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What does happiness and financial freedom truly mean to you?


Do you wish you had a better relationship and attitude about money?


Do you want to create better habits around money and your life but you don’t know where to start?


Excellent, you are in the right place.

This is for courageous, savvy women and men who have BIG dreams, BIG hearts, and want to get their life on track; once and for all.


It’s really a call out to anyone who has ever thought it’s only the ‘lucky few’ who get the money stuff figured out (while the rest slog through, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering when you’ll ever get ahead).

And some of you may over-stress with…

  • Cash flow – robbing Peter to pay Paul – – then robbing Paul to pay Peter (it hurts and you’re tired of it).
  • Sinking into a bucket of fear because you are in your fifties or sixties and old age or retirement is looming ever so close and you’ve got plans that seem a little out of reach.
  • Big life changes in your life around your job or business or personal life.
  • Seeing the huge gap between what you want (deep down inside) and what you believe you can have, you are tired of not having any fun!
  • Or hiding your money mess because you are embarrassed, feel stupid and tired of blaming others.

And saying a big ol’ HELLO to those of you who…

  • Recognize the ‘traditional’ money advice of “get on a budget, watch your cash flow and stop spending and accumulating debt” is sadly not working for you!
  • Want to find a better, easier way to get money working for you, or even just to get out of the hole you’ve dug.
  • Need to figure out why you keep doing the same thing (and getting the same crappy result) and just want to get unstuck already!
  • Crave a reawakening of secret dreams and wishes.
  • Are ready to ditch the emotional baggage and other crap that keeps you living small.
  • And need someone to kick your butt (with a hug) and get you off your ass and truly living your life.

I want you to claim your confidence and step outside your familiar….

(FYI – the answers are on the outside)

I’m that gal.

Hi, I’m Shari Molchan. And bottom line, I know you’re craving more from your life. You want freedom, peace of mind, to believe in yourself (again or maybe even the first time!) and once and for all you would like to release the damn stress around money. To get back in touch with feeling alive and excited about life … and work … and play.


It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.


As cliché as it sounds, I want this for you as much as you want it for yourself. So I’ll bring it; straight up truth, money smarts, spot-on intuition, fun and kick-ass coaching to get your money (and life) working for you.


Why do I care? And why should that matter to you?


Here’s another cliché… been there, done that, have the t-shirt to prove it! But more importantly, I’ve crawled my way to the other side with courage, persistence and perseverance. You name it, I’ve experienced it. From the unexpected death of my (ex)husband leading me into financial crisis (no life insurance & 2 teenage boys), financial windfalls to losing it all, security to heart-crushing uncertainty, and several uninvited stops along the way. What got me through it all is an unfailing ability to see the possibilities and take the steps to make it happen.


Clients tell me that’s exactly what I do for them; connect the possibility of their dreams to the reality of living them. I inspire excellence in others and challenge them to exceed their best accomplishments. It’s pretty cool to see my clients rock out a kick-ass life … at 30, 50, even 72! Especially when their forecasts seemed pretty darn bleak to them when we started!


That’s the BEST part of my work! (which is really like play, some work, but mostly play!)


I’ve been described as a connector, leader and a ‘make it happen’ kind of gal. Clients appreciate how I put them at ease quickly and how they feel comfortable and trust me to safeguard their emotions (and secrets). They’re inspired to get going and make it happen. They become their own ‘knight in shining armor’ and bask in the feeling of unstoppable confidence.


They stop letting money be the excuse and start using it as a catalyst – to everything and anything their heart desires.


Looking for the creds? I’ve got them too…


I’ve been an Insurance and Financial advisor for over 21 years and have helped hundreds of women, men and couples with risk and wealth management, often digging themselves out of money pits they fell into.

Although I still maintain some special clients, the majority of my business is now coaching.

Why did I start coaching 10 years ago?

I’ve learned that financial hardships are a direct result of a dysfunctional relationship with money and an untrained mindset for success. My super-power is getting you right with money and your life that feels good.

I’m all about results – not mediocre results – kick-ass results. And to always, always have some serious fun while doing it.


Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

Whereas taking action is the antidote to despair and breeds confidence and courage and is the path to success.


If you are ready – seriously ready – I can help you make it happen, because we both know it takes more than visualizing and hoping it’ll manifest… right?

If you’re ready for a simple, inside-out approach to getting what you want out of your life then check out how we can work together here.

What my amazing clients are saying about their results… ♥
When I listened to Shari Molchan speak at a women’s business event on the Sunshine Coast I was in a place in my career where I knew that I had a great idea but also had realized that my money story was holding me back.
Shari’s coaching program led me step-by-step through my self-limiting beliefs and habits, helping me realize what I needed to change, and gave me a systematic process for getting financially back on track and building the business of my dreams.

What I appreciated the most and found the most beneficial was the accountability that Shari held me to. There were no excuses … With Shari Molchan, things got done!

“The problem I had with money before coming to Shari was the fact that I was quite unorganized. I didn’t know my numbers; I didn’t know the cause of my spending habits. I discovered that I’m an emotional spender. That’s been a big eye opener and helped me tremendously. What impressed me most about working with Shari was her genuine interest in me as a person.”
“When I came to Shari I was in debt and fearful of not being able to get myself on track. I didn’t feel good about myself and I had many doubts. I was newly single after a 40 year marriage. no direction and extremely afraid about that. After working with Shari, I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending. I feel better about myself and at 72 years young I’m dreaming, setting goals and having fun!”

Pat T.
“I was divorced, in terrible debt and falling deeper into a hole day by day. Shari was my guardian angel. She opened my eyes to a new way of life. Within 2 months she had me on the right track. I cleared up most of my debt in a very short period of time. I now can set goals, clear on my values and she instilled in me the power to believe. I now in control of my life and believe that I can do anything I want to do.”
“Hiring Shari as a coach has shifted how I feel about my finances, and my LIFE. I was exhausted, stuck, and tired of “figuring it all out myself”. I’m now relieved that all the money muddiness in my life is getting clear. She goes deep – it’s about living the life you want – not just talking about it. Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life – she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says ‘you can do this’.”
Dawn M.