I’m back on track and full of fire!

Hi, I know its been awhile, but I can honestly say that I’m back!

Heads up – this is a long post from my heart. ❤ But I wanted to share what I’ve been going through, because I think a lot of you might be having the same challenges too.

I have had a major Covid Hangover and been in a fog, so if my experience will help you, then that is fantastic! These last few months have taken a toll on me, I’m not going to make excuses, but this year has kicked my butt!

Having to shift my life into this ‘new normal’ has been challenging in my business for sure! And if you are a business owner – you may relate to this!

I thought last year was rough, losing my friend and business partner and having to redesign my business (it gutted me to the core 😢), but I know from experience that ‘roadblocks’ will always happen (I’ve had my share and they always show up when I least expect it), but I’ve learned that it is our reaction to them that matters the most.

Do you have a story or experience that is holding you back?

At the beginning of this year I was on Cloud 9! I had finished my first Mastermind in November that was amazing – and the ladies in the group created so much value in their lives. (and so did I!)

I got crystal clear about my future plans with my New ‘Life Out Loud Transformational Retreats and Adventures’, a dream that my business partner Miki and I had been planning for 5 years before she passed.

I was on fire with determination, excitement, exhilaration (and a little terrified too) – to take my business in this new direction that just felt like ‘home’ – aligned with my purpose and passion.

I am committed to host a space for you to be inspired to want more, be more, do more – with an unshakeable confidence in yourself.

My superpower? Helping you wake up to the possibilities and potential that lie within you! I’m ready to help you kick-ass towards your dreams and goals. But there are lots of reasons that can hold us back to live our dreams; lack of confidence, feel that we’re not good enough or worthy, or not clear on what we really want.

Where/or What is holding you back right now?

If you are in business you may have some anxiety for the future (depending on what type of business you have)“Do I pivot, (and then how?) do I change totally, how will I adjust to this new normal?!”

You may be spending money on ‘quick-fix’ solutions, going in to more debt, burning out, trying new things with lackluster results, doubting your abilities, don’t know where to start, bombarded with ‘shoulds’, don’t have the right support and you may even not be sure what the problem is!

I get it, and I’m right there with you! I’m going to share with you what I’ve done and how I have worked through these challenges.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I am known as a mover-shaker and connector. Leadership is not only one of my values, its in my blood, my DNA. I knew that women were looking up to me as a leader to be an example of ‘sticking to it,’ believing in infinite possibilities, an action taker who was living her life authentically on purpose with passion!

This drives me to be even better, but I let  ‘The Covid Hangover’ get me good.

At the beginning of March, I had just got back from LA at a conference (they closed all the airports and events one week after I got back!) My friend and I had also signed up for a speaker’s camp in Vegas at the beginning of May because we both were ready to up our game with live audiences. I was pumped and full on ready to host my first Life Out Loud Retreat in May and my first Life Out Loud Adventure trip in the late summer, when Covid put the brakes on all of it.

This was my 5-year dream that just got crushed in a heartbeat ☹.

I was devastated (well super disappointed) because I had put all my energy into creating this new ‘LIVE’ evolution of my business, the next chapter, new mission, and new adventure. I was 100% committed to take women out of their comfort zones and step up into their dreams with a full-on action plan along with support and accountability.

Has that ever happened to you? Had everything lined up only to have it all fall apart?

It sucks!

As this new normal (online) way of doing business was emerging as the pandemic grew, I saw many ‘pivot’ their ‘LIVE’ events to ‘online’. Now, I am no stranger to online I had been using Zoom for years! I use it with my clients who live all across the country and in the USA, and my Business Masterminds are also on-line – so that was normal and okay. My local coaching clients switched to Zoom calls vs in-person. I made it work.

Here is where I got kicked down;

I was so super pumped up about my new ‘LIVE’ Retreats and excited for the event in May. Women were signing up, the speakers were all booked, and the agenda was amazing! I knew that every woman there was going to have a life altering experience! I had put my heart and soul into the content, speakers, and location (we were going to get pampered and spoiled – because we can, and we deserve it!)

I didn’t cancel right away because I thought that; “this won’t last”, it was hard to believe that everything was shutting down… “Oh it’s just a bad flu bug.”

Yup, I’ll admit it, I was one of those nay-sayers (at first) that thought everyone was being a little ridiculous and over-reacting. Well as you know, that quickly changed as the months went by and I came to realize that this is serious shit and it’s not going away anytime soon! So, I changed the date of the Retreat to the end of September, only to soon realize – that wasn’t going to happen either.

Holy crap – I can’t believe this is happening!

I turned to my mentors and peers and looked at what they were doing. Some were doing nothing, and others were pivoting to doing ‘online programs’ and hosting their LIVE events ‘online’.

My speaker training ‘LIVE’ event that I was to attend in May in Vegas went ‘online’. It was going to be 3 days on Zoom from 9 am to 5 pm. At first, I thought, “Okay, at least I am going to get the information!” So, I kept an open mind about it and showed up the first day.

Full disclosure here (this is my own experience and journey, we all learn differently – I’m not judging others), but I didn’t like it! In fact, I only lasted about 1 hour on the call, because the thought of sitting there for another 5 hours, pained me! Now this is not to say that the material wasn’t valuable, it was –its just this format was not working for me though! (My friend was on it for the whole 3 days and loved it – so it was definitely my own personal preference!)

After having made the hard and long decision at the beginning of the year to bring my vision of in-person live events to reality, my experience with the speaker training retreat turned on-line was the cherry on-top to stick to my guns and hold ‘LIVE’ Events. (Ugh, it was so frustrating, heartbreaking and exciting at the same time!)

So instead of me doing ‘something’ and pivoting, I went golfing! 🏌️‍♀️⛳I was super thankful when my golf course opened, and a way to be socially distant – at least doing something that I love! My little inner princess was having an all-out temper tantrum pity party…

“I don’t want to do my retreat on-line! – I want to be live with my peeps! No one can make me change the programs to online! I’ll just golf until this blows over…”

Ha-ha – so that’s what I did! I hid out on the golf course with my golf pals. It was great, not going to lie. My handicap went down (not enough to be a PGA pro and change careers 😉) but golfing 4-5 days a week took its toll on my 58 yr old body! The injuries went up.

Even though I was going for regular massages, I ended up with an injured shoulder and knee – only to find out after x-rays that I have mild arthritis in both. (“Alright God, cruel joke, come on – can’t I even golf without disaster happening!”) Well 2 Cortisone shots later, I was able to be back playing after a couple of weeks! Ha! 😜

But something inside kept nagging at me and waking me up at 3 in the morning “Wake-up, wake-up – there’s more for you to do with your business…don’t give up and don’t stop!”

What wakes you up at 3 am?

My pity-party was losing momentum and my bad-ass business sense started to kick in and take the little princess out! I can remember thinking – “Okay you’ve had your fun, now get back to that vision of yours and starting practicing what you preach!”

There were 2 things I needed to do right away…

  1. I had to reconnect to my vision and believe with conviction that my Life Out Programs were possible and going to happen.

  2. I needed to speed it up and get going and surround myself with others who were motivated and committed to kicking ass in their businesses! So, I joined a mentorship group to help me kick my butt around video and on-line programs. (I know – I said I wasn’t going to do them – but I needed to have a way to get back fulfilling my passion to make a difference!)

It was exactly what I needed. Having a coach, being among my peers who were having the same challenges as me, supporting each other to rock this new online world – priceless!

It gave me the push and inspiration to get out of this ‘Covid Hangover Fog’ to help others. (FYI – doing it by yourself – rarely works!)

I also ramped up and dedicated myself to my daily meditation practice and embraced the support from my peer group – the fog started to lift.

Some of the ladies were building online programs and module training. I have a lot of material that I could do just that, (I had done it before) but something was not feeling right.

Even though I was trying to convince myself otherwise…a little voice inside of me was whispering – “Okay, just pivot now with online programs, get it over with! Everyone else is doing it!”

Ever felt pressured to do something that you have a gut feeling you really don’t want to do?

Fine! I started to create an online program; starting with a webinar, then an email follow-up series, leading to an online program that I was going to build. (I tapped into my inner badass!)

I had re-designed my new ‘online program’ (that I was excited and proud of) for women that were also struggling with anxiety and pressure to get back on track by building a solid foundation based on their values, goals, mindset and money management. This is my JAM – this is what I love to help you with!

But something still didn’t resonate with me, I found it hard to keep focused, even though I felt good about it, it was all super important foundational teaching that helps women get back on track in their business.

I was embracing the change. (Well, so I thought…) Then a few days before I was to go live with the Webinar – BOOM – the Universe whacks me on the side of head and I end up in the hospital with septic shock from a bladder infection that has spread to my kidneys.

(I had ignored and down-played a bladder infection I had for a week – putting on my super woman cape to self-cure it with cranberry juice – lots of water and Tylenol – yea right – that wasn’t the brightest moment for me).

Well that knocked me on my ass for 5 days. No concentration – no energy – no desire for a webinar…“Will somebody please just put me out of my misery – thank you very much!”

“Okay Universe, what’s up?” (I know that everything happens for a reason.)


So, I meditate even more…(it’s easy to focus on nothing when your body is in pain and you can’t think anyway!)

Highly recommend meditation – in any and all forms that it comes in!

When I came out of the ‘kidney coma’ (metaphor, wasn’t really in a coma but felt that way!) after 6 or 7 days it becomes clear to me (my brain is sparking again and I have an ah-ha moment!)

Crap, I am doing that ‘on-line’ thing, what everyone else is doingWhat the hell am I doing?”

I always say to my clients – definition of insanity is trying to fit a circle through a square opening (It is not going to fit! Or doing the same thing expecting different results 😉) I am making plans for my business, (that did not make my heart sing).

I was not like everyone else; I am unique, and I must stick to my guns about what I want to create – even if it means waiting until I can do it!

What a relief this gift of silence and solitude brought me, due to being home sick. (Although I can guarantee you, I was not so thankful during!)I am so grateful for the Kidney infection because it was my wake-up call. Would I have rocked out doing the online program?

For sure, it is my life teaching and valuable, but I was not being true to myself and my vision for the future. (Don’t worry – I am still doing it – in a different way – read on😉)

Ever had a life-changing ah-ha moment where it all becomes clear?

Let me back up a little to give you a better picture of what was going on for me, and my background in business…(This will help you make sense of WHY I needed to follow my hearts desire and stay true to who I am and my values! And WHY that’s important for you too!)

I started Molchan Financial in 2005. One the best things (and scariest things) I have done in my life, I had never run a business before! My early success is because I had a mentor that supported, encouraged, and kept me accountable to my goals. I know that I would not be where I am at without that guidance and mentorship. I built my business with a solid foundation, and then taught others how to do it.

I realized that women were not treated the same in the financial world, and most (like me) were not taught about anything financial, albeit that it was good to save money!

When I was sitting down with my clients planning their future, it was heartbreaking how many didn’t have a clue what they wanted. Most popular responses; To be free, retire, not work, travel, no debt….

Do you have a clear picture of what you truly want?

But when I asked them what they would be doing if they were free or out of debt, they couldn’t answer, they didn’t know what they wanted or how to get it. What did they want to do for fun? …Crickets…. that broke my heart! ❤ That was all the motivation I needed to start my own Community of Women called ‘The Diva Club’.

It not only helped me generate clients, (I started my business with no $ and no clients!) but we had a lot of fun. (fun being another one of my top values!)

The monthly meetings were 1-hour financial education that changed their lives! We then did 1-hour of fun with my friend Susan who co-owned a local pub. We had pole dancing – wine/beer tasting, fashion shows, beauty tips – it was great! We ended the season in June and rented Dragonboats and paddled over to Newcastle for a ‘wine picnic’ and then back to party on the patio. So many great memories!

Then in 2008 I had a life-changing experience. I attended a 3-day workshop to learn about marketing and leading your own live workshops, that changed my business. (I was ready to take ‘community’ to another level!)

I signed up for all their programs and coaching right then and there – in fact, I was crying at the back of the room after signing up. The leader came and asked me what was wrong? I replied that these were tears of joy! I felt that I was stepping up and into my destiny… it filled my heart and fit me like a glove… I was so inspired and excited! (and I trusted my intuition 😉)

Can you think of a time when you trusted your intuition and it made all the difference? 😉

This led to my own 2-day workshop for women called ‘Money Momentum…Begins with the 1st Step!

They were super successful. I was on cloud 9 – I knew that I had found my calling – leading workshops and coaching. It felt like coming home!

Women were changing their lives and getting amazing results!

Moral of this story is; I am so grateful for the Kidney infection. (Sometimes the Universe has its own weird ways of connecting us to our hearts desire.) 

I have never been so crystal clear on what I want to create in my business for my clients and the goals for my lifestyle.

I know with all my heart that when I step up as a leader and bring together like-minded women who are ready and willing to take risks (aka – get out of their story and excuses and kick-ass in their lives) is when I am on purpose.

I am all too aware about feeling stuck, or in a rut and deep down you know you’re meant for something greater than you are experiencing. For some of you, you feel pretty good about your life, but there is a niggle at the back of your neck whispering, “There’s more, there’s more…”


 My truth: My gifts and calling is to create safe spaces for women to be brilliant so they can step into their greatness.

I believe in you sometimes before you do, and I hold that space for you until you catch up. ❤

So, here is the crystal-clear vision and ah-ha from my little sabbatical of unconsciousness 😉


So welcome to my private Life Out Loud – Womens Business Group. An Online Exclusive – Invitation / Application Only – Facebook community for my Life Out Louders!

For years, I have been building connections with amazing women – leaders in their own right, a talent hot bed of previous clients, friends, and acquaintances. Imagine being surrounded by extraordinary women who support each other, challenge each other, and share their wisdom and talents with each other.

“We are women who are embracing living out loud.

We have no time for excuses because we have lives to change!

We are called to our passion… we have a purpose, a mission.”


What is in it for you?

 I am inspired and called to help you really step in and know who you are, WHY you are here, and help you to step up into your brilliance (as I like to call it – your badasseryness!) the passion of your heart and soul … with no apologies. Just a solid commitment to your dreams and goals.

Life Out Louders will be a global community network of women like me and you, who are ready to take on anything that lights us up!

The goal is to support the other women in the group with your expertise, connections, and experience.

I will be very active in this group. My ‘No BS Webinar’ and foundational trainings will be held live in this group and I will be sharing the best of all my teachings with you there.

I’ll be doing ‘LIVE’ hot seat coaching and I will also have guest interviews with other Rockstar leaders of their crafts to help you in your business!

I am creating a space for you to share your wisdom, talent, and gifts to all of us! I’m all about creating Wins for me – Wins for you – and Wins for our clients!

It feels right, it feels like it’s time! I’m ready to help you rock it out in your business, and your life! I hope you’ll join me!

Click Here to Apply to Join!



Along with my new community, my next Business Accelerator Mastermind Group is happening soon! The next session starts Nov 2nd. 6 women max from non-competing businesses!

As business owners, it can be isolating and difficult to know where to turn for advice (or commiseration!) It is not for the faint-hearted or for someone who is just dabbling without passion.

It’s for women who are ready to step up and step into her true calling and make a difference in the world with her gifts – unapologetically!

Masterminds are one of the few ways to immerse yourself in a community of other women in business.

I provide an opportunity to communicate with other women with varied backgrounds and experiences who have no emotional attachment or vested interest in your business. Just honest, objective feedback from a fresh business perspective. Priceless! 😊

All in the confidence of a mastermind group.

You can check out on the website where women share how this experience changed their lives forever!

I would love to have you in my next one, click here to book a complimentary session with me to see it it’s a fit for you right now! 😘


And I’ve also re-booked my ‘LIVE’ Retreat at an amazing kick ass location for May 2021 – I have reserved the whole resort at Villa Eyrie on the Malahat Highway, Vancouver Island. Go big or go home! (I am keeping the faith that this one will happen!) The women that will attend do not have time for excuses or want to live in old stories.

You have a passion to make a difference with your talents and gifts, and know that you are an amazing, confident woman. You are worth it and deserve a little luxury with others who are also tapped into living their life out loud!

These Life Out Loud Transformational Retreats will be held at different exotic, exciting locations all over the world twice a year!

Details and Sign-up coming soon!


Of course, I still love my 1-1 coaching, a partnership with you and me to accelerate you to your next level of success. My clients have literally created miracles…on a regular basis! Bring your biggest dreams or your biggest fears. And together we will handle them… forever. ❤              Click Here to Learn More


And the one I cannot wait to be able to host is… My ‘Life Out Loud Adventures!’ Skydiving is going to be the first Life Out Loud Transformational Adventure, because it scares the shit out of me, and I want to kick that fear to the curb!

(Swimming with sharks is also on the agenda – another huge fear! Thanks Mr. Spielberg!)  More details as it becomes clearer on travel.


There you go – wow, I feel like a 5-year-old kid in the candy store with $20 bucks to spend! I am so inspired right now, and I am committed to not let this pandemic take me out or stifle my dreams.


I know this has been a long post – and if you got this far, then thank you ❤🙏 and hopefully something sparked inside of you to get up and step up – full on – towards your dreams.


There will never be a ‘back to normal’ but thank god! I have those t-shirts already!

It’s time for new adventures, fun, money, travel, business, relationships or whatever it is for you. Want to join me? I am now actively recruiting fellow ‘Life Out Louders’ ready to play full out – on fire – with passion! If that’s you– I am waiting for you – the world is waiting for you!


I will show you what you cannot see.

I will probably say what no one else would dare to say,

but you will have all that you desire in life and in business…

I think that’s worth it – do you?


See you soon!

Lots of love ❤