Are you and your partner doing it?

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Talking money of course!   A big reason why many couples argue about money involves having different values and conflicting goals which leads into a battle of; "I'm right ... your wrong!"   Here's why this happens: most couples do not have "Money Talks". Sure they talk about money in [...]

Are You Stressed About Money?

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you've been stressed about money ... at least once. Bottom line - money gives us better choices. Money impacts almost everything in our lives from the food we buy, to the car we drive, the house we live in, vacations, clothes... [...]

Why You Don’t Reach Your Money Goals

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You set some goals around money but yet you still aren’t where you want to be financially. What the heck? Sure, goals are important (and critical to your success) but they are not enough. There is more at work than meets the eye. If you're not where you want to [...]

Do you need a money makeover?

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What do you believe about being successful? What story have you told yourself about your present and future relationship with money? Is it doomed or are you living a kick-ass life? Here's the thing that I say over and over again to my clients.... "You are where you are based [...]

Letting go of the edge…

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Letting go of the edge... Ever hear that inner voice telling you there's more to what you have?   Do you listen to it? ...The one that tells you to go for it...and believe.   You should listen, its chatter that matters!   Time to examine the truth about where [...]

How do you get what you want in life?

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How do you get what you want in life? Last time I talked about why you don’t reach your money goals. If you missed it, you can read it here. It basically comes down to changing your money mindset, tapping into your inner ‘bad-ass’ and get into the drivers seat [...]

Woman entrepreneurs, a force to be reckoned with!

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Are you a woman and own your own business? Did you know that 4 out of 5 businesses are started by women? Although it is changing, the sad news is that women are still making less money (on average) than the guys. (But thankfully that gap is getting smaller!) Running [...]

Know what successful women have that unsuccessful women don’t?

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Grit, and lots of it. There is a fire in her belly that keeps her focused on what she wants, come hell or high water. She’s committed, focused and always ready and open to anything.   Does she fall down every now and then…you bet!   But she overcomes obstacles [...]

No Regrets

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  "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."   I love this quote from Albert Einstein and when it comes to money, we all make money mistakes.   Not only do we make mistakes but then we feel horrible about them and ourselves. Can you [...]

Begin With The End In Mind

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Want to know the first step to having a better relationship with your money is? You have to see a reality where your success with money is possible. Why? Because when you believe that you can overcome challenges by changing your behaviour, you choose to believe that you live in [...]

One Simple Step

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I am often asked for one simple step, a useful constructive action that you can take right now to make a difference when it comes to your money, regardless of your age or situation.   Here it is… Are you committed to making some changes? If you want different results [...]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”   Staples made that first commercial back in 1996 and it is a parent’s theme song for September for sure!   I know my son Brad and daughter-in-law Liz are singing this song! With 4 kids, having 3 back in [...]

Your Relationship With Money Can Be Fantastic, Pleasurable, Exciting and Stress Free!

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Do you believe it or was your first reaction… “Yeah right, I don’t think so!”   For so many it can be hard, stressful, and depressing. It can be embarrassing which leaves you feeling shameful, guilty, stupid and hopeless. I know, I’ve had my own struggles.   Here are some [...]

How Money Problems are Messing up Your Business

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What a fantastic summer I had! Lots of golf, sun and fun. But now it's time to check back in with my goals and rock out the rest of the year!   A couple of nights ago, at my local Women's Business Network, I talked about how women are allowing [...]

3 Letters That Will Change Your Life

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    I don’t know about you…but I feel like someone flicked the switch from summer to fall … overnight!   Holy cow we needed the rain, but I had to light the pilot on the fireplace and turn on the furnace!       For me, this is [...]

What are you done with putting off?

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As we head into the final months of 2017… I have a question for you...   ‘Is your life where you thought (maybe planned) it to be at the beginning of the year?’   ‘If you set any goals, how are you doing?’   If you are rocking it out [...]

5 Signs You’re Ready To Make a Change

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 Would you not agree that having a ‘sure thing’ is awesome? And go figure… there’s even been research done that shows that our brains love predictability and knowing what to expect.   That makes a lot of sense to why we’ll choose something that we don’t really want just because [...]

Winning at the Game of Money

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Are you thinking your thoughts or are old thoughts thinking you?   We’ve all heard this before, but I believe we need to hear it over and over again, until it is ingrained in who we are and what we do.   96-98% of our thoughts are fed by our [...]

Are You Walking or Just Talking?

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When it comes to living the life that you say you want to live; are you taking the action steps that you need to take to get there, or are you just giving lip service?     Taking responsibility is truly the key and the hardest part...     No [...]

What is lifestyle?

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Well it's the cars we drive, the home we live in, and the vacations we take. It's the education we provide and it's the retirement we save for... it's living today while planning for tomorrow.   And guess what... your income supports it all!   But what if you [...]

Life, Money and Golf

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Money and success are like a game; you have to know the rules and practice.   So let me compare my favorite pastime - golf - to the game of money.   To be good in golf - there is no doubt that you have to "practice". Consistent good rounds [...]

I Believe in You!

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I'm back and rested after 2 fantastic weeks in one of my favorite places...Huatulco. It was our sixth time there! Can't beat the super-hot climate of southern Mexico...loved it! It was a fantastic holiday and for the last 2 weeks of December it’s my planning time to reflect and review [...]

I Love my Koolaid!

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For the last 2 weeks I have been working with my mentor in regards to planning my year; from income, clients, marketing, distribution, customer service; overall looking at my services and products I offer. It's great work to do this review, but the best part is taking a powerful look [...]

Is everybody making more money than you? Here’s why.

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Have you ever struggled with feeling like everybody around you was succeeding financially – even people you feel aren’t as educated, qualified or talented as you?   Oh, have I been there!   One of my biggest “money blocks” was feeling I wasn’t getting what I deserved monetarily, and falsely [...]

Your inner world (thoughts, beliefs and feelings) creates your outer reality.

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Are you thinking your thoughts or are old thoughts thinking you?  

“I’ll be more happy when I have more money.”

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What do you think of this statement.... “I’ll be more happy when I have more money.” Does this ring true for you? Well it sure did for me in my younger years as a single Mom! And usually we feel this way when we're at rock bottom, stressed and unhappy, [...]

Is Your Relationship With Money Begging For a Little TLC?

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I so love being a money coach and catalyst of change, helping you to end the emotional & mental tug-of-war with money. Having a better relationship with money starts with knowing your numbers and then breaking down limiting beliefs (mostly unconscious 😉 so you can bust through blocks that stops you from [...]

You Don’t Have to Believe it’s Possible 😉

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Here's a short little video I was inspired to do this morning... You don't have to believe something is possible - much less have a full blown plan in place. You have to decide what you want and be willing to do whatever comes next! (And take action right away!) [...]

Courage, Grit, a Vision and Purpose…

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Last night at NWBN our guest speaker Stephanie Staples gave an awesome motivational speech and entertained us with "Luke the Uke" and a couple of her own songs! We did an exercise where the room was split between those who believed their lives were rockin pretty good and felt they had a [...]

Do You Need To Make New Promises?

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As we approach near the end of 2018, I was going over my goals and my commitments that I made for myself.   Recently I have changed calling my goals to; 'my promises'.   Why?   Because when we make a promise, I feel there is a bigger emotional [...]

The Statistics Are Hurting My Heart

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Okay, after the third magazine, I can’t stay silent about this. I’ve been a financial advisor for over 21 years…although I still maintain some special clients, the majority of my business is now coaching. Why did I start coaching 10 years ago? Because of the articles that are flooding my inbox [...]

How are you talking to your kids about money?

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I don’t know about you but sometimes we don’t stop to think about the exact meaning of what we are saying. Hey we are busy people and we don’t have time to scrutinize everything that comes out of our mouth. Sometimes we should but it would be a little crazy [...]

Are you willing to do what it takes?

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"I am interested in changing my mind about money, and attracting it to me effortlessly. I want to live a life filled with wealth and prosperity, a life of freedom”. Is this an affirmation that you say but you are not seeing results? It’s been proven that taking positive action [...]

Do you even need an RRSP?

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The deadline for RRSP contributions is fast approaching - March 1st! (In Canada) A question that I always get asked is; "Is the RRSP still the best way for me to fund my future, or should I be maximizing my contribution to a tax-free savings account first, and only then [...]

Believe in possibilities

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I see so many people that don’t take the next step (closer to their dreams) because they don’t know 100% that it’s going to work. I call it a 'yeah-but' mindset that holds us back and limits our success. The 'yeah-buts' we say to ourselves justify why we stay (and [...]

Take the money and run

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Aahhh taxes…love them or hate them, they are inevitable. If you have to pay more tax this year, that may mean that you made more money…which is always a good thing! I have found that when you are organized and have a plan, there really should be no stress at [...]

Money Coaching can change your financial life!

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After being a financial advisor for over 19 years I can expertly tell you that ‘Money’ is a highly emotional subject! And there are lots of reasons why. Maybe you’ve hit a financial ceiling in your business and want to make more… maybe you are just starting out and you [...]

Money and The Law of Attraction

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Summer is here and this is a time when we drift off in the sun, relaxing and having fun. We take time off work to spend with family and friends and feel fully stress-free for a few weeks. Some of you may even would love to have this lifestyle all [...]

Top 3 Limiting Money Beliefs & How to Ditch em!

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When it comes to attracting either more money or having more success, I’ve found what is really stopping us from living our dreams is limiting beliefs. Unknowingly (in most cases) we allow our fears and doubts to sabotage our success. And one thing I know for sure is that our [...]

 Quit Hiding From Money

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My guess is you don’t want to hide from money you want it to flow and attract it…right? Well the reality is that in order to do that, you have to be willing to open your eyes and know in detail where you stand financially. We all have to take [...]

Do You Have Spending Plan for the Holidays?

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I just returned from 2 fantastic weeks in Ixtapa Mexico. It was my first time to Ixtapa and I’ll be back. My new episode of my Money Grit Show reminded me of a story I shared 3 years ago after I returned from Huatulco, Mexico. “If you have been in [...]

Cover Your A$$!

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Summer is here! With that brings lots of fun outdoor activities; biking, water skiing, tubing, hiking and camping to name a few. Unfortunately, accidents can happen too. (I've seen some wicked tubing accidents and water skiing wipe-outs!) Some accidents or sickness may only result in a few days off work... [...]

A Lesson From an Italian Lover of Life

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“Attitude is everything, so pick a good one!” “Is your glass half full or half empty?” “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don’t change it you’ll never go anywhere” “Change I can’t into I can and pretty soon you will say… I did!”   We have [...]

Saying goodbye to debt this holiday season

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Ola amigos! (I'm practicing my Spanish for our trip to Mexico next month). It’s November already and the holiday season is sneaking up.   What’s on our minds? Yup, spending! Buying gifts, going on trips (me for sure – maybe you too!) and visiting friends and family.   And [...]

Women and Money…You Got This!

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Are you happy with the way you think about money? Are you in charge of your financial destiny? Do you have fun managing your money and setting goals?   Well if you said ‘No’ to any of the above, you may be hanging on to some money beliefs, habits or [...]

Are you having an “Out Of Money” Experience?

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Are you having an 'out of money' experience? If so, chances are that it's due to your habits, attitude and a real 'tug of war' inside you. We all have desires, dreams and beliefs that pull us towards achieving the goals we have in life right? But sometimes we start to [...]

Is Your Mindset Keeping You Poor?

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Want to know what the biggest barriers are to having success with money, our finances, goals and dreams?   It's the BS stories that we tell ourselves of why we can’t.   Those stories stop us from really getting honest with ourselves and we have conditioned ourselves to believe in all [...]

I Have a Money Personality?

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Did you know that research shows that opposites tend to attract to each other in relationships? The crazy thing is that when it comes to money and certain spending habits; savers, who commonly spend less than they would like to spend, and spenders who generally spend more than they would [...]

8 Ways To Have a Positive Money Mindset

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When it comes to basic money management most of us know what we are 'supposed' to do, you know the basics; spend less than you earn - save for an emergency - and invest for your future.   However, establishing 'good' habits around money is easier said than done, for [...]

Do you want an investment with guarantees to protect your money from market downturns?

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It's that time of year again... do I invest in an RRSP? If so - what type of funds should I invest in. Well if you are over 55 - according to a RBC survey , 87% of Canadians are looking for investments that grow & guarantee principal and yet [...]

Better with Age?

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Better with age, yes, just like a fine wine! But all those years ago, (if you are over 50) when you were watching Happy Days, did you imagine you’d be stressing about retirement? We grew up on Barbie and Ken, the Beatles and wearing bell bottoms – and now some [...]