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What is ‘Money Grit’?

It’s your ability to persevere despite the existence of a lot or a few challenges and obstacles to achieve a specific money goal.  It’s the trait that tells you to keep going at something when everyone else has given up on you or worse ridiculing you on wanting it in the first place! It’s a gauge of your passion and happiness.

It’s basically an attitude and your personal conviction that you can get the better of your relationship with money if you just put your mind and body to it. It’s a committed determination and strength to stick to your dreams whatever comes at you along the way.

Want more money grit? It really takes inspiration, courage, determination, tenacity, heart and an unwavering conviction to your beliefs. I’m talking about just taking small steps every day. It doesn’t have to be a big scary leap! When you take action every day, you’ll slowly build the know-how and confidence to get to your dreams.

Once you tap into your grit, I’ll tell you from experience; the possibilities that open up are endless. You will feel like you can really get what in the past – has just seemed like a dream.

So take those first steps and make the tough decisions that you may have been putting off. You’ll fail once, twice or half a dozen times. BUT when you face your fears and challenges and tap into your grit; nothing can get in your way because your character will become invincible. Yes, I said it “invincible”! I see it all the time with my clients.

So get dirty, get knocked down, welcome failure and scars because you’ll be able to get up every time. You will have tapped into your personal power – your ‘money grit’!

Ready? I am! I’m going to give you the skills, tools and mindset you need to make and create sustainable change – right now! 

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What People Are Saying About Shari…

The problem I had with money before coming to Shari was the fact that I was quite unorganized. I didn’t know my numbers; I didn’t know the cause of my spending habits. I discovered that I’m an emotional spender. That’s been a big eye opener and helped me tremendously. What impressed me most about working with Shari was her genuine interest in me as a person.
When I came to Shari I was in debt and fearful of not being able to get myself on track. I didn’t feel good about myself and I had many doubts. I was newly single after a 40 year marriage. no direction and extremely afraid about that. After working with Shari, I don’t get as stressed out when it comes to spending. I feel better about myself and at 72 years young I’m dreaming, setting goals and having fun!
Pat T.
I was divorced, in terrible debt and falling deeper into a hole day by day. Shari was my guardian angel. She opened my eyes to a new way of life. Within 2 months she had me on the right track. I cleared up most of my debt in a very short period of time. I now can set goals, clear on my values and she instilled in me the power to believe. I now in control of my life and believe that I can do anything I want to do.
Hiring Shari as a coach has shifted how I feel about my finances, and my LIFE. I was exhausted, stuck, and tired of “figuring it all out myself”. I’m now relieved that all the money muddiness in my life is getting clear. She goes deep – it’s about living the life you want – not just talking about it. Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life – she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says “you can do this”.
Dawn M

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