I want to do. Thank You Shari.
Shari’s kick-ass money coaching program has helped me to make some financial changes in my life that were weighing me down for a long time. Once that was lifted, that narrow dark tunnel to the future became bigger & brighter. Thanks Shari for challenging me and not sugar coating the simple truths.
My husband and I felt like there was a gap between how our financial institution was guiding us with plans like retirement, our monthly cash flow and other money issues- whether it was personal or business. We felt like we were being fit into a box that didn’t consider our individual details and specific needs. We have a large family and a business we are investing lots of time in so we can expand. Shari helped us set realistic goals to improve cash flow and grow our business. It was simple, effective and most important, it was fun. I loved the entire process and one highlight for me was exploring the money beliefs. ..incredibly powerful. A lot of choices make sense when you understand this concept. I love playing with Shari’s ideas of making money fun. We continue to implement what we have learned. When you leave you will find yourself saying, “Money , yeah I do that!

Things aren’t as bad as they seem. Promise!

And you’re much closer than you think to …

Peace of Mind. Freedom from worry, stress, anxiety and fear when ‘money’ topics enter the room.

Renewed confidence. A knowing that whatever your current situation, you’re strong enough to turn it all around.

A clear direction. A plan. A strategy. A way from here to a better there. You know you can do it if it’s laid out in plain English.

Marital money-harmony. Yes, there is a happy money-place for couples who don’t see eye to eye. It’s quite beautiful.

Financial independence. Able to follow your own dreams.

Breaking through barriers. Some that may have felt like shackles keeping you enslaved to fears, rationalizations, and limiting beliefs… some you didn’t even know you had.

Freedom. Access that place in you that knows without a doubt that you have the power to create anything you want and have fun!

I can still remember the first day I met with Shari. I was nervous about telling someone about my debt. I felt like a failure. Well l can still remember the first thing Shari said to me “It’s not about the money”. I was scratching my head thinking…huh? What is she talking about? It’s about the money as I have debt up to my ear lobes. As I started to work with her, money was definitely part of the conversion but we really started to focus on my career and goals. I started to think about what made me happy or made my heart “sing”. I started to look at my life as a whole and not just focusing on the money aspect. Well let’s just say I quit my current job and went back to school for my dream job. I feel like a kid in the candy store again. I also have starting to work on getting rid of my debt. Shari made me realize that my debt is manageable. It’s hard work but if you want it you will succeed. I think one of the most positive and powerful skills I learned from Shari were to be positive and grateful. “Be Grateful”. I have a book beside my bed and every morning I wake up and right down what I was grateful about the day before. It really makes you think that life is actually pretty amazing. Actually unbelievably amazing. Thank you for everything Shari. You changed my life.

Are you ready for change? Are you thinking; “It’s my turn!”

Okay, through the process of coaching, the goal is to change and hone your mindset, skills and behaviour to have a better relationship with money, which will change your circumstances and best of all; feel empowered and confident to tackle your dreams.

I have guided many amazing people out of the fog including individuals, couples, and small business owners (you’ve already heard from a few of them).

We’ll look back on the events that influenced your thoughts about money so that you can take charge of your beliefs and discover what money means to you.

We’ll look at the things that may be keeping you stuck where you are and why. Awareness brings about what’s working and what’s not! Then you’ll know what to change.

You’ll create your own vision that aligns with your essence (values) and your core purpose.

The goal is for you to feel free of worries, have more confidence, be empowered with all your relationships, have a plan to follow and simply – be happy!

When you bring into line your thought patterns and your actions, you’ll move faster toward your money and life goals.

> I’m waiting for you ♥ >>

Here’s something that you should know about me;

I don’t want you to play or dream small, hide in your story and settle for mediocre.

We will build an inside-out road-map and a way of being with money that fits you like a glove. And feels good. For the right reasons.

And you get it delivered with love and full on support.

We’ll meet weekly and you’ll have unfettered access to me by email (for whatever comes up).

Ready, set, GO! Let’s do this!

Your next step is to schedule a complimentary conversation with me so we can have a chat to see if we’re a good fit to work together this way, I want you to be sure, before you invest in yourself this way, that I’m the right one to help you.

Sound good?

I can’t wait to talk to you… your future awaits! 🙂 ♥

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