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Could it really be this simple? Yes!

 (Part 2 – Money Matters Made Easy!)


Sooo… how are feeling about your numbers now?

If you looked at them, even just a little, then give yourself a high 5!


You got to start somewhere! It’s a win!


I promise it will make your life so much easier, and it’s the first step to less stress around money. (That is what you want, right?) YES!


I have to tell you why I was inspired to write this series of emails to you. I got this note from one of my clients;


“I am so frustrated with our financial situation! Every paycheck once we pay everything we owe, we are left with no money to live on so we end up using our credit cards for gas and groceries, which only digs the hole deeper. How are we supposed to get ahead when we are barely treading water now?”


She was not having fun and this my friend is way too common, but so fixable!


Are you finding yourself with more month than money?


 It’s a difficult place to be in for sure and not much fun! It probably keeps you up at night. And to describe this situation of living paycheck to paycheck as ‘unfortunate’ is not helping because it feels more like you are drowning without a life ring.


But just because you don’t make enough money to cover your expenses… right now… doesn’t mean you have to throw up your hands in defeat… you can get through this!


The truth is; you may be sabotaging yourself (unknowingly!) by thinking…

  • I’ll earn more money later
  • It’s too late (or I’m too old) to do anything about it
  • I’m not good at saving; My partner handles all the money
  • I can’t talk about money
  • I’m not a numbers person
  • I’ll always be in debt, so what’s the use in trying

Okay the last one breaks my heart.


You see, those excuses are allowing you to believe that it is okay to be stuck. But it isn’t – it sucks!


I know you want to be in control of your money – in control of your life.


Managing your money is taking care of yourself. And when you take care of yourself, not only will you feel better but it ripples to your partner, kids, family and friends. That’s why I love what I do; taking care of one – takes care of the many!

(Being selfish is really self-care!)


I sincerely want to help you with your ‘money relationship’.


I hear you loud and clear about your frustrations of not having enough money every month; so, let’s get some more money in your jeans with some ‘how’ and ‘where’ strategies. No more excuses! (You’re tired of them anyway!)


 Looking at your numbers (the first step) allows you to see how much you are spending and where.


Here are some fantastic tips that you can use to change how much money goes out – and in – your wallet each month. (I’ve also listed the potential extra money you could have every month… to have more fun!)

  • If you use a cell phone – do you really need that home phone? Also does your cell phone have all the bells and whistles of a computer that you don’t use? $20 – $40
  • Cable; 200 channels and you watch maybe 10? $50
  • Do you plan your meals or go to the grocery store with a list? $100 – $300
  • Take a lunch to work and have dinner out once a week. $200 – $300
  • Work an extra hour every day. $100
  • Ask for a raise. $100
  • Quit smoking / cut down on liquor. $50 – $100
  • Raise your deductible on your home / car insurance. $40
  • Lower interest rate on your credit cards / get a 0% interest rate card (if your credit is good). $200
  • Gym membership you are not using. $50-$100
  • Get an exchange student or rent out a room in your house. $500
  • Contact your creditors and see if you qualify for a reduced payment. $200

That’s an incredible $1610 – $2030 extra mullah every month!


Here is another one of my favorite tips;

 Keep your debit cards and credit cards at home and just use cash… good ol’ paper money!


When was the last time you actually had cash in your wallet? When we always use plastic – we lose that connection to real money. I’m not saying that I don’t love the convenience of using cards, but if you want to change how you spend, this is a really good way to consciously notice how much you are spending. (Groceries and dining out are probably the biggest and most common leaks!)


Plan (or guesstimate 😉 how much you want to spend each week; take the cash out of the bank. It really works, just humor me for a couple of weeks and you will see amazing results. (Bonus tip: get big bills and you won’t want to spend them!)


There is no time (or excuses) to feel hopeless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Bottom line is this; if you are not making it every month then you need to take action to change it. You know the cliche saying; if you do the same thing you get the same results?


Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door. Doing things differently can lead to something exceptional!


Maybe it’s even time to look at changing careers (or getting a different job). If that is not an option, you going to have to get those creative juices flowing to decrease your expenses and increase your income.


Maybe it’s a simple lifestyle makeover? (Is your life ‘outsized’ for your income?)


Is your home more expensive than you can afford (or need), is your car or truck a money pit, are you vacationing too luxuriously? Are you spending more that you can afford on toys, clothing, furniture, kids or entertainment?


Image of a stressed out woman with many stress related wordsI don’t know…but you do; you really do know the truth in your heart. (You may not believe it right now…but bear with me!) 

Even if you feel like;

  • I’ll never get out of this mess
  • I’ll never find the money
  • I’m afraid of losing everything
  • I’m going to have to work until I’m 90
  • I’m just not good with money!


It’s not too late! It’s just time to write a new chapter in your biography!


Your life and money stories can sometimes unknowingly seek out drama, repeat negative self-talk, create false illusions of fear, and generally make your life difficult in almost all situations. Yuck! Harsh reality but it’s true!


Good news is that you can reprogram that beautiful brain of yours and come up with a new story that empowers you rather than keeps you stuck!


A new way of creative thinking that figures out ways to increase your income and see the future as awesome! It’s very cool how when you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why and helps you find the ways to do it.




Believing something can be done lays the tracks down to get inspired to create solutions; disbelief puts the brakes on. It’s like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake…


Next time we’ll talk more about eliminating; ‘impossible,’ ‘won’t work,’ ‘can’t do,’ ‘no use trying,’ from your thinking (and speaking it out loud!).

Instead you will be belting out Katie Perry; “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire… ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!”


Here’s the link to the song to get you fired up! Click here 


You are important, you have what it takes and I’ll show you how you can recondition yourself for success! Life is too short to settle for mediocre. We are going to open up that dream vault that you’ve locked away 10 – 20 years ago, or longer!


Until then, continue to look at your numbers and categorize where your money is being spent so you can spot the leaks to put extra cash in your wallet!


You got this! Believe!


Shari Molchan Signature




PS – This is Part 2 of ‘Money Matters Made Easy’ – sign up HERE! (You’ll get all the emails delivered right into your email inbox.)



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